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  1. I know it doesn't get light until about 7.30/8 am, but I'll be there for about 6am... Pop Ups will either be Sticky White/Yellow Manilla, Pink Krill in Krill Supreme, Yellow Pineapple in Pineapple Supreme + Isotonic, Sticky Mulbz in Korda Isotonic Goo. ALL my Zig baits are soaking in Hinders Golden Betalin.
  2. Only fishing 2 rods, deffo 1 on a pop up... Just can't wait be out
  3. Right, going to the local park lake Saturday Morning until about 3pm (ish) With this cold weather where would you guys start?... Yellow line is Fishing side only, you do get the odd 1/2 trying luck on other side, not really supposed to fish more than half way, but we do to the tree line, Blue line. Red circle is about 2-3ft in depth, Green circle is about 4ft in depth, Pink circle is 5ft but I know 1 part of it right at back drops to 6ft deep to a 6ft channel gully. ALL the lake is covered in silt all the way across (about 1 1/2ft) I've actually walked across the middle of the lake in my waders. The orange lines are old sunken Jettys that used to be there. They still feed the ducks here EVERYDAY. Anywhere on this lake is decent but the fish do really love the sun when it's out and the depths/snags at night. Heard only about 5/6 fish have been out in last few weeks.... So based on this week's weather, would would you guys start.
  4. Ive taken mine since a pup. This was his 1st outing with me. Practically comes on every session, Loves coming with me.
  5. Only paid for it Friday, was in post Saturday, through door this morning. Can't fault the speed of it.
  6. 12 Month Membership Book arrived 😁😁
  7. That's all I'm doing, 2 waters I fish have overhanging trees/branches, casting to them is a nightmare, but I will use the boat to go to just the edge of them, not all way under, but also even in open water to keep down disturbance.
  8. Like @framey, I've been used to using my mates Actor bait boat, but now the wife has bought me my own ( not actor, but I will use) I will also try and get into as many spots as I can.
  9. Yep, spot on... Luckily had a £50 Gify Card 😁
  10. Haha, I rarely sleep on a night / 24hr, lucky I get 6hrs now during week.
  11. 😅😅.... Brilliant Bivvy lights I think. Can't use a stick... Even if you paid me. I dabbled in coated Baits in small bits last year, but they will be on every session with me now, down the edge and out with the boat now. Was thinking going this Saturday, but looking like next Saturday with a mate now.
  12. Thought I'd have a looks at if I need anything before I go A D on Friday.... Ridgemonkey Light needed charging, only the 2nd time I've charged it in 12months..... Thought I'd pimp some bait up abit more... Sticky Krill on Right, Sticky Manilla on Left. Put 1 of each in a dowl to see how they will settle... Giving a good cloud and and scent from them... If that's just 1 imagine a good handful? 😳😳
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