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  1. Good luck Elmo... Let's have a butchers in a Rod Shot.
  2. Trakker Core 2 pce Suit Ridgemonkey Bivvy Lite Pro IR
  3. Just fishing, be buying tomorrow 😁
  4. Im done now until NY day... 😭😭
  5. Tomorrow should be nipping out for a new bivvy light and suit... Took 18hrs to charge my other. Ridgemonkey Bivvy Lite Elite IR, Prologic Max5 Thermo suit.
  6. Got all gear in for a 24hr session, didn't pack my chair though, but would have easily fit. More room than I thought.... Even packed Barrow but didn't need it.
  7. Yeh, but lately on last few outings, seen that it does get abit curly whirly quite quickly, will need the Spin Doctor on it I think when got some time, next outing NY Day.
  8. It's the Gardner Sure Pro Purple... 👍
  9. I keep it to exactly same flavour (Manilla) , but in 2 colours, White and Yellow, and have 1 VERY VERRY Pink Smelly fishy 1, (Krill, Crab n Squid).
  10. It was my only fish, and the biggest fish out lake over the weekend.
  11. Did you end up with some decent ones? Need a new pair for NY Day...
  12. Yeh had this, Also, you had this yet, £5 off at checkout, limited period.
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