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  1. Ican vouch for this...LAST WEEK...i sat in my bivvy for a good 20mins looking over my rig and was very quiet sulking.
  2. Myself and 3 other mates are giving Beacon View ago on Sunday...im Carping and my mate is trying out his new Match gear.
  3. Highy

    August catches

    Nice looking (Fish)...at least saves a blank 👍👍
  4. Highy

    August catches

    Any news smufter ??
  5. Deffo be back on that lake...may get around September though...going to a different lake Sunday...then next week off for some sturgeon...then week after i will be on the local lake were i lost it EVER DAY for a week...
  6. Finger Nails...brake with nail then just pulled down...
  7. Suffix Stiff Link (i think)...but upgraded the lot now...
  8. The Fish i lost last week was DEFFO one of the lakes bigger residence too...would have been a PB.
  9. I did a few simple knotless rigs with some brade and hooks (no brand)...and while at Fan Lodge i was playing a fish holding bottom using its weight...had a few decent lunges and was on a good 10min...got to inder rod tip and braid snapped jus above hook were stripped back.... So all rigs are now Korda Boom..Crimped..with Korda N-Trap stripped and Nash Claw hooks...loop style.
  10. 90% of my rigs are now loop rigs...ALL made from scratch with all Quality Terminal...not having what happened last week 😭😭 Can be used as bottom or pop up's.
  11. 3 x Korda Black n Whites (Black) The Small version £15...jus was summat to buy.
  12. Let us know how you get on Finch...50/50 on going my self this evening...
  13. Yep..Type it in google and look at photos..
  14. It is...but £6 for 2 rods on the bank...you from Wigan?
  15. Sturgeon - Fir Tree Fishery but members only syndicate lake unless you can get guested on... Mere Lane Fishery - 1 sturgeon "Percy" around the 33lb mark, also good carp to 25lb...all doubles too but very pressured lake. You need a licence to stock sturgeon now...but honestly...try Fan Lodge.
  16. Dont think ive ever been charged for little en anywere yet..
  17. I'm gonna stay to Fan Lodge...gona have a good 12hrs on there Sunday next week...then 6th September wife goes to Tenerife...so i be on EVERY day while kids at school too...load car..drop off at school ..fish till 2.30...same routine for 1 week.
  18. Hi Paul...this is very weird as a have JUST been on the phone to a mate about here for next Sunday... The sturgeon have been removed due to no licence (but there are 1 or 2 babys left in)...the place is a very deep long canal style lake...avaerge 6ft but 13ft in places... Personally not my place as can only fish 1 bankside (i think). Have you considered other places ?...What gear would you be using ? Carp or Coarse?
  19. Saber Cradle...3 Korda Black n White Bobbins (Black)...5kg Creem Seed boilies...4 Bottles Gas... Today going for Terminal...Korda Boom..Crimps..Nash Claw Hooks..Hook beads..Spin Doctor
  20. Literally same every time i go...day sessions are cheese n ham toasties... 24hrs or more...full brekky...lunch will be probs toastie...snacks then a good meal.
  21. Highy

    August catches

    Love the VNF me...mmmmmm
  22. Well....(what i thought was a good day yesterday) ive got up this morning to see that my fellow Carping buddy has sold all his Carp Gear and been out today and bought a full match setup. (In space of 24hrs)...GUTTED is an understatement. He Sold his Rods..Reels..Bivvy..Bedchair..Chair..Net..Sling..Scales..Terminal bags..Cookware..Sleepsystem..etc etc etc Bought..Daiwa ZR1 Plus 13mtr Pole and full kit..Preston Spacestaion XS (loaded with terminal)..Feeder rod..reels..Keepnets..Landing nets..Brollys..Carryall..Holdall..etc etc BASICALLY FULL CARP SETUP GONE.....FULL MATCH SETUP REPLACED. Tried to convince him not to do it but his mind is made up...
  23. Other side had 2 anglers on too...also 1 on left n right bank
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