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  1. Another Blank Bruno...only 2 fish have come out since Friday...and that being 2 of the Illusive Mirror Carp...12 people on the lake...the wind was ridiculous...blowin straight at us and we were the only 4 on the lake with the wind in out faces...everyone else either wind on there back on on corner pegs....
  2. Fan Lodge....blowin a Hoooley. Took little en to his Quater Final Footie this morning before coming....they now into Semis...Excellent morning...
  3. Out until dark o'clock...
  4. I just think its thicker on a sponge and no streaks (if any?)
  5. Got mine from GoOutdoors...used about half a tin with half water in a bowl and jus wiped on with a sponge...need decent sunshine...
  6. How was the Waterproofing as you washed it ??...Instead of febreeze i would have washed any muck off then used some Fabsil to re-Enforce the Hydrostatic Head and the UV protection...thats just me 😁
  7. Not what i was after...but 1st fish of 2029 n 1st fish since September 2018. 16mm Manilla wafter...ripped off n thought was a Carp...
  8. Guess what....ive had 1...BUT... in catch report...
  9. Was a nice 17oC today wen i setup...tried a cheeky zig...and 2 Manilla wafters...nothing
  10. Cheers Guys...BUT...a blank (again)...goin back again tomoz...
  11. Rods out till dark o'clock 🤞🤞🤞🐟🐟🐟
  12. Its my 1st ever purchase from JRC but Go Outdoors have a GOOD sale on there luggage. The sleeve is very padded and can be clipped together with other sleeves...
  13. 12ft JRC Padded Single Rod Sleeve for my Spod Rod setup...probably hardly use 🤣🤣
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