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  1. You are right mate. For your sort of fishing with a barrow and doing a few days I’d defo go for something bigger in size and weight. Most of my fishing requires walking and carrying though. I’m currently laid up with a bad back from over carrying a couple times this week. Travelling light is key for me. Pods are necessary sometimes, not all the time. I’d say the pod u buy should be about what fishing you do mostly
  2. In regards to losing the buzz. So today I guested an estate lake. Beautiful setting. Fairly large body of water. Every feature and more that you could ask for. Anyhow, after bagging about 20 carp I was like, this is too easy. It was a bit like commercial fishery yanking and banking but in a nice setting and without butchered fish. Anyhow, not my cup of tea. Switched to specimen hunting. Not having any idea of what else lurks. But I’d seen roach topping. What a joy. Roach Rudd and perch all heading towards a pound. Got beaten up by the odd carp and getting through them was half of the hard work. So much more enjoyable than bagging carp after carp without thinking. It took patience and thought, and looking for the signals and tell tale signs. Delicate rigs and precision angling. Most would of stayed hawling carp. As pretty as they were there’s no buzz if it’s easy for me. And if you can’t get excited over a big bar of gold Rudd or a 1lb roach with its teddy bear eyes, you can’t really be a freshwater fisherman can you? Ps. Still got the buzz
  3. Lol, carp anglers are a funny bunch 😂
  4. Then all of a sudden a bivvys in your swim 🤔. That is bizarre. I suspect your mate dave is leaking info 😂😂
  5. When reccying the water in the weeks before fishing, did you spot many carp anglers? I’ve never seen one in the brief couple of times I looked at it
  6. Did anyone see you whilst you were there? Any “dog walkers” lol. Who’s the suspect swim stealers 😂
  7. @salokcinnodrog will you hit the same swim or gauge it on the day ?
  8. I’m off to do some guesting tmrw on a nice little estate lake. Good luck mate I hope u bag a biggen
  9. Well done on the job mate. Hope it all goes well for you
  10. He knew the way you were going you lot would need a truck to fish from. Lol. Whatever makes him happy mate. There’s so much more to fishing than sitting round a man made mud bowl hunting out named fish.
  11. What if the fish are all on the other side of the lake? U pack that all up and move or stay and wait?
  12. @commonly where u based mate? Sounds awfully similar to some waters i know
  13. Tossers. I went to my favourite spot on the river last week to find all sorts of fisherman litter. Line, empty sweetcorn tins. I hope they fall in the drink
  14. Have a gander through the ads when it starts to get cold and Xmas is looming. Always more bargains to have once the nice weathers gone and people need a few quid for the festive period. Casting with different reels would cause my simple mind issues. Matching rods and reels are a must. What salok is saying is bang on. I own 3.5 and they only get used for long distance work and they are quite unenjoyable to use playing a fish. The fashion in carping seems to be everything getting bigger and heavier with rod and reels. Watching YouTube I see 30lb line being used often now. What on Earth that’s all about I don’t know. Anyways, don’t get caught up on the tackle. Fish care first. Adequate gear doesn’t cost the earth. Enjoy mate 🙂
  15. Calm down son. You get quite riled on here don’t you. Maybe you should relax and go do some fishing instead of talking about it 😂
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