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  1. Put a few more Uprights for stability today, then put some decorative batons round the 3 sides eventually, priced up the perspex roof, 150 for 4 sheets 😬... Then from some cut off bits... I built 2 solar light features for either side of Decking Furniture...
  2. All this/these are mainly for the Mrs and when she has the girls round...I think she's hoping soon as I'm a week in front now with what she wants doing so far...Fiiiishing for me 😁🎣
  3. The Pergola will be painted black, have a clear/Perspex roof, 3x Greay Slatted walls, the decking will be painted grey also, then the New Hot Tub put inside.
  4. No, that was mi bar.... The Fire pit is really warm 😁
  5. I used a thinner steel bankstick last week as a pilot hole, did the trick for the time being.
  6. I was an avid user of a Pod, but now I'm between sticks/singles.... I now use the Sonik Stanz Split Sticks. Think they do the job for me and all fits into buzz bar bag with ease.
  7. Well, I'm gettin there.... This is the Garden Furniture Fire Pit too...
  8. Everyone I know seems to be out this weekend and I'm stuck building a Rattan Fire Pit garden furniture this afternoon and start a wooden pergola tomorrow, hoping all frame and roof will be up by next weekend 😁
  9. Not got the Tackle Safe, but got the Korda Tackle Box, soon have the Rig Safe....
  10. Wife has bought me 1 this morning, should be here tomorrow, Not the Large, thinknits the Combi Rig Safe.
  11. https://thetackletavern.co.uk/product/3x-gardner-atts-iw-alarms-green-with-deluxe-receiver-pre-loved/?utm_source=Google Shopping&utm_campaign=Google Shopping Feed&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=114585&gclid=Cj0KCQjw8O-VBhCpARIsACMvVLN27XC7dd5Yk2C7RO0YQUwf-H8sQEpWzO3L8Ri9YWU72T1ra7dCHMoaAoK4EALw_wcB
  12. Was at the Park Lake for about 9ish, quite busy, managed to get a decent peg. Alot of open space to my left, as next peg down is about 80mtrs....alot of overhanging trees, baited a spot further down for later.
  13. Been given the go ahead for a day session Saturday....Do I go back to the Park Lake, or do i go to my club water 🤔🤔
  14. It's a Guru Box, only 1 avaliable at the time, asked the Mrs for the Rig Box....wait till pay day she says 😁
  15. Deffo good bit of kit, might also invest in the rig safe.
  16. It's 1 of the better ones in there, there is 1 bigger around the 20lb Mark.
  17. Happy Father's day to all the Dads (and Expecting Dads) 👍🎣
  18. 16lb (on the Nose) Ghostie
  19. Got to Park Lake at 5am this morning....set everything up and had to nip off to a footy game with little en at 9am, kick-off was at 11am in Manchester....mate watched all mi gear while he was fishing too. Got back about 5pm....all set for night now, had a takeaway, mate has lost 2 fish already.
  20. Oooo no, take car yourself mate.
  21. Wife asked me to book today off work with her....got an early Father's Day prezzie....only needed a new bottle of aftershave. Lad chose colour blue, she got some help from 1 or 2 friends.... Guess where I'm going tomorrow in it...😁😁😁🎣🎣🎣🎣
  22. Really ?....when I had an eye insert fall out, they sent me the full rod worth, there customer service (to me) is 2nd to none....
  23. Replacement Bivvy from Sonik.... I did say I use a Camo wrap over a Khaki Bivvy, wishful thinking to be sent a Camo replacement 🤣🤣
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