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  1. Highy

    Winter Drinks

    Not a Tea fan myself...ALWAYS coffee on the trips...Summer or Winter...but in Summer it has to be 1 or 2 Crisp Cold Dark Fruit Cider in the Evening...Autumn/Winter is Coffee and just before bed (Fishing) a tipple of JD to give a good Cockle Warmer..
  2. Will have the Night permit for next year too...deffo few 48hrs on there.
  3. Certanily is...BUT THE GOOD THING IS 2020 the Wife is going away for a week in July with Footy mums n kids...week booked off work and UK is my oyster 😁😁
  4. Well...think that December is a write off and up to mid Jan (hopefully)...got at least 1 occasion every weekend from this weekend up until 15th Jan...Wife birthday Crimb o Sisiter birthday New year Christeneings...etc
  5. Me n a mate fishing our baited spots
  6. The back pond has got hardly any in now...but is the deeper part...the channel between em both has a few clumps in too...Fished the front pond as the Sun hits this 1st and as it's shallower should warm up quicker...loads of shows in our baited spot in front of outlet but no fish. The front pond still has a few clumps but as it's shallower you can see were the holes are. Had 1 setup on Naked Chod setup with Drop off Lead system and 1 on a lead clip...had 2 runs on the Chod setup.
  7. Had 2 runs but nothing on pick up...😭😭
  8. A bit like sofa company's...thats wot I'm gonna do...wait till January as mi mum n dad and nan n Grandad both getting £50 vouchers for crimbo for me.
  9. Depending how far you want to fish out...Drennan Red Range Margin Carp 8m Pole at A.D will also give you 5p change 😂😂
  10. A.D have a few good deals...adding to it everyday.
  11. Trakker Thermal Bedchair Cover..No Rips Tears or Stains/Marks Only has 1 under bed clip that fastens the buckles...will get 1 more to fasten bottom part but not doing the top... BARGAIN £10
  12. Mate I'm going with Saturday has some 20mm Baits wot we've been using all year in 15mm...hes chopped and crumbed some up and he is going down Tuesday Wednesday Friday before we get there Saturday...
  13. Did you move Elmo...should just start with rods out...then see how it goes..
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