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  1. totally agree with the way the bait companies market there products, there's too many thoughtless people that'll pay through the nose for anything they're told too
  2. always use my 9ft 2.75 scope (never really fish at distance) stalking is the most fun way to catch in my opinion. i don't see the pole as cheating like i would a bait boat or fish finder you're still manually dropping the bait.
  3. I streamlined my gear a couple of seasons ago, it is liberating. I mostly go on my mountain bike for day sessions. single rod, net, mat and a medium sized ruck sack and a bum bag is all i need don't even take a chair most times if i sit i'll use a foam cushion that fits into my bag easily carp fishing can be cheap and easy!
  4. always nice to see others catching as it shows they are actually feeding, keep up the hard work buddy
  5. i see, i'll stick to mollasses for now then thanks mate 😊
  6. is the water temperature high enough to use oil right now? i'm kind of worried that it's too cool as i've only used it in the summer before
  7. i use a caulking gun and it works perfectly use the normal caulking nozzles too just cut them to correct size using jr hacksaw i also use a cheap plastic tube, once boilie mixture has been squeezed through i'll use a bank stick or anything long and thin to push the plunger back out so i can re use
  8. i've recently infused some rapeseed oil with shrimp and chilli and i was wondering what water temperature people begin to use oils again? i've tried googling it but had no luck
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