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  1. Probably a trend haha if it's used in all the fishing dvds etc people will naturally want it. Probably exactly why I've considered them too haha
  2. Thank god I'm not the only one haha. Thankfully a few of the waters I wanna fish this year seem to be very reasonable and well run but I checked out a few new potentials last night and couldn't believe what I was reading! Safe to say I won't bother with those places!
  3. Just an afterthought... No pellets or fishery own pellets only No particles or fishery own particles only I appreciate particles can be prepared incorrectly and pellets have a huge varience in oil levels but I feel both these things can be used as a money making opportunity, as fishing and buying bait doesn't cost us enough anyway.
  4. I feel I'm at risk of being slated for posting this but I'm really interested to see if others have the same views as me. Now before anyone gets the wrong impression of me I totally always respect all fishery rules, I just sometimes question the logic of the rules some fisheries choose. Examples; Limit of 1 pint of maggots per session, winter season only (this was on an 8 acre lake) No zig rigs No shelf life boilies No pellets (but yet the fishery will grow their own fish on pellets only and feed them into the lake in winter) I just can't really understand why th
  5. I've got a couple of old fox hangers which I've resorted to using again recently but the sliding weight is quite loose on one of them and is prone to sliding to the heaviest setting on its own which makes it drop off the line haha.
  6. Awesome thanks, I've got some Ronnie rigs already tied up on short braid hooklinks for in bags so I'm sure that'll work fine for pop ups and wafters. Just gotta get out on the bank again now!
  7. Like the look of this! Would you consider using this as a bag rig as well as chod/helicopter style? Personally I've always found 2.5oz to be a good size but then again I haven't fished with size 4 hooks for long and haven't really fished many big fish venues yet. Only time will tell I guess.
  8. So in your opinion if I am using a size 4 krank is a 2.5oz lead really enough? I've opted for this lead size as I use 2.75tc rods and find it a nice weight for casting also gives me room to play with if I want to use a solid bag so that I'm not casting something overweight for the rod
  9. With a run ring rig setup wouldn't you lose the self hooking properties associated with a lead clip setup? Or does the end rig still serve its purpose in that respect?
  10. Can't go wrong with a combi line aligner! I definitely need to start using more bottom bait rigs again so I'm glad I tied up some blow back rigs recently.
  11. What hook size out of interest? On a separate note...I haven't used a running rig for years haha but I'll have to later this year as I'm planning on fishing a venue with catfish!!
  12. Genuinely guys appreciate you all commenting and giving advice. I will definitely persevere as they are clearly a popular pattern and a lot of you have strong faith in them. Hopefully I'll be able to report back in a few weeks with some decent catches! I'll persevere with the Ronnie rig and blowback rigs.
  13. I've already got a file so I'll just keep a closer eye on sharpness from now on I think. It's easy to think that every hook is perfect straight out of the packet
  14. Great thanks for the feedback, I must admit I used to add hemp to my old mix too and stopped that to make it cheaper. Seems like I've cut out all the good stuff and kept the filler! Think I'll start getting the vitalin again as it's not particularly expensive anyway!
  15. Haha you all had to throw a spanner in the works! One minute I'm thinking stop overthinking and just persevere and now I'm thinking korda hooks are no good! Haha
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