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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291499975052 🤔🤔🤔
  2. I've only actually slept inside it once so far, rest of time is just on top of it in my trakkie.
  3. He's not so bad with his Food n Water... He loves the bag too. Think it's because the 5 season bag is mainly all flecced inner under the duvet part and is also quite thick.
  4. https://www.soniksports.com/product/sk-tek-sleeping-bag/ Best 5 season bag I've had..
  5. Me too...... About 3am had a 1 toner out the blue, by the time I'd got shoes on n lifted rod, it had spat the hook... Nothing there... Same again about 4.20am 1 toner but this time straight into overhanging tree, could feel it kicking but snagged me up, then went solid no fish on and line snapped....clean cut so probably something down there.
  6. I was contemplating a move earlier as the wind was getting to much arrow straight Into my face, but it seems to have turned a little and calmed, seen a few shows too, so fingers crossed.
  7. It's giving it a good test this weather... The Brolly went up in no time... Connect all 4 ribs, Fan out, put tension strap across, peg out from back, then side then front.... The Wrap was a bit trickier, it looks really taught on the pictures but it's not too bad...
  8. It's blowing an absolute tidal right into muy face now... Just glad be out... Same swim as last week... So same tactics 🙏
  9. Sticky Manila all the way me...
  10. Highy

    Dogs and fishing

    Yep, 8 month old today, its probablythe 5kg a week that is starting to fill him out, plus a good walk/play every day.
  11. Highy

    Dogs and fishing

    That was about 2 weeks ago, I'm in 2 minds whether to take him tomorrow while I try out new bivvy??
  12. Highy

    Dogs and fishing

    Like this 🤣🤣
  13. Gonna be a 24hr now, cooker made a crackle noise then a loud bang... Basically blown a jet, waiting for Gas Man n cooker to be delivered today upto 7pm...back to a 24hr tomorrow.
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