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  1. The rule book

    Sure building knowledge over seeing seasons again and again is a great help . Hope a new lake i have been watching for four months now will be very kind to me , but again the fish will have the last word.
  2. What is your newest purchase

    Totally agree . Thanks for the link
  3. What is your newest purchase

    i decided to go back to the past and want to use straw oil palatant. A friend told me to search for John Baker flavours so i searched the site but nothing. I will go for Pineapple ester instead.
  4. The rule book

    Really nice topic . From my personal experience i see from year to year everything related to my fishing is changing (so do rules if there are any ). Angling pressure , lake bottom changing with more mud or obstacles , water levels according seasons of the year , vegetation near the banks , fish population, and weather phenomenons year by year become more violent. I fish a lake for ten years every year same season,same moon phases and the only thing i was forced to change was the bait , if you ask me ' Are there any rules ? very difficult question to answer'.
  5. Thought for the day.

    Be well my friend I' ll do my best , cheers from Greece.
  6. Thought for the day.

    Carpfishing here takes place in two different ways, there are the commercial fishermen netting big lakes for carp,barbel,catfish,perch etc and anglers who strive to find good undisturbed waters to do their sport. Sure the question is what kind of people buy & eat those fish from commercial fishermen , as Greece (as you well know) is surrounded by sea with a lot of fish with cheap prices, ok if you find the answer let me know. There are a lot of carp introduced in the past in small lakes and fish at 25-30+ have caught all those years. One of the main problem in these small lakes is the underwater trees and the overgrown vegetation making carping a hard case. In most cases the weather is fine , but the baits ,tactics and as said underwater obstacles are responsible for blank sessions. Yesterday i saw some big carp crossing near the margins and 2 lost five seconds after screaming runs. I have visited Crete and Heraklion is a busy city with a lot of noise but i liked it, especcially the fresh fish, the crystal clear waters,the mild climate in winter and hot in the summer and of course Cretan local delicates . Very very rich place.
  7. Thought for the day.

    The good warm days sadly are ending. Cold weather and mainly rainy days will make my favorite lakes unreachable and let the waters undisturbed and the fish too. Many lost fish , a few caught and a lot of blank sessions made my fishing partner and me a litlle more wise. We discovered a new water late in the season and managed to get the rods in for just one day but the ten hours of fishing are enough for the whole fishing season. Birds flying south for winter selter,trees changing their colors to brown and golden red, sheep herds moving to lower pastures and skies getting heavy clouded , all these things announce the last days of Autumnn and the slow but steady arrival of Winter. But the fishing never ends unless you believe the opposite.Time moving to sea fishing and winter is the best time of the year.!
  8. Lake with underwater trees

    After a hot day ( 93°F) results : manage to get in the net 3 fish all early in the morning. Sadly 2 carps after a ferocious run got tangled in the underwater trees. Very difficult water but plenty of fish splashing with scaring sounds in the middle of the lake leaving large circles. Bait: snowman fishmeal(lt94/herring meal/Robin red/salts/Black pepper) with corn on one rod and greek red saffron corn boilies on the second rod . Prebaited the area with 1 kilo of boilies and 2 kilos of particles. The weather will get worse the following days making the lake road inaccessible. Hope next spring to arrive at this water with more bright ideas.
  9. Lake with underwater trees

    First attempt to this water with limited time cause the owner gave permission until dark .
  10. How you choose a Boilie!

    i make my own bait (like many friends here in the forum) and i have tested only 2 company baits but the big difference among my bait and 2 other UK companies same year same season same lake did the AH from baitworks,without prebaiting on a hot summer at 2014. Unfortunatelly the shipping cost to Greece is very high and i buy occasionally only popups. Also many barbels were caught on this bait. Winters here are mild but Spring and Summer hot , so fishmeals are very effective. These days the temperature is 76-80 f so the fishmeal seems a good choice.
  11. View from your bivvy door.

    This canal is the oldest here with wild carps
  12. View from your bivvy door.

    this morning a hungry visitor on few boilies...
  13. Why am i not catching?

    As said above catching fish depends on many factors (testing on rigs,baits,weather conditions etc) My own experience from tests at different lakes and seasons tells me that there are some guides an angler must keep wisely and do his changes along with failures. I faced this problem like yours, fishing a lake of 15 acre with silt and no features were some other anglers had success but i failed again and again. The steps i followed : Location:finding signs of fish and a good begging is from the margins. Also scanning the lakebed with marker float and right lead helps to effectively present a bait over the top of it and then decide for popup or bottom. Bait: For start I chose a tested boilie from a known company with high nutritial value and as it turned out amazing instant but after a few weeks i used mine receips for lowering the costs. Prebaiting: did it two days before fishing with not only boilies but also particles keeping in mind to put the rods the same hours. For better results prebaiting many times in a medium stocked lake (as was mine) is a must. A very good article :http://www.carp-fishing-tactics.com/bait-pre-baiting-swims.html Tackle: I tried to match the color with the lake bottom or with the banks, no shiny things but minimal tackle dimensions as possible. Noise: as Big common said no noise/vibration. Its very frustrating after preparing all these things to scaring the fish with loud noises and foot vibrations. Carps are very very suspicius and scary fish especcially in heavily fished lakes. I prefer midweek days with low traffic from anglers I know there is no golden rule but a start have to be taken and try variations and tests on the way.
  14. Lake with underwater trees

    Bread glugged with corn steep liquor revealed magical moments with carps feeding on the surface. Awairing permission from the owner to put rods in this hell.
  15. Herring oil

    You mean something like this . Only few glugged boilies are enough.