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  1. Very tidy rig wallet, mine is much dirtier haha! Finished the day with a 2nd fish on the combi 360 rig with a pineapple pop up. Safe to say that one worked really well. Had nothing all day on pepperami on a full braid hooklink
  2. That's great thanks. Well I've had one fish out today on the combi 360 rig with a pop up but the fishing is pretty slow all round the lake. Only a little one but better than nothing!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions I'll look into it. I'm on the bank as we speak and definitely not happy with the stiff rig and how it sits with the stiff hair and pepperami on so I've put out the full braid one on one rod and an old 360 rig with partially stripped braid hook link on the other but I've sharpen up the hook since it was so old.
  4. What would be the best way to use my rigidity stiff fluorocarbon but retain a supple hair section?
  5. Very old! I haven't fished over the last 8 years and I think I had them a few years just sat in my tackle box even back then! I've just made an alternative to see what works best... Full braid version
  6. Made this one ready for tomorrow 3oz lead on a lead clip, size 6 curved shank hook, longer hook link length made with fox rigidity stiff rig.
  7. Just a clay bottom day ticket commercial nowhere too difficult. Will bait up with a few handfuls of loose fed particles and then a mesh PVA of pellets on the hook too.
  8. Thanks for the advice, I think perhaps some of the principles I have applied are ok and work but the combination is what is the problem. For example on a lead clip and with braid instead of stiff fluorocarbon this could maybe be good. I'm gonna make up a couple or new ones tonight I'm thinking 7/8inch length and I have some size 6 curved shank mugga hooks. Maybe a couple on braid and a couple on stiff fluorocarbon. Should I use a short length of shrink tube with a curved shank hook or is it not necessary due to the hook shape? I don't want to over-do the hook angle like on my rig above.
  9. Great thanks for the feedback again. I definitely think I'll be making some changes and moving to a bog standard lead clip. My thoughts with the very short hook link was to encourage the carp feeling the lead and bolting sooner but perhaps foolishly I had never considered that a certain length will be required simply for the carp to pick up and get the bait deep in the mouth haha. I will certainly be changing to a longer hook link going forward
  10. Wow this is brilliant thanks so much for the responses I feel like I'm learning so much from this. It's a bottom bait rig. It does release the lead to be a running rig but there is a small lip to hold in place and give some 'bolt rig effect'. So tips so far; - Longer overall length to allow bait pick up - less aggressive angle on the shrink tube to allow wide gape hook to work it's magic - larger hook size - use a lead clip to encourage self hooking principle
  11. Cheers for the info I'll check it out at some point
  12. Hi all Looking for some honest constructive criticism of my rig. I've been using this on clay bottom day ticket commercials with some success but perhaps not as much as I would expect on a well stocked fishery. Size 8 wide gape korda hook, 25lb stiff fluorocarbon right through including the hair. 2.5oz lead Thanks
  13. Well there was plenty of fish showing, loads on the surface and feeding in the margins. Just couldn't get one on the hook haha lost a few though so not an entirely fruitless day but really struggled even just float fishing amongst feeding fish in the margins
  14. Maybe it could be an important contribution for people to mention what brand they are using in addition to the size? I've been using korda size 8 wide gape and also have a few rigs on Nash size 8 wide gape but they are tiny! I've also used a fox size curved longshank
  15. I'm here now, I last fished it about 10 years ago too. I was expecting it to be the same muddy puddle but it's grown in well now and plenty of rushes and trees etc around pond 2. Loads of fish activity but no bites yet. Slightly disappointed at the charge to fish being per rod. Didnt arrive particularly early maybe about 830 and expected it to be busy like old times but me and my dad are the only ones on here so far! Very surprised!
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