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  1. Would be interesting to see it empty, when I had the marker float on it was 11ft one minute then 16ft the next. Lots of contours it would seem. I was fishing not too far from the bend about half way along a spot that was 11ft dropping to 16ft coming towards myself. I thought the bottom of that shelf with it being clear and smooth bottom could have been a good bet. Although it is still very cold in the water at the moment, maybe as summer comes on it will pick up.
  2. I've had one or two carp out of number 2 many years ago. I've actually never fished number 1 but will definitely give it a go on a day session. I've just been wanting to fish bigger less commercial waters and saw they'd done some peg development over winter and thought I'd rejoin. A regular that spoke to me on the day said to get on zig rigs. I have to admit I find it a technique that I can't get confidence in.
  3. Hi all, Just joined Wigan anglers so I can fish heapey lodges in Chorley. Anyone else a member or fish here in recent years? I used to be a member 10+ years ago. Had my first session on heapey number 2 this weekend just gone and blanked. Still lots to learn I think.
  4. Great thank you, I'll give it a try next time I'm on that venue. I was really wanting to give the spot a try on that day as I'd had nothing all day. Once I can get the lead 23 wraps next job will be the spomb 😭 I have 30lb braid with a leader on a Grey's distance spod rod with a daiwa emblem spod reel so just gotta go for it!!
  5. Well I have it a go on Saturday and it does seem quite good and is nice and flexible for tying knots easily. If I'm fishing a bit of a distance out would I need a leader or will it be strong enough? I've never really fished at distance but a regular on the lake I was fishing said there was a good gravel spot at 23 wraps. I felt apprehensive trying to cast that far. I only managed 22 wraps with the market float set up.
  6. I opted for Gardner hydrotuff in 20lb in the end. One spool filled all 3 reels with a little left over. It feels pretty soft and flexible for such a strong line. I'm looking forward to giving it a go this weekend.
  7. Thanks I think I'll give it a go. Certainly good value and a reputable brand.
  8. Haha it's not like wire though is it?
  9. Looks like the GTHD is the only one available above 15lb? It says high abrasion resistance in the description? I've also found Fox eos which seems cheap for a mainstream brand. Also fox soft steel which I actually think it what I had on my previous reels for years - didn't realise they still made it.
  10. Just found the GTHD on Angling Direct for £20 at 18lb. Should be enough to fill all 3 spools with 830m too or near enough anyway at 0.39 diameter. Thanks for the recommendation. I think the fox stuff and korda stuff I was looking at had carp tax added as they were going to be £50+
  11. Hello I've just recently bought 3 new reels and it's been a long time since I've bought mainline. They fit about 330 yards of 15lb on as a guide but I'm looking for recommendations. They each already have a spool of 25lb braid so I'm looking for mono ideas. I'm thinking 18lb as there is a venue I want to fish that has catfish in it with a 18lb minimum rule but I'm also unsure I want to base my kit on fishing just one venue when there are many others I fish which are 15lb recommended. Thanks Paul
  12. Yeah I agree, I thought the process through and I'm sure you're all right. Half a turn on the front drag whilst picking up the rod is hardly any different to flicking a baitrunner switch whilst picking up the rod for a take. I think I'll be fine and can't wait to get that first take and feel that nice smooth drag as the fish roars off haha
  13. Thanks for all the replies, I've just bought 3 X daiwa Emblem 35 SCW 5000C QD for £100 each so I'm happy. Just bit the bullet and thought I'd go for it!! Particularly thanks to Yonny for the recommendation, they have fantastic reviews for the money.
  14. I've been having a look around and just can't decide haha. I really can't get my head round QD which seems to be on the majority of carp reels. I'm not sure how I feel about no visual sign that the reel is set to free spool and also yes the drag is quickly engaged but never to a precise level as you would just turn the dial right? So it would be down to me to turn it exactly right every time? Whereas baitrunner you set it before you fish and when you click it on then it's right?
  15. I always felt like QD seems a bit of a fumble when you get a fish on, baitrunner is one click as you're picking the rod up and your drag is set perfectly rather than twiddling the front drag on a QD until you think it's right and those few seconds could lose you the fish. I think I have this mindset due to when I was younger losing one or two decent fish almost straight after the take due to having the drag set wrong. I've just recently got diawa emblem apps reels for my spod rod and marker rod. Thinking there could be a decent diawa that could convince me to part with some cash. O
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