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  1. I haven't checked yet but I think once your a member you have to then apply for a night syndicate. Not sure if there is an extra cost or just a waiting list but you can definitely do nights on this one but not anglezarke. Yeah will do sounds good.
  2. I don't know how they got in there but they definitely are even if the website doesn't mention it. My brother and two of his friends have seen them basking in summer and also in the shallow conservation area in spawning season. He's also long time friends with a local tackle shop owner who organises pike matches on anglezarke and there have been numerous mentions of large carp caught from upper rivington reservoir. Looks like I'll just have to put the time in and hope to bag one haha no doubt I'll drag in a few bream first though haha Yeah it's still Southport ticket (SDAA).
  3. Hello, just joined this place on an annual ticket and have heard there are some big carp in. No info online though at all, anyone fished this place for carp? Thanks Paul
  4. Hello, I've just got an annual licence for SDAA to fish these two reservoirs. I live really close and have done plenty of day sessions on anglezarke pike fishing. Very little info online about these places though, anyone else a member or fished these places? Thanks, Paul
  5. These seem ok, are they the maxi ones? The "mega" look a bit stumpier than your image and the other two sizes mini and micro look too slim.
  6. I have two of these already actually but because I have a fox stalker pod if I want the whole set up sat low to the ground the middle rod can't have one of these swingers on unless it just sits on the main bar of the pod
  7. What size spomb do you use and why? I've never used a sspomb/spod and am in the process of getting together all the kit. Thanks Paul
  8. Hi all, Thinking ahead for Christmas presents to myself and looking at some bobbins. The korda ones seem expensive but after using some jrc ones I got with my bite alarms on a breezy night I feel I'd need something weighty. Does anyone have the korda ones and what size do you have? Or any recommendations for something that can be used for all weathers? Thanks
  9. Well the new diawa emblems arrived today...but before I query with the seller, is this line clip broken?
  10. My latest purchase is these two diawa emblem spod reels second hand. Can't wait to finally give spodding and feature finding a go!
  11. Well everyone thank you for the advice - I took the plunge and I've got two second hand diawa emblem spod reels on the way to me! Can't wait to get out on the bank and start learning some new skills!
  12. Hello all, I've been offered 2 x diawa emblems loaded with braid and shock leaders for £89 each. Good value? I know brand new they are £125 as the basic reel so id need braid etc on top.
  13. I have to admit the reels on my actual fishing rods are all diawa. I've had them for years, through rain dirt etc they've been totally fine. The funny part is they were only around £50 brand new so when I kitted myself out with a third rod I found a matching reel second hand for about £25. I do have a lot of confidence in the build quality even on the cheap ones. They are diawa regal z baitrunners.
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