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  1. Sonik Xtractor are looking like they are taking over, also the recon rods (double pack down).
  2. Small to medium waters, what about 10ft rods or even retractable 8,9, 10ft rods...
  3. https://dnabaits.com/the-bug-to-launch-this-friday/news-stories/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=the-bug-to-launch-this-friday DNA Baits discontinued Nutta S, and replacing with "The Bug"
  4. Hopefully on Thursday I can go to my local Fishing Republic and buy.... Sonik Xtractor 6ft Sonik Xtractor Reel Sonik 6ft Rod Sleeve Sonik Beanie Mat Sonik Vader X 2 piece Net If its all in stock 🙏🙏
  5. I've also got this week off, today Dog at vets for injections, Tuesday maybe clean gear, Wednesday got 11 new fence panels coming, Thursday little en at his friend's house for the day, so may try few hrs, Friday chill day.
  6. Was like that yesterday for me... Friday glorious, Saturday cold, Sunday woke up to wi ter wonderland.
  7. Zigs, Pop Ups, Bottom Baits, Boilie in Paste, Robin Red pellets, Fake Baits in Betalin, all the gear is absolutely caked in mud due midnight 4 season weather, only cleaned the other day.
  8. Blank Bruno... Tried Everything and mean EVERYTHING.
  9. Around 2/3 weather permitting too...
  10. Yesterday glorious sunshine all day, slight chilly breeze, then about 11pm.last night, slight rain shower, then hailstones, then turned into sleet snow, down to - 2, not a bleep all night, woke up at 5am, everything froze, sun coming through now, not a cloud in sky, nice mist on lake.... Brew time I think.
  11. 🤣🤣Do actually have 4 ready for the sausage barms
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