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  1. Dry out and couple of coats of car polish will sort.
  2. Anyone got any contact for t teds in loughborough? Pm preferred Cheers
  3. Hi mate, The track ain't too good at present..passable with care and caution.....but I can tell you a quote has been accepted and work will commence before the start of the new memberships in May. The previous contractor let us down last year on a number of occasions. Two hard winters and wet summers have taken there toll on the track. Work should start in April i understand. The rewards can be worth the drive though! Graeme
  4. was levelled this summer with a bullldozer but starting to get potholed now we've had rain. easily passable though with care in any car. better than was!
  5. Hi mate. I have fished down there on/off for 15 years or so I guess. The big lake has a large head of fish running into the 100s. I couldnt guess the true number! I know upward of 150 have been stocked in the last 5 years. 70 Simmos went in 5 years back, some of these are now doing 30. Lots of 20's and 30's up to a scraper 40 mirror. Can be tricky on the big lake but a good angler can usually catch! I tend fish the Jigsaw these days when I venture down there, but a lot of members consider that one to be a bit of a headbanger. The track is crap, but the owner is geting it bulldozed shortly and getting it levelled. The harsh winter has not helped. If you take it easy though and dodge a few holes its ok. Any Q's pm me Graeme
  6. I bailiff the complex and am happy to answer any questions
  7. I fished it a few years ago and had a few out. I believe theyve since stocked it with a shed load of pasties.....and the originals suffered a fish kill.?
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