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  1. Looks like I've found something else I need to buy 😂😂😂
  2. Yes this is a recent change to improve security. If you contact one of the committee they will happily provide it. All their contact numbers are on the wdaa website. It's not in the wdaa membership book as yet as it was only implemented in the last month or so. I think they are considering adding it for next year but not sure what was decided as for security they may sometimes need to change it?
  3. So do you just tighten up to the lead and then open the bail arm and let the hanger basically drop to the ground/fully slack or do you have those hangers that are for pike fishing that hang on the line from behind the reel?
  4. Been using my new QD reels for a bit now and I quite like them actually. I do find them pretty easy to use and I've got it in my head now how much of a turn to give them to get the drag roughly right with the minimum amount of fiddling. Just a thought though I'm out pike fishing today and using running rigs as you would expect. Do you think they have more resistance than baitrunner systems? I'm wondering if I'm more likely to get dropped runs especially with pike when using QDs. Does anyone use their QDs for pike fishing too?
  5. I know a guy that drives a mobility scooter with a trailer towed behind it... Reg plate says gone fishin 😂
  6. Like a sit on lawn mower? Haha Just set it up tonight, feels really solid and so easy to pack down for the car. Can fully remove the wheel and handles with 4 knobs! Then the rest folds flat. When you push it empty it feels like it weighs literally nothing... Not 16kg or whatever it is!
  7. I got the deluxe one and it's got bags everywhere haha
  8. Judging by the replies it sounds like they stand the test of time which is a good sign of quality kit. No wonder they have such a reputation for their barrows
  9. Ah great, sounds good to me then! It arrived last night. Roll on Friday for the first session
  10. Yeah I saw a couple of YouTube videos that showed how much difference the correct load can make so I'll definitely be having a practice with the gear to see how it feels. Is it quite common to get punctures? I did consider waiting for all terrain wheel version but carp porter couldn't give a date for restocking so I opted for the fat boy instead.
  11. I got the fat boy with the feeling that if anything it should be more stable than the other barrows. It arrives today so looking forward to having a play! I think I'll take it easy with it on the first session as it sounds pretty common to tip it over....no doubt I'll be that numpty!!
  12. Totally agree about not taking excessive kit but it's very rare I'd just have a few hours floater fishing but if I did I would have very minimal kit. I like to think I'm young and physically fit and don't take excess on a day session but in my opinion there's nothing worse than getting all hot and sweaty right at the start of a session because you dressed yourself to stay warm whilst sitting behind rods for hours haha also I do like to take my bivvy on a lot of my day sessions now (depends on the venue) just for comfort especially if it's likely to be heavy rain etc
  13. Sounds like I've made a good choice then. Can't wait for my next session to give it a go! I think I'll intentionally pick the furthest swim haha
  14. Hi all, Just ordered myself a 2021 carp porter fat boy. After recent sessions at new venues that were a huge walk and the ever increasing amount of gear I take with me I thought a barrow was needed. I even snapped the strap on my main luggage bag late last year with the weight of it when I put the strap over my head haha How many of you guys use a barrow and have you ever looked back since buying it? It was a pricey purchase but I'm hoping one I'll get years of use out of. Paul
  15. I might have good gear but bait boats are sooo expensive!!!
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