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  1. Wouldn't mind 😁, I'm hoping for the New AXS Brolly n Wrap or the SK Tek Brolly and Front Wrap. Then maybe both my bedchairs and bags for the SK Tek system. Then an SKtek armchair for father's Day, Then a Vader X Pod 😁😁😁
  2. I gave EVERYTHING a clean, even the eyes, but also swapped the Cork Sonik XTR rods for Sonik Vader X Rods, just took a pic of em up for the fella.
  3. Went through all mine about 2 week ago... Think I may re-spool at weekend, the line I have on now isn't that old so I'll put on a spare spool and put the top line to the bottom of spool so bottom becomes fresh line 😁 I keep thinking of things for my gear, but there's only so many rigs to make, so many PVA sticks/bags. I'm in the process of hopefully swapping/selling my 2 Man bivvy for a Brolly System. Hopefully soon, when the lockdown finished 🤞🤞
  4. April Fool.... SORRY 😂😂
  5. Had a good chat with mi lad about fishing, while stuck in. I was watching a video about all carp gear on TV and he said why does everyone need all this...started to explain why. So I asked would you ever come again Night Fishing, as I'm contemplating in getting rid of mi 2 man bivvy. He said maybe, but I want a proppa answer as I've been offered a swap for it. Carp Zone (same as bivvy) Full Brolly System.
  6. Looking at the Saber Low Profile Compact Pod.
  7. I do like the way they look and how smart, but stability is what I mainly want. Think I'm gonna stick with Pods, but think gonna go for 3 rod Licence and up my pod the 3 Rod KNX pod.
  8. Black Singles (Korda?) Well overpriced, I couldn't find any NGT singles anywhere before I bought the KNX pod, I would of had a go at painting em black too, £30 (ish) pound for singles, I would have done sanding at work, painting also. May look for some n have ago too 😁
  9. Black would be good, get em rough sanded, steel primer, then spray em (I would)
  10. Just come back from walking dog, seen a few of these too. Will have a look. Mrs on the House Party app tonight with friend's.
  11. Mainly been looking at Sonik SKtek Arm chairs, need a good chair. Also in 2 minds to sell my 2 man bivvy( used about 5 times) and the Fox Brolly and purchase the new Sonik AXS Brolly and Overwrap ? Been up since 6, Just finished Sorting Front n Back Garden, Painted Shed, Relayed some Patio Curbs.
  12. Wife has. Holiday booked in July for a week with Football mums, she only paid deposit so far, but been told it needs paying on 16th April. Jet2 still saying it going ahead 🤔, told her use my C.C and we'll see.
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