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  1. What is your newest purchase

    4 x 220g Bottles of Butane Gas...5.99 Heavy Duty KFS Set...1.59 (knife fork spoon) BAARGAAAAIN...
  2. Thought for the day.

    Was thinkin more local...pick up...also got 2 new for £40
  3. Thought for the day.

    After a 3rd JRC Contact 2.75lbtc rod in the North West area....cant find em for sale on any site...
  4. Tufty Torch.......

    Saw this too last night....abit hard too see them being warned off at 150yds but did the job on the close in 1....pricey but looked worth it.
  5. What is your newest purchase

    Us Wiganers are well known to be pie eaters...never a day with out a greggs meat n tato pie...
  6. What is your newest purchase

    The TFgear supersize grill....big enough for our Wigan Pies..
  7. Stripping Braid?

    I use the above....has Braid Stripper..Knot puller..Knot picker (but also use as hair loop tyer) and all unscrews into the below compartment to look like a bullet.
  8. Rod Shots

    1 ghost carp about 6lb
  9. Rod Shots

    my 1st outing of 2018....NEW pod..rods..alrms n reels..
  10. April catch reports.............

    Me too..but ures is about 35lb bigger..😂😂
  11. What is your newest purchase

    10 half ounce for £5...👍👍
  12. Thought for the day.

    Doing my 1st 2018 24hr on a water as a guest on saturday... Can not wait....ive read up and they prefer white baits and mainly pop ups...never fished a pop up yet...so looki g at snowman rigging ??
  13. Thought for the day.

    A fishing reel that needs winding to charge ure fone...WHY ???
  14. Thought for the day.

    https://www.carpfeed.com/fishing-tackle/review/exclusive-amazing-new-reel-that-charges-your-phone Is this going too far ??
  15. Hi all... Just watching a few Winter/Spring vlogs...and noticed a few had Bivvy Skull Caps but not Trakker bivvies....would some if these caps be universal ??? If so...would you be able to get 1 on a Chub RS Plus Max 1 man Bivvy ???