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  1. Why am i not catching?

    As said above catching fish depends on many factors (testing on rigs,baits,weather conditions etc) My own experience from tests at different lakes and seasons tells me that there are some guides an angler must keep wisely and do his changes along with failures. I faced this problem like yours, fishing a lake of 15 acre with silt and no features were some other anglers had success but i failed again and again. The steps i followed : Location:finding signs of fish and a good begging is from the margins. Also scanning the lakebed with marker float and right lead helps to effectively present a bait over the top of it and then decide for popup or bottom. Bait: For start I chose a tested boilie from a known company with high nutritial value and as it turned out amazing instant but after a few weeks i used mine receips for lowering the costs. Prebaiting: did it two days before fishing with not only boilies but also particles keeping in mind to put the rods the same hours. For better results prebaiting many times in a medium stocked lake (as was mine) is a must. A very good article :http://www.carp-fishing-tactics.com/bait-pre-baiting-swims.html Tackle: I tried to match the color with the lake bottom or with the banks, no shiny things but minimal tackle dimensions as possible. Noise: as Big common said no noise/vibration. Its very frustrating after preparing all these things to scaring the fish with loud noises and foot vibrations. Carps are very very suspicius and scary fish especcially in heavily fished lakes. I prefer midweek days with low traffic from anglers I know there is no golden rule but a start have to be taken and try variations and tests on the way.
  2. Lake with underwater trees

    Bread glugged with corn steep liquor revealed magical moments with carps feeding on the surface. Awairing permission from the owner to put rods in this hell.
  3. Herring oil

    You mean something like this . Only few glugged boilies are enough.
  4. Herring oil

    Although very rare in my place , less refined but pure oils of salmon, sardine (pilchard) and especcialy herring seem to do the trick when mixed with pellets . Anyway always the results in different waters and conditions will prove what is the most reliable and effective method. Personally i am not a scientist but i believe the voices from experts must be studied seriously.
  5. Garlic (and the rest)

    I have tested garlic powder with Greek Red Saffron only into pastes for pole fishing catching in many lakes a lot of chubs and carps but never used in boilies. Very small quantity otherwise is a danger to repel the fish
  6. Herring oil

    Yes its hard to find PURE and good quality herring oil but i will manage to get some.
  7. Herring oil

    Nice point ianain - i had the same question as carps havent receptors capable of detecting oils but only when they touch it (despite that some bait companies claim the opposite for obvious reasons). My friend works in a fish food company so trying to improve companie's products (for commercial reasons of course) and according to several tests taken place in fish farms and in company laboratory they saw that herring oil had much more speedy and wider disperse of food particles carried than any other oil improving also the palatability and attraction of the dispersed particles of the bait at higher levels than salmon oil for example , giving a stronger and thicker food signal. As he said is not advicable to use flavors in conjuction with oil but to use fine quality dry ingredients in my bait. The conclusions is yours.
  8. Herring oil

    A friend (Ichthyologist-fish scientist specialized in fish nutrition and feeding behaviour) during our last conversation said that one of the best fish attractors is this oil. The unique flavor, fatty acids,palatable taste and its concetrate source of energy overcome other oils like sardine,salmon etc. Also offer health benefits to fish like healthy bones,iron and vitamin b-12 ,hemoglobin protein and omega-3 fatty acids not only for fish but for human use. He adviced me to use it in very low quantities in to boilies and limit my prebaiting to minimum.Because this oil covers any other flavors he suggested not to use them. Your thoughts about hering oil. Has anyone used this oil for carpfishing in boilies or as dip ?
  9. Greece

    Lake Aoos near Ioannina (carp, sturgeon,trout) Lake pamvotis at Ioannina (grass carp,common carp) Lake Plastiras near Karditsa (carp,catfish,big barbel) Lake Yliki near Athens (carp) Lake Kastoria at Kastoria city (carp) Lake aliakmonas at Kozani city (carp,big catfish) Lake Ladonas near Tripoli city (carp) Lake Pinios near Hleia (carp) and so on.... There are a lot of big lakes in Greece holding good amounts of fish , especcially carps.
  10. Lake with underwater trees

    I will go prebaiting on sweet corn for the beggining near the margins and braid as well but i am almost sure that the big guys are scrolling near the trees. And If by luck one get hooked will reach those trees in seconds. I estimate (from what i saw and the age of the lake) that the biggest fish are around 50-60 lbs. Anyway because here is raining 2 days now and the dirt road to the lake consists of clay it will draw back my plans for a while. I'll keep you informed about my results. regards Manos
  11. Hi i am from Greece and recently i visited a small lake in a private property with only carps. The lake was build at 1994 and after 2 years 30.000 small carps were introduced in the 16 meters deep waters. The owner uses the water for his farm and no one has ever fished there. This was obvious as i saw carps of different sizes passing very near the margins.Also the owner told me that he sees occasionally fish splashing on the surface at enormous sizes, I didnt even think to fish as the underwater trees pevented the whole idea. Scattered a few baits on the surface but there was no acticity. With my portable fish sonar i discovered 2 clear spots with a perimeter about 20 meters. Any thoughts about how to fish this lake will be very very usefull.