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  1. Are you getting maize mixed up with sweetcorn? If you get maize grains from animal feed stores and boil it until soft inside the skin is still tough enough to withstand any casting distance. Also, you can use artificial maize grains that will stay on indefinitely.
  2. I never said that boilies are a rubbish bait. And I have never told anyone that boilies are not as good. Try reading the posts again. Maize contains about 90% of what a carp needs. They can easily find the other part in their natural diet. With maize, that is hard skinned agricultural maize, not sweetcorn I don't get bothered with bream and chub anywhere near what I do with boilies or pellets.
  3. Of course boilies will work on low stocked waters. So will maize, bread and other baits, and unless there were reasons why boilies were better I'd stick to maize.
  4. That's the whole point. They are being used by some anglers as a first resort whether there is a problem to overcome or not. same can be said of the bolt rig. Great in the right circumstances but not right for every occasion.
  5. I have issues with the word 'consistent'. Consistency is the holy grail of bait users. A universally consistent bait doesn't exist for a variety of reasons. I agree that many anglers fishing heavily stocked waters where the fish population depends on angler's bait the boilie will work. After all, if enough people throw any edible item into the water often enough fish could become preoccupied on it. But you could equally say that in many places of the world, probably the majority of locations, things like maize, millet paste and natural baits such as crayfish work well for thousands upon
  6. Knuckles not in danger. Disc drag sees to that
  7. Man up Lads. Centrepins are the way to go for cats................
  8. If you take the direct route to Slovenia from Calais then you would probably be following the Rhone Valley. The Lot is at the other side of the country, About 800 km away. The other thing is that the weather in France in spring can be unpredictable and the rivers can flood for days or weeks on end. Especially on the eastern side of the country.
  9. For the licence you can pick up a Carte de Peche at any Tourist Information Office, most Tabacs, large supermarkets and of course fishing shops. The CdP are issued by Department so you need to buy one in the Lot Department if that is where you are fishing. There is a reciprocal arrangement whereby you can fish in other departments with your CdP but you would need to clarify which departments qualify when you buy the CdP. If you are only fishing for a few days then you can get a fortnight's CdP which is cheaper than the annual one but I would advise that you also ask for the CH stamp as some pu
  10. I think that boilies are often mis-used and have strayed away from their original purpose. For example, the boilie was designed to be large enough and tough enough to withstand the attentions of smaller fish. So small and micro boilies defy the original intentions. Sometimes people follow fashions and adapt methods for purposes that are totally inconsistent with the original idea. Same with HNV. People seem to think that because scientists have come to the conclusion that the optimum protein content for carp food is X% then every boilie or pellet should have that content. The scientists
  11. You can buy the farmed edible snails in supermarkets. They usually come in a tray of a dozen and have added garlic flavouring. Out here I often come across the large white snails ( Iberus gualterianus ). I don't think that a fish would differentiate between land snails and water snails. They would probably just regard them as protein.
  12. I hope that you are right. It would be nice to think that there are some decent double figure barbel about. For the first five years over here I have concentrated on finding the bigger barbel. I can guarantee fish up to 6lb then it gets harder. I travel quite a lot in my job and have spent hours walking the banks of the Vienne and Charente rivers, baiting swims up, and whilst I've seen plenty of large carp I have never seen a barbel over around 8 lb. The Charente downstream of Angouleme is probably the most verdant river you could wish for. Superb water quality and plenty of limestone that pro
  13. Its a bit of a mystery. The guy who writes for the Charente Living magazine claimed that barbel of 10Kg (22lb) have been caught in the River Vienne but the French record is way below that and the next two biggest wouldn't raise an eyebrow on the Dearne where I used to fish. They were caught by lure anglers incidentally. I reckoned that if there were any barbel of 10Kg or so they would have fallen to carp anglers on the bigger rivers such as the Seine, Rhone, Dordogne and Lot where the British and Dutch anglers regularly fish and as such been claimed as records. The large barbel in Spain
  14. Owdoo, I'm originally from South Yorkshire and now live in Charente, France. Carp hadn't been invented when I was a lad in Barnsley and my head was naturally turned to the barbel of the Wharfe and latterly the Dearne, Don and Derwent. After five years of trying to find a double figure barbel over here I've finally seen sense and decided to make the best of the great carp fishing in public waters available over here. Bonne Soiree, (that's French for Sithee) Clive
  15. I also live close to the River Vienne and fish for carp. I think that the OP is fishing too far upstream. St. Leonard de Noblet is noted for trout and grayling. The carp of any size don't really feature until the Palais de Vienne and Aixe-sur-Vienne. None of the rivers so far up in the hills will yield large carp. There are some carp fishing stretches below Aixe-sur-Vienne in the St. Victurnien to St. Junien areas. Interesting the report of 20lb barbel in the Dordogne. I've not heard of any confirmed reports of fish of this size and the French rod caught record is just over 16lb and has s
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