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  1. I've stuck with the Gardner Point Doctor 2.... The wife has Tons of these.... I know there Nail files....Any good for hooks.??
  2. Highy

    January catch reports

    Once 1 coot sees it...he brings all his boys...
  3. Highy

    January catch reports

    Ooooo....me personaly I'd repeat the same as the first take see how it goes...but remember you can put it in but can't take it out 👍 don't wanna ruin it now you've got it going..
  4. Highy

    January catch reports

    Awesome Mufty 👍👍
  5. £3.50 a pint in local tackle shop...may try in about 2 weeks...a mate tried sweetcorn maggot hair rig tipped with maggots...Sweetcorn maggot rig.
  6. Well....Blank Bruno again...4 anglers on all dotted around lake...No Fish
  7. Hopefully he/she will bring me some luck 🤞
  8. Had a move to a quiet corner (deeper). Seen (what looked like) 2 fish show as nothing came back up after the swirls. Few hours yet 🤞🤞
  9. Probably said it before but I spray all my Wafter & Pop Ups with the dedicated bait sprays to match....BUT this morning I've put 1 Sticky Pineapple Wafter with dedicated Spray (left) and another (right) Sticky Pineapple Wafter but this is (coated) Glugged in Pineapple Korda Goo... So far I've had more interest and an aborted take on the Glugged bait 🤔🤔...both fished at same range and spread about 3 rods apart...
  10. Really Damp soggy Morning....only 1 on the lake 🤞🤞🎣🎣
  11. Setup in the Dark (5.30)...pics to follow.
  12. I do t think I'll ever change...it 1 fish so far this year and 2 fish since September...😁😁
  13. I use Manilla Pop Ups and Wafters, every other day a give them a few squirts of Manilla Bait Spray. Now I've started to use Stix Mix and this made up of Manilla 2mm Pellets, Manilla Powder all mixed in Manilla Cloudy Liquid...fished with a boosted Manilla Wafter. When I start to Spod this year (Spod Mix already bought) I will be adding Manilla Pellets, Boilies and the Cloudy Liquid also. (Think I love Manilla??)
  14. Got some korda Big Eye Specialists Swivels...
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