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  1. Well the decision was made! Managed to get a Nash indulgence ss3 airframe sleep system with pillow and winter shroud for £150 second hand with no faults or damage so very pleased with that 👍
  2. Does anyone know the difference between the Nash indulgence air lite and the indulgence air frame? Is it just that the air lite is the older version? Any recommendations for older or newer? Obviously the newer should have benefits but would be more expensive.
  3. Thanks both that's really helpful! Are the Nash indulgence really worth the money? Based on your glowing review of cyprinus I would say possibly not!
  4. Hi all, I've spent countless hours on ebay, Facebook marketplace and other second hand sites looking for a Nash sleep system and to be fair there are loads but they are either collection only and not in my area or they just go above my budget really. So I've been looking at the cyprinus sleep systems and I could get one brand new for the same price, if not cheaper than a Nash one second hand. So what does everyone think of them? Does anyone have one? I've heard a lot of good things about their bivvies and that they just copy the expensive brands out there and wondered if the same applied to their bedchairs. Thanks
  5. Great thanks for the advice, when I did it in the garden I just placed the ground sheet in I didn't actually attach it as it was going dark haha. Next time will be on the bank anyway so will have to do it properly then, no excuses!
  6. Does anyone rate the cyprinus ones? I've heard good things about their bivvies but not sure about anything else they do
  7. I've been looking at a Nash trax actually, a second hand one. Not sure on the exact model but apparently it can be taken apart to fit in a small car so maybe it's the micro model as you mention @bluelabel Based on everyone's advice I think I might steer clear of the cheap brand new ones.
  8. Hello, Is it just me or do almost all carp barrows look the same? I've been looking for one second hand as they were pretty pricey for the Nash or fox one's but then I spotted a brand new one at go outdoors for £50 and it genuinely looked the same as much more expensive ones. Opinions please and what do you use? Thanks, Paul
  9. Well after much drama over the Christmas period with courier the bivvy arrived!! Very happy with it and it's very spacious! Did a practice run with it in the back garden haha Any tips on getting the material tight all round? Maybe it's because the grass was very wet but whenever I pulled the pegs tight they pulled out of the ground.
  10. Not actually received it yet but this is it
  11. Just got myself a second hand JRC extreme tx 2 Man bivvy. Think I got myself a good deal and the patience paid off. It's only ever been set up once and got it for £180 delivered.
  12. Size 4 korda krank for me. Pretty happy with them so far, blamed the dodgey hook holds on fish being too small for the hook and bait but they were hooked 😂
  13. Think we need a carp.com northwest meet/session 😆
  14. Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely be trying some D rigs and multi rigs going forward. Will just have to keep changing things up until something brings big success!
  15. Small world, I'm actually from chorley so just down the road really. Thanks for the advice. Maybe I'll have to see what father Christmas brings haha
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