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  1. Highy

    What is your newest purchase

    I used the Nash boilies n Manilla liquid at weekend also...i do the same with the coconut liquid n boilies too... Been given some V.N.F wafters and 1kg of the frozen boilies to try also...
  2. Highy

    June catch reports

    😲😲ooooo....how on earth u manage that...hospital job ??
  3. Highy

    June catch reports

    Dad n ladon fathers day 🎣🎣
  4. Highy

    View from your bivvy door.

    Next 24hrs👍😁🎣
  5. Highy

    June catch reports

    1st of a 24hr....11.5lb
  6. Highy

    It's what it's all about

    AWSOME WATCH....15 mins in and catcges the mirror close in on float...niiice
  7. Highy

    What is your newest purchase

    Shelfies instant Action...ive always used coconut...but lately moved over to Nut Crunch as Manilla is an awsome bait and has a very distinctive smelly resemblance with each other.
  8. Highy

    What is your newest purchase

    Nash Candy Nut Crunch 2.5kg 1kg Manilla 4mm pellets 1ltr bottle of Manilla Liquid 1 pot Manilla White Ones Wafters 5ltr Bucket ALL FOR £30 Reason i bought the Nash is...to me the Nash Nut n Manilla smell exactly the same so 2.5kg for price if 1kg Manilla.
  9. Highy

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Anyone heard / used these baits.... I used the K.S.C with devastating effect at the weekend...sorry no phone taken no pics. Reason i ask...is a friend has informed me(reluctantly) he is a field tester for these... Trying the V.N.F this weekend...
  10. Highy

    May catch reports................

    I have a vid but wont let me upload..
  11. Highy

    May catch reports................

    He did everything apart from strike...had my quick/fast drag Dwarf BP6 reels on...but if was baitrunners he does all his self...even netting...but abit unsure on how to hold properly for a foto.
  12. Hi all...for the top piece £35 + delivery.... 🤔🤔🤔
  13. Yeh...ive pulled out the telescopic piece from the butt...but its the 2nd piece i need...ive contacted nash via email...just waiting now... B.C...will fone if ive not heard.. I hope they do as the looms a pristine rod so i suppose they jus forgot it... Cheers guys
  14. I would love to find the top section somewere..