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  1. Dannygooner

    Shomano aero 10lb line

    I recently changed to technium after using fox excocet, daiwa sensor and gardner. For me technium is far superior to anything I've used before. I'm fully sold on it
  2. Dannygooner

    bigger baits!

    Your right. It's impossible. Eventually I did find a swim near a collapsed tree that harboured much bigger averages. It was very snaggy but point being, there will be parts the bigger ones frequent. Much better solution than trying to over fill the little ones.
  3. Dannygooner

    bigger baits!

    I also fish a venue like this. And tried big baits. The big fish didnt want to know. Just continual knocks and liners from the smaller ones. I've now had the lakes biggest and it was on a 10mm boilie. How I got it was to play the numbers game. I don't think there is any other way around it personally.
  4. Dannygooner


    Great work nick. Give me this type of fishing instead of lugging about buckets of munga any day. What river is this buddy?
  5. Dannygooner

    Which Boilie?

    No more proper pubs, tackle shops, local banks, butchers, bakers. Dieing breeds. Seems the bus pass may come in handy when we are older cause unless you live in a town centre ya gunna be [censored]ed.
  6. Dannygooner

    how to improve the forum IMO

    Havnt been on a while as I noticed the forum had got a little slow. Just come back to see carp machine is still banned it would seem? Seems a bit harsh. Had long enough on the naughty step hasn't he? Not out to ruffle feathers but he was well liked on here and a prolific poster. With some great advice I'll add. When does his ban finish?
  7. Dannygooner

    What is your newest purchase

    Purchased myself a couple free spirit 1lb tc rods as I'm off to the broads to do some specimen hunting. Wanted something light for a while for a while to target other species on local rivers. These look the nuts, ideal for the job and were in fantastic nick second hand. Also got myself a daiwa 1657dm reel for some float fishing. Had to purchase another chair too. Put on a few pounds lately and I went through mine mid sesh a few weeks back. I've never thought to look but a lot of chairs are max weight 100kg. As was mine, I weigh 125kg, gravity won. It's a pain as I like a light chair to rove but they just can't handle me anymore lol
  8. Dannygooner


    The river carp wins all day any day
  9. Dannygooner


    Some nice writing here fellas. Enjoyable reading
  10. Dannygooner


    I also have the same feeling. When I started back fishing last year my kit was minimal but the buzz was massive. I often lug loads of new gear back to the car and think did I enjoy that any more than I used to. I think the whole carp fishing scene has become a little cheesey. The what's fashionable element in its rise in popularity a contributor in this. The amount of young men I see on the bank in a Alan Blair lookalike outfit always makes me laugh. I had one boy come to my swim and tell me, " if it's not Nash I don't use it" the other day lol. Then walked back to his swim with his stereo on blast catching no fish. Theres a word I'd like to use for this boy but it's not permitted on here. Like you crucian, for me it's location over fish. As far away from the other fisherman if possible
  11. Dannygooner

    Fishing for Love

    I use a few runs waters. They are like my therapy to deal with blanks elsewhere lol. But in regards to previous comments on this thread, they don't give me that feeling. U know what I mean. I don't think I've had that feeling since I was a kid fishing abandoned gravel pits and guesting on estate lakes. Ardleigh gives me a feeling. But I'm yet to find a place that draws me back in like places of childhood. I'm sure I'll find it eventually. I think I have an unrealistic aim of a secret unfished lake in the back of my mind. Probably need to shake that off 😂
  12. Dannygooner

    Fishing for Love

    They say no dogs on there , but I've walked the dogs there plenty of times and the bailiff was cool. Just a heads up
  13. Dannygooner

    Fishing for Love

    ''Tis more the unofficial 15 men bivvied up down a bank sort of thing that seems common place I meant mate. And yes I have. Though I've not bought a season ticket as yet as getting chances to do nights have been slim. Days I've done a few. It really is quite nice over there I have to say. If seclusion is what you sort then you can't go far wrong. It just still feels somewhat of a mammoth task over there for me considering I'm still quite new to this type of fishing. But the place holds a certain ambience. Some parts of it more than others. I know fish are coming out of there. I havnt caught though. You should go for a walk round parts of it. See what you think.
  14. Dannygooner

    Fishing for Love

    I also blame Nash for every other plonker on the bank dressing like a cardboard cut out Alan Blair. What on earth is that all about. I reckon they pack their Alan Blair hat before they pack bait
  15. Dannygooner

    Fishing for Love

    Agree with the above about the other anglers situation. What's this "social" stuff about these days in fishing? If I want a social ill meet my mates down the boozer. If I go fishing I hope not to see another person let alone fisherman if possible. Call me anti social ( I'm not in normal day to day life I promise lol) but I go fishing to get away from it all and to tune in with my surroundings. Nothing worse than arriving at a water to see its full of anglers. I've been known to turn back and go home. Like bc said, weekdays are always the aim now. I blame Nash for this social nonsense 😂