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  1. Think we need a carp.com northwest meet/session 😆
  2. Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely be trying some D rigs and multi rigs going forward. Will just have to keep changing things up until something brings big success!
  3. Small world, I'm actually from chorley so just down the road really. Thanks for the advice. Maybe I'll have to see what father Christmas brings haha
  4. Ah yeah bit far for me that bivvy, I'm based in Central Lancashire. I'm gonna keep my eyes open now I kno better what to look for etc maybe I just need to splash out on a brand new cyprinus and never look back haha
  5. The multi rig and d rig are others I've been thinking of trying. Are these both pop up rigs too? Having the kicker bit of rig tube has worked well for me in the past but I feel on highly stocked lakes I've not done as well as would have hoped and I think lots of fish have escaped these after picking up the bait. But maybe I need to try it again with a bigger hook size now I have more confidence with higher hooks.
  6. Might sound silly but is the bivvy only waterproof with the overwrap on? Sorry but I've only ever seen one up close!! Also just had a response from the eBay seller about the cyprinus bivvy and apparently they share production with the trakker armo model...so basically they're identical!
  7. Great thanks for the advice, will have to try the multi rig as I've never used that one before. Or I could use a wafter with the Ronnie rig?
  8. It's over £300 on Amazon now haha only one listing! Nevermind!
  9. That seems cheap for that model after doing a quick Google of it! Was it second hand? If not you need to tell me where to buy haha
  10. Was fishing at maybe 30-40 yards so could probably reduce the lead size. Does the bolt affect really work just as well with a 1oz lead though? I managed two fish by the end of the day and both were hooked almost like on the outside of the lip which was unusual. Hooks were brand new on the rigs so hopefully sharpness shouldn't be an issue and was a clay bottom so again shouldn't have had any issues with losing sharpness. I'll post a pic later but the bait was an 18mm bottom bait boilie on bait floss on a rig ring with about 5-7mm gap from hook.
  11. Hi all I recently decided to advance my carp fishing a bit and tied up some new ones rigs but my first day on the bank with them and I've had two fish and lost both after a few minutes fight but before even seeing the fish on the surface. Average carp size in the lake are probably 5-10lb so not huge. Specially my rigs are a 3oz lead on a korda lead clip, size 8 swivel, coated braid hooklink about 5/6inch length, size 4 korda crank hook barbed one with a pop up and one fished with a bottom bait. Both fished were on the bottom bait. The only possible issue I've noticed is the swivel is perhaps slightly easier to free from the lead clip than I would like. Also I've actually never used barbed hooks before. I've heard Ronnie rigs are a big fish rig, could there be an issue if I'm getting into small carp? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the advice, I suppose since I haven't done many overnighters in the past it's hard to know what features I would find to be essential so that makes it difficult to narrow down the choices. I'll check out the cyprinus though!
  13. I think I'd prefer used just simply for the cost saving to be honest. I've had plenty of good kit second hand in the past. Thinking maybe £100-150 as I'm swaying towards a 2 man so expecting to pay a little more.
  14. I used to have a jrc sti bivvy until mice turned it into what resembled Swiss cheese in the shed one winter a few years ago! I'm not looking at getting another so I can do some overnighters and looking for recommendations without breaking the bank. I've looked at getting the same one again second hand but only come across the single skin version so far, does this just mean it doesn't have an overwrap or is that a separate thing altogether? Also I'm thinking of getting a 2 man this time so my girlfriend can come with me some of the time. Is a 2 man worth the money? Any advice appreciated Paul
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