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  1. Thought Wizard of Oz was on then...
  2. Wasnt too bad in Southport area yesterday n today...nice n sunny...no fish for me though...
  3. Highy

    June Catches

    Wish it was me...😂😂
  4. REALLY last knockings now.. Need be hime for 2pm Mrs says 😂😂😂
  5. About 10,0000 Perch Roach Skimmers NOTHING else
  6. If i put Green inside Blue Red Yellow (not white) bobbin heads...how will they look ??
  7. Few guys say they are good...but being a tackle tart n keeping same colours as alarms. These are bang on colour of alarms...
  8. Hi All... On the Sly...how dear are Isotopes...jus MAYBE thinking of investing in some...3 x 25mm ones...Red White Blue...around £30 off the bayE...not even branded... There is a good guy called darrencarp with ice@tope...ones above. Wot reckon ??
  9. Im after a few carp (or sturgeon??) Little en had about 50 Perch Roach Skimmers so far...got till about 4pm tomoz...
  10. Hi All... Ive not had rods built but rods repaired...he is a nice guy... My repair was quoted 2 weeks but was about 5 (no repirs now unless bought from him) Lad at work has about 3 sets off him...uk set..french set and a stalking set. What he does is he used to get repairs from Leigh Angling but he got that many he couldn't keep up with his own rod building...dont think he repairs any other rods apart from his own builds...
  11. Highy

    June Catches

    These what i use...Dumbell Wafters...
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