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  1. I think one of my major downfalls is that I'm rubbish with pva bags, I find them so fiddly and never have a tidy presentation like on all the YouTube videos I watch. I did use a coated braid I've had it for years can't remember the name of it but I strip back about 1cm just after the hook to give it more movement. I think perhaps how I laid it in the pva bag did no favours. The stiff link in the margins was a pop up, I think perhaps I just got unfortunate with that presentation. The rig putty even fell off once when I had reeled in which had been wrapped around the knot. Any recommendations for a presentation to be a bit more fool proof for me. I used a lead clip with a 3oz lead. Both hooklinks were about 6 inch. No rig tube or leader above the lead. No leaders allowed so wasn't sure if there is an alternative I could use? Also is there a golden rule about what should be used in a pva bag? Something to make presentation easier and a tidier bag?
  2. Sounds like a good idea Ian, molasses has been well used in fishing for years and seems to work really well. It's cheap, pva friendly when needed and can be used in so many different ways. I'd say go for it, no harm done especially if it's not an overused flavour
  3. I chose peg 6 actually, I thought it would give me the choice of shallow margins with tree cover and other features but also covers the deepest areas of the lake. It was flat calm almost all day, no fish showing at all throughout the entire day and when there was an occasional slight breeze it was freezing and in a different direction everytime! Needless to say I blanked, just two liners but I don't think I fished particularly well either, reeled in twice with my braided hooklink in a tangle and the stiff link fished in the margins came in with weed on it twice and a seed on the hookpoint once too! I also struggled with the bivvy pegs on the gravel of the peg and set up over an area that wasn't level, took me about 30mins just to peg in the bivvy. Not a great day all in all but the fishery is brilliant so will definitely go back soon.
  4. Thanks, the mix worked in the bags without melting them this morning so must have got something right!!
  5. Haha don't worry I'm definitely going! Gear is in the hallway waiting for morning! As I said never fished a lake of that size so wondering which area of the lake might be holding the fish
  6. Just reviving an old topic here rather than starting a new one...if adding molasses to a general particle/groundbait mix is there any rules about quantities? Ideally I've got a mix of prepped birdseed and sweetcorn and want to be able to use it in pva bags without them melting on the bank!!
  7. Very true, if you're not fishing you've no chance of catching 😂 Only reason I'm asking for advice is this is probably the biggest lake I've fished specifically for carp. I'm trying to upgrade myself from the local farm ponds/commercial venues so want all the advice and guidance I can get!
  8. Hi all, I'm going out for a day ticket tomorrow on Wyreside (northwest UK) and wondered what everyone's thoughts are on the influence of the current weather. I've been keeping a watching and wind direction is very changeable but not too strong and pressure is dropping in AM and rising in PM but generally very little change. I've also attached a map of the lake....which area would you choose to set yourself up for the day? Paul
  9. Completely agree actually but looks like for now I'll just have to accept it and renew on a 3 rod licence in a few months.
  10. Well I've had a very thorough reply from them but the basics of it is that they don't have a clever enough system for rod licences for this upgrade type option to be available and if they did it would increase rod licence costs.
  11. Yeah I guess if nothing constructive comes back from the complaint then I might stick out the next 6 months on my current licence and then upgrade going forward. No point throwing money away and fair point too that not all swims will be appropriate for 3 rods
  12. Going forward it's what I hope to be doing all the time. I'm trying to take my carping up a notch and visit some or the more major fisheries and do overnights etc. Most places I've checked out around here in the northwest are ok for 3 rods anytime.
  13. Unfortunately for me I chose to pay in full upfront which now seems to be my downfall! Yeah I think the other option is an 8 day licence but would still put me in a similar situation with increasing costs.
  14. Hi all, Has anyone ever been in the situation of currently having a 2 rod 12 month coarse licence and wanting to change to or upgrade to a 3 rod licence? I've just rung up the environment agency phone line and they told me that this isn't possible and my options are; - cancel current licence and take out a full year 3 rod licence (therefore I would lose 6 months of licence I've already paid for) - take out a day licence in addition to my current licence each time I want to use 3 rods at £6 per day - take out a second 2 rod licence therefore allowing me to use 4 rods but obviously with a total cost of £60 per year (I don't even have 4 rods and I'm not even sure what fisheries would allow 4 rods) I've logged a complaint to be reviewed by the fishing team so fingers crossed somebody there will have some sense and bend the procedures to make this work! Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Paul
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