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  1. I suppose the one positive we can take from that is otters havnt been gorging on them. It was utterly disheartening when I found half eaten , or barely eaten dead carp around my park lakes. There’s a video on YouTube I must find of EE’s approaching an angler who’d just caught a tench. They proceeded on asking him not to put it back so they could eat it. A tench 😷😣. I think these unprotected and barely looked after park lakes will cease to be fishable in the not too distant future. I can’t imagine their stocks remaining what with all the problems we have. I was also sad to see how baron our river systems are this winter. I put in hours and hours. Miles of walking and apart from the odd big roach, small chub and jack pike, I didn’t have any major successes. I wonder if in our part of the world the problems are worse? This said I’m going to be back on the rivers June 15th in the hope I can see a brighter outlook
  2. Is there any fish left in it? I know there are lots of EE in Ipswich. The park lakes I used to fish are now empty. EE and otters had the lot
  3. You should of said I hope you don’t mind swimming..........😡
  4. Only pulling ya leg buddy. Good luck this weekend 👍🏻
  5. But your mate had 5 in 2 hours? Lol
  6. Good old Robin red. You can't go wrong
  7. Another good tip. The fold up camping chairs, they slide into a quiver holdal no problem. I Got a military surplus one off eBay for 12.99. It's actually more comfy than any other fishing chair I've had. You just need a very even surface. On slopes they are no good. Frees up a hand to carry something else if needed.
  8. Thats ok mate. Fining down has been a long process for me. It's still ongoing. Hence I pay much attention to this thread. Lugging loads of gear can turn an anticipated day of fun into a bit of a nightmare. So I do go really minimal. Maybe too much so. In regards to the bed wychwood do a 6.5kg one. Close it up with your sleeping blanket on. Jumper for a pillow lol. Also add a shoulder strap to the bed. Ngt 4.99 on eBay, Sorted
  9. That sounds light and mobile on paper but there's lots of unnecessary stuff in there if you are truly wanting to chase the fish and do some miles hunting them. All my angling now is mobile and that list there would make it impossible. You'll constantly be catching bushes and fences and slipping on mud if where I fish is anything to go by. Probably be ok on a small water but I'll walk miles to find fish somedays. Is a cradle and safety retainer needed if you are going to Slip it straight back? Also I'd rather have a 4 rod quiver with spod and marker rod in. The whole point of being mobile is you want to be on the move quickly. Have all your necessary tools to catch the fish to hand. Fishing like this has increased my results drastically , in all my fishing, not just carping. Blue labels recommendation is a gooden but I was shocked to see that it doesn't have a cross body strap on the handles. Awful design.
  10. Nash scope 1.75 tc mate. Or even the 2.25. Nash did these in the cheaper dwarf models, I have a set but you'll be lucky to find them now. Fantastic rods. Great for floater fishing or multi species fishing. I'll also add I've caught carp to 24lbs on the 1.75. But it also gives a nice bend on a 1lb roach. Hope that helps
  11. The black bit detached on mine. I had to glue it back together. I'll sell mine for £499.99 considering 😂. Inbox me lol
  12. Esp barrel bobbins. They come with everything you need for any situation. Short chain, long chain, isotope slot, 3 weight choice on the barrel, takes seconds to change, and aesthetically very pleasing.
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