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  1. Deffo be back on that lake...may get around September though...going to a different lake Sunday...then next week off for some sturgeon...then week after i will be on the local lake were i lost it EVER DAY for a week...
  2. Finger Nails...brake with nail then just pulled down...
  3. Suffix Stiff Link (i think)...but upgraded the lot now...
  4. The Fish i lost last week was DEFFO one of the lakes bigger residence too...would have been a PB.
  5. I did a few simple knotless rigs with some brade and hooks (no brand)...and while at Fan Lodge i was playing a fish holding bottom using its weight...had a few decent lunges and was on a good 10min...got to inder rod tip and braid snapped jus above hook were stripped back.... So all rigs are now Korda Boom..Crimped..with Korda N-Trap stripped and Nash Claw hooks...loop style.
  6. 90% of my rigs are now loop rigs...ALL made from scratch with all Quality Terminal...not having what happened last week 😭😭 Can be used as bottom or pop up's.
  7. 3 x Korda Black n Whites (Black) The Small version £15...jus was summat to buy.
  8. Let us know how you get on Finch...50/50 on going my self this evening...
  9. It is...but £6 for 2 rods on the bank...you from Wigan?
  10. Sturgeon - Fir Tree Fishery but members only syndicate lake unless you can get guested on... Mere Lane Fishery - 1 sturgeon "Percy" around the 33lb mark, also good carp to 25lb...all doubles too but very pressured lake. You need a licence to stock sturgeon now...but honestly...try Fan Lodge.
  11. Dont think ive ever been charged for little en anywere yet..
  12. I'm gonna stay to Fan Lodge...gona have a good 12hrs on there Sunday next week...then 6th September wife goes to Tenerife...so i be on EVERY day while kids at school too...load car..drop off at school ..fish till 2.30...same routine for 1 week.
  13. Hi Paul...this is very weird as a have JUST been on the phone to a mate about here for next Sunday... The sturgeon have been removed due to no licence (but there are 1 or 2 babys left in)...the place is a very deep long canal style lake...avaerge 6ft but 13ft in places... Personally not my place as can only fish 1 bankside (i think). Have you considered other places ?...What gear would you be using ? Carp or Coarse?
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