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  1. Highy

    May catch reports?

    7lb 5 Bream (PB Bream) 😂😂
  2. Highy

    May catch reports?

    Cheers pal / guys....1 more night left
  3. Friend been here since I set up.
  4. Had 2 so far, scraper double (didn't weigh) and Mirror 12lb 8oz
  5. Just been dropped off in Garden, the Chub Brolly System fits in it snug 👍👍
  6. The fish spawned last week in this lake and was shut for them....closed last Saturday opening tomorrow...I'm there 4am Tuesday
  7. There in thick n fast now, main 1 is the chill out / seating bar area place, no decking until mid June, finish some more pointing at front, new fence panels in back garden, re-stain both deckings, etc etc etc
  8. Jesus....if I did everything as a sweetener, I'd be in the bank for a year 😂😂... She reckons 48hrs is too long...wait until July when I maybe out for 5 nights, not mentioned it yet 😟😟
  9. Picked up a Fox Supa Brolly 60" System Bag.... FOR FREE 😁😁
  10. Well.....Yesterday came home and was told "New couch coming Thursday" ok, need get rid of old en, put it in a site n boom went in 30mins (Hopefully rods will too on Tuesday). Then she says, oooo need to gloss skirting boards now, well....Skirting, Door frames, Kitchen all glossed, THEN walls look dull she says, all living room walls painted....now in with Window Ledge then done...😭😭
  11. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday me...canny wait
  12. I've got these with some Peanuts and other nutty apps mix.
  13. Fishing Licence The Nuts and Birdseed I was on about... Maybe a SKTek Pillow later from GoOutdoors. Not been to good last couple days, bit better today so going to prepare the Peanuts and Seed, mix with Prepared tigers and Lashing Tiger Liquid....then do a ALL manilla base too...Manilla Boilies, Stick Mix Powder, Glug n Crushed Boilies....then Luncheon Meat for the margin. Going for 3 different options next week, also found out there are now 2 catfish in the lake, so that carp to 25lb...1 Sturgeon too 33lb and 2 catfish at 12lb....
  14. Hopefully a new net soon, The Saber 2 piece for £29.99 or the Sonik Vader X 2 piece.
  15. Don't think I'm gonna bother, the Night Light n also the Flashing of the LED light when (hopefully 🙏) there's a run.
  16. Just set rods up, had screamer, came off at net, looked a decent GRASS CARP 😂😂😂 Miles quicker this time...only about 30mins for full setup, 2nd time put brolly up, usually 3rd Times is lucky, that be on the bank next week 🙏🙏
  17. Jus got mine back from a mate...dropped it at the back gate.... absolutely 💩 up to the 9's....just cleaned it all off...
  18. Thanks all, gonna pick some up today. Sort bait at the weekend, the place were I'm going, is known, for NOT producing on ANY Immigration bait or Zigs, it's gonna be all bottom / pop ups, but they do have an acquired taste for Sticky Manilla, so it maybe a soak / Boil over weekend then on Monday, Day before, put a good helping of Stickys Manilla Pellet, Crumb n Chop Boilies and Glug. MAYBE a few already prepared Dynamite Tiger Nuts ?
  19. Hi all, Seen these there other day at the store, what are your thoughts on them, would they be any good ?? Price wise brilliant.
  20. I've also had these, to me the clip was abit tight on top, you can buy the adjustable top for them to, these maybe my next purchase but in Purple These were mine but I never actually used em.
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