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  1. Good luck mate. Hope you Nick one against the odds
  2. Reading this did make me chuckle. Fair to say the complications of organising this make it a no no lol
  3. @finchey nice one mate. Very helpful, cheers
  4. Possibly. I’ll have to ask about. Perch fishing seems to be more popular than ever. I think there would be a demand for small dead’s. What about small frozen sea fish? Do you think that could work? I could probably grab them from Tesco.
  5. I know. It’s illogical and hypocritical. I’m happy to use them as long as I don’t see them killed basically 😒. But It would just leave me with a horrible feeling. I get the same putting a worm on the hook 😂. I can’t seem to find small deadbaits anywhere online. A bag of frozen bleak or gudgeon I was thinking. It would seem there is no demand for such
  6. My hunt for big stripeys in my area begins with the opening of the river season. I know live baits is a good method but it’s something I couldn’t do. Will small deadbaits work? If so can anyone advise me where to purchase small dead’s. Thanks
  7. Top work. I hope you bag a biggen mate. I’m planning on a few days chubbing next week. I have been told of a part that holds some carp too which I’m going to have a gander at. Maybe chuck a spinner about too looking for a big stripey. I did read that the closed river season may be being scraped. Personally I’m ok with the closed season. After a bleak winter and not much to show for it I needed a break 😂
  8. I hotly anticipate this upcoming date. I find little greater pleasure than meandering my way down my local river ways hunting for the unknown. I can’t help but notice but not a single June 16th mention on this forum. This makes me happy nonetheless as I enjoy the river all to myself. You can keep your commercial fisheries with named fish and peg bangers. Anyone else planning on any river endeavours?
  9. As much as we can all moan about the price of Nash gear. Much of it is very innovative. Though there are clearly bits as stated that are just branded and price jumped. Each to their own. No ones forcing anyone to buy it. And I can imagine nash’s Books suggest the punter doesn’t mind. I reckon they are cleaning up. If you could , you would. And they are. Good luck to em
  10. Darent valley do some good smaller rods and very cheap
  11. I’m back off to work. I’m going to let this one run and enjoy reading later, when the wounded corbynistas that will inevitably take up this thread start popping up😂. Enjoy
  12. Did you really ask that question? If you had to your a moron. Or if your digging for an answer that you could insinuate some racist tendency that isn’t there then you are even more of a moron. Use ya common sense and conclude an answer yourself 🙂👍🏻
  13. Btw, before you all get on your hug a Muslim pro immigration bandwagon. I am pro immigration. Vetted immigration. The point of my comments is that our resources are far too stretched due to intrinsically poor immigration policies. Hence a genuine cases like above get such feeble means to get by and have to take benefits over work. Where is the sanity in this. Previous governments have put this country in a mess. Big change is needed. We should be able to suitably look after our own and finding work should not be as hard for some
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