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    Yeah mike can show me the ropes lol

    A lot of water to get lost in. I'm sure they'll reappear.

    It's a great idea. Apart from recent stockings what exactly is in there is an unknown. From what I hear there is fish that frequent bankside often but others that have only been caught once. So I'm sure there is a few uncaught that'll surprise people. I also heard of big tench coming out but they havnt been seen in years
  4. What is your newest purchase

    I did wonder if you meant me mate lol

    That's certainly a qualifiable fish I'd say
  6. Older fox alarms (lxr,dxr,rx)

    Nice one fellas 👍🏻
  7. Older fox alarms (lxr,dxr,rx)

    So fox dxr would be digital then mate? Also what's the difference between them and the rx? Sorry to chew your ear
  8. Older fox alarms (lxr,dxr,rx)

    Seems a common problem. Though only tarts like me would complain I suppose lol
  9. Older fox alarms (lxr,dxr,rx)

    Cheers buddy. Has the white paint on the dials rubbed off of your mrx? It's a small thing but annoying considering I've only had them a year. Mine are just the mx I'll add. I bought them when new to carping not realising I'd want a receiver. I just like the aesthetics of the older style ones. And I hear great things about them. Especially the lxr. I have to agree there isn't much concrete info on these alarms and a lot of conflicting stuff. I did research but it ended up confusing me even more
  10. Older fox alarms (lxr,dxr,rx)

    @salokcinnodrog sorry mate I think I've put this in the wrong bit. Can you move it please? I can't work out how. Cheers
  11. Can someone tell me the difference? Are they all digital or analogue? Wanting to get a set second hand but can't decide on which. Advice needed and appreciated. Cheers.
  12. Pike fishing

    Will do just that. Cheers 👍🏻
  13. Pike fishing

    Hoping to catch some big roach and perch on the broads this year. What would you say a reasonable target is for a weeks holiday. I was hoping 2lb on each. It'll be great fun trying regardless
  14. What is your newest purchase

    Sounds like a good lot from gumtree or eBay that. If not I also wanna know where mate? Lol
  15. Pike fishing

    I read something by John Wilson about the health of the wensum just before he left for Thailand. He seemed pretty down hearted on it. Said the big roach had all but dissapeared