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  1. just ordered 20kg of maize from ebay for 11.99 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Copdock-Mill-Whole-Maize-20Kg-Bait-Bulk-Ingredients/163304814988?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  2. Hi lads i was wondering if too much variety in your baiting approach would be a bad thing because i'm thinking of buying loads of different stuff in bulk ie 3-4 different kind of pellet 2-3 different boillies, hemp, maize, corn, maple peas, chick peas, tares, maybe a few more things i cant think of right now (any suggestions welcome) im of the thinking that as long as i don't choose too many strong scents it wont be too much of an overload to the fish senses
  3. 😂 might have to stert making pineapple boilies these fishy ones aint worth the ear ache
  4. ahhh i'll use more oil i reckon next time i thought my mix was extra sticky thanks for the tips mate they're much appreciated you ever dabbled with molasses?
  5. in my homemade boilies mate
  6. my grater aint working great anyone tried drying out the paste block? im using the cc more stuff btw
  7. my mum is not impressed with the smell right now 🤣
  8. it's quite nice actually
  9. hi lads just bought a block of belachan would you say the finer the grater the better? anyone tried it in a korda crusher or one of those grinders the stoners use?
  10. totally agree with the way the bait companies market there products, there's too many thoughtless people that'll pay through the nose for anything they're told too
  11. always use my 9ft 2.75 scope (never really fish at distance) stalking is the most fun way to catch in my opinion. i don't see the pole as cheating like i would a bait boat or fish finder you're still manually dropping the bait.
  12. I streamlined my gear a couple of seasons ago, it is liberating. I mostly go on my mountain bike for day sessions. single rod, net, mat and a medium sized ruck sack and a bum bag is all i need don't even take a chair most times if i sit i'll use a foam cushion that fits into my bag easily carp fishing can be cheap and easy!
  13. always nice to see others catching as it shows they are actually feeding, keep up the hard work buddy
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