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  1. What is your newest purchase

    Oo yes...sold it with all the campin gear.
  2. What is your newest purchase

    http://www.tacklebox.co.uk/cooking/bright-spark-toaster.html#/product/39057 I had 1 for camping from here...may invest again
  3. What is your newest purchase

    Nash S5 with snags or sonim sks set..mmmm👌
  4. Thought for the day.

    Think "Brian" may blow all the fish out the lakes...tree fell iver already near me...no fishing i think this weekend...if i cant get none in the next 2 weeks im done till February.
  5. Thought for the day.

    I can speak for this...my staffie has arthritis badly..blind in 1 eye and can harsly walk...he has medication for em all but been told might not last another year...when he sees another dog he perks up and wanna play...but vets say i should not let him suffer but i really cant before his time...
  6. October Catch Reports

    Dont mind settin up in any condition...just the packin up..(not in rain)..🤔🤔
  7. October Catch Reports

    Im thinkin of a 24hr tomorrow...dont like the look though...20-40mph winds...light rain all dat n night...but sunday overcast. Do i risk it or see what the afternoon looks like ?? The lake were meant to be goin has a good head of 20lb ghosties..🎣🎣
  8. Uncaught Carp vs Regularly caught fish

    Its mainly articles about the fishing for me...rigs n product's are personal preference...but about the Fishing 👍👍 especially while still learning....they can go on n on abiut like u say a stove...but wots wrong with a hi-gear stove n 4 bottles of gas from go outdoors for £15...still makes a brew 🍵🍵...its lasted me since i started months ago..👍👍
  9. Uncaught Carp vs Regularly caught fish

    Anything on CARPology is always a good read...especially how baits spreads under water
  10. Uncaught Carp vs Regularly caught fish

    That's weird...was on there to reading about the Schumacher rig...😉😉
  11. Bite Alarm Help

    Im thinkin its the top red wire abit loose...so ive contaced tf gear directly..still waiting...but ive glued back in till morn n will try then with new batterys
  12. Bite Alarm Help

    Light comes on wen no spin...spins not light...spin no sound...flickers
  13. Hi all.. The attatched alarm has a mind of its own..new battery replaced n still iffy..ive opened up the back to see if wire is loose 😦😦..looks ok..anyone else any thoughts..its a set of 3 with reciever..otjer are fine 🤞
  14. New Rigs

    BOA RONNIE...wots all that about ??
  15. newbie alert

    Inline lead system lead clip system