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  1. manos

    View from your bivvy door.

    Bottomless in somes spots with a lot of mud, trees and forties+
  2. manos

    baiting in silt....

    I think its the only way to discover it.
  3. manos

    baiting in silt....

    So you can imagine the difficulties about this jungle. Viewing the dead trees someone could think shallow depths but i have measured it and its from 4 to 16 meters in some spots. Unfortunatelly still i havent found clear spots with enough area to put bait in (fish dont appear at the surface to eat our floaters) and as before, yesterday i didnt see other anglers fishing. Really a puzzle attracting more and more our attention,
  4. manos

    baiting in silt....

    Not an easy place for games, very high bad silt and a forest of underwater trees. Estimated silt depth over 50cm with different mass. One of the hardest lakes i've ever been, holding some trophy fish. Here is a sort caption my mate recorded
  5. manos

    baiting in silt....

    We 've tried floaters with no result , probably because of the lake depth ( begins from 4 to 18 meters) the fish dont eat near the surface. Pole fishing gives a lot of small carps and chub when the bait hangs 50cm from the bottom. I am thinking to increase more the length between the popup and the lead to float above the silt. We use bright orange popups same flavour as the normal boilies used for prebaiting. Clear spots are very rare and is strange that in three fishing visits we didnt see other anglers
  6. manos

    baiting in silt....

    Same situation here Silty bottom at various depths and a lot of sunken trees in a lake like jungle. I've tried bottom baits and popups with no results although with pole fishing and same paste as boilies we catch a lot of fish (carp and chub) max 2 kilos weight. Very often big carp splash over the surface , so the need of solution to this equation is mandatory and critical. After 3 visits we didnt find it yet.😫
  7. manos

    Home-made pop-up Hookbaits

    i use cork balls too , they offer super buoyancy also. Although sometimes the boilied paste around them cracks or falls leaving my hook with only the cork. I'll go for a precoloured pop up mix and leave the pop ups to air dry for 3-4 days to achieve better and longer buoyancy and if extra attraction is required i 'll add some drops of flavor.
  8. Hi guys I am planning to buy pop up mix to make this year pop ups. I see many mixes on the market by mainline, ccmoore, sbs dna,nutrabaits and so on. I want to make popups and attach them with a bait needle on the rig. I am on Mistral and Quest baits mixes. I have bought at the past Mistral mix and floated for a long time in the water . Has anyone used quest or sbs mixes or some mix that also binds well.
  9. manos

    The rule book

    Sure building knowledge over seeing seasons again and again is a great help . Hope a new lake i have been watching for four months now will be very kind to me , but again the fish will have the last word.
  10. manos

    What is your newest purchase

    Totally agree . Thanks for the link
  11. manos

    What is your newest purchase

    i decided to go back to the past and want to use straw oil palatant. A friend told me to search for John Baker flavours so i searched the site but nothing. I will go for Pineapple ester instead.
  12. manos

    The rule book

    Really nice topic . From my personal experience i see from year to year everything related to my fishing is changing (so do rules if there are any ). Angling pressure , lake bottom changing with more mud or obstacles , water levels according seasons of the year , vegetation near the banks , fish population, and weather phenomenons year by year become more violent. I fish a lake for ten years every year same season,same moon phases and the only thing i was forced to change was the bait , if you ask me ' Are there any rules ? very difficult question to answer'.
  13. manos

    Lake with underwater trees

    After a hot day ( 93°F) results : manage to get in the net 3 fish all early in the morning. Sadly 2 carps after a ferocious run got tangled in the underwater trees. Very difficult water but plenty of fish splashing with scaring sounds in the middle of the lake leaving large circles. Bait: snowman fishmeal(lt94/herring meal/Robin red/salts/Black pepper) with corn on one rod and greek red saffron corn boilies on the second rod . Prebaited the area with 1 kilo of boilies and 2 kilos of particles. The weather will get worse the following days making the lake road inaccessible. Hope next spring to arrive at this water with more bright ideas.
  14. manos

    Lake with underwater trees

    First attempt to this water with limited time cause the owner gave permission until dark .
  15. manos

    How you choose a Boilie!

    i make my own bait (like many friends here in the forum) and i have tested only 2 company baits but the big difference among my bait and 2 other UK companies same year same season same lake did the AH from baitworks,without prebaiting on a hot summer at 2014. Unfortunatelly the shipping cost to Greece is very high and i buy occasionally only popups. Also many barbels were caught on this bait. Winters here are mild but Spring and Summer hot , so fishmeals are very effective. These days the temperature is 76-80 f so the fishmeal seems a good choice.