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  1. Hi all, Thinking ahead for Christmas presents to myself and looking at some bobbins. The korda ones seem expensive but after using some jrc ones I got with my bite alarms on a breezy night I feel I'd need something weighty. Does anyone have the korda ones and what size do you have? Or any recommendations for something that can be used for all weathers? Thanks
  2. Well the new diawa emblems arrived today...but before I query with the seller, is this line clip broken?
  3. My latest purchase is these two diawa emblem spod reels second hand. Can't wait to finally give spodding and feature finding a go!
  4. Well everyone thank you for the advice - I took the plunge and I've got two second hand diawa emblem spod reels on the way to me! Can't wait to get out on the bank and start learning some new skills!
  5. Hello all, I've been offered 2 x diawa emblems loaded with braid and shock leaders for £89 each. Good value? I know brand new they are £125 as the basic reel so id need braid etc on top.
  6. I have to admit the reels on my actual fishing rods are all diawa. I've had them for years, through rain dirt etc they've been totally fine. The funny part is they were only around £50 brand new so when I kitted myself out with a third rod I found a matching reel second hand for about £25. I do have a lot of confidence in the build quality even on the cheap ones. They are diawa regal z baitrunners.
  7. Could anyone recommend one over the other? The diawa are so much more expensive but I seem drawn to them for some reason.
  8. I use 2.5oz at the moment. My rods are 2.75lb and I find this to be heavy enough for use on these rods especially if I'm ever fishing solid bags too. Anything heavier seems cumbersome to cast. I once read something about ideal casting weights for a rods TC and that's why I settled on this weight. Add to this it's heavy enough to be roughly in the range of what most people use on lead clips and that was enough evidence for me to feel confident using them.
  9. Interesting to know, I've got a couple in mind now thinking diawa emblem or Shimano 10000 xtb. I think my major influences are now going to be more on recommendation and price rather than clip style etc as I've quickly learnt that it doesnt matter haha
  10. I agree I was surprised at how short of a distance I could still mark out and clip up and cast without exerting too much pressure on the clipped line. I think I went to as little as 3 wraps on one rod just for the sake of practice haha.
  11. Thanks for all the advice, I fished Clearwater Fishery in carnforth during the week and although I don't have all the spomb and marker gear yet I did brave using the line clips and measuring wraps on distance sticks for the first time ever. Needless to say I will never look back, it's so easy and reliable and hitting the clip on a cast is so much less risky than I ever believed it would be!!
  12. I agree to buy cheap buy twice especially with tackle that should last for years. My main concern was if a metal line clip was actually better although it doesn't seem limited to the expensive reels so that would suggest not. This may sound daft but is there actually a specific way the line should be clipped? Eg wrap it twice round etc etc
  13. To be honest I'm just not experienced at using the clip and it's something I definitely need to start doing in my fishing but I'm just trying to think ahead so I can buy the right gear to be honest. The diawa emblems do look good, they are much more expensive than any reel I've ever bought in my life though haha
  14. Hello, I'm looking to get a spod reel and a marker reel. The simple question is should I look for a metal line clip or plastic? I've seen dedicated spod reels that have plastic line clips for example the diawa emblem but are they really tough enough? I've always hesitated using my current reels for clipping up as they are plastic. Thanks Paul
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