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  1. Nash scope 1.75 tc mate. Or even the 2.25. Nash did these in the cheaper dwarf models, I have a set but you'll be lucky to find them now. Fantastic rods. Great for floater fishing or multi species fishing. I'll also add I've caught carp to 24lbs on the 1.75. But it also gives a nice bend on a 1lb roach. Hope that helps
  2. The black bit detached on mine. I had to glue it back together. I'll sell mine for £499.99 considering 😂. Inbox me lol
  3. Esp barrel bobbins. They come with everything you need for any situation. Short chain, long chain, isotope slot, 3 weight choice on the barrel, takes seconds to change, and aesthetically very pleasing.
  4. Get it fenced off before the otters or polish get to the stock!
  5. Even carrying 50kg on your back won't feel like much if you'd strapped up correctly. You'll never need to carry that much obviously. The weight isn't a issue if the loads spread correctly via straps
  6. Not to mention your rucksack hanging off the back of the bedchair 😂. I can envisage getting caught up in bushes constantly
  7. Anyone used this? You can put a bedchair and your rucksack on your back leaving your hands free
  8. Does it go upright aswel to use for barbel fishing?
  9. You've gone against the grain and upscaled I see dayvid lol. Everything carpy seems to be getting smaller these days but you've gone big on the pod
  10. Been using mepps but to little joy. I see people catching bundles with them online but I'm yet to even have a follow. I will persist though
  11. Take it you two live in completely different parts of the uk? Lol
  12. Anybody got the new four fold Nash bed? Not even sure if it's out yet. Wonder if this is better to carry when not using a barrow
  13. People I fish with always over pack. Every bit of tackle they own it seems. It all adds up in weight. I gauge it the night before and only pack what I need. Yet to be caught out wishing I'd packed something. I have large tackle boxes but since downsizing I've never needed one. Small pouch, small tackle box, sorted.
  14. Quite new to predator fishing. Had some success on my local riverways. Though nothing of any notable size. Most have succumb to 11cm single hook korum shads. Weirdly the natural colours havnt even had a look in. The flouro ones seem to catch their eye. What's your fave lure/spinner/method?
  15. I'm sure Nash have carp taxed this tarpulling idea. Think I've seen Blair using it somewhere over his bed chair .
  16. Yeah the transit lo is now the avid compact and doesn't come with a bag it seems
  17. Hi mate. I've googled this avid chair and can't find it? Is it the compact one? I'm all about light weight fishing. Being mobile. The one problem I have is the chair. It's always in my way or causing me problems. Been looking at the korum roving kit but there's a major design flaw for me. There's no chest or waist straps on the ruck bag. When walking miles and miles as I do the straps are vital as it spreads the load. I can't understand why they didn't put these on. Anyhow, thinking about getting the avid compact and strapping it to my rucksack. Is this the chair you meant?
  18. "Out fishing" with a rod short? Lol
  19. Your right. I never paid until I received my rod back. Geeza sounds dodgy. Sort him out highy 😂
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