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  1. breamy

    Old methods

    on a fold out flowery sun lounger (nicked from the shed) that folded up on you whenever you got up..... Agree with you there, had one of those flowery sun beds myself, always tipping up and after a while rusty as hell. Can still remember nicking all the washing up liquid bottle tops of my mothers cleaning gear for indicators as well. Still love touch ledgering when stalking a fish close in, can' beat it.
  2. As a follow on from my post on floating crust, does anyone still use free-lined baits, its another one of those exciting methods that’s no longer used. We use to attach a piece of silver foil to the line as an indicator, laid out about three foot away on the ground between the second and third rod rings. What an amazing site to see a run, one minute the silver foil was stationary, the next it was rustling at speed towards the rod. I know all the new gadgets, buzzers etc are now the norm and I use them myself, but these old methods still work and as far as I am concerned, were much more electrifying and thrilling than waiting for a buzzer to sound off. Are there any other old methods you can think of that still work on their day and were more exciting to use than todays setups? Anyone tried free-lining big black slugs for carp, one of the best Chub baits going?
  3. Have been thinking along the same lines, might give the Kennet & Avon Canal a go in the summer, know its almost untouched apart for a few dedicated carp anglers. Think it might throw up a few surprises as well as the Upper Thames, would think there are now a good number of Horseshoe and Linear fish in the Thames now?
  4. I know its an old method and one you don't hear of much these days, but I was wondering, does anyone use freelined floating crust these days. There can't be a more exciting method than taking a carp than on this method. I’ve just had a 22lb mirror on the Upper Thames, this was after watching an old lady feeding the ducks. Bits of bread were floating downstream, when there were several large swirls. I fished it just before dark, had a take, and after 15 minutes, and a fight that took me a hundred yards down river, landed the fish. There were several other fish in the swim but after the commotion, never had another take. To see the swirl and the line tighten is electrifying , takes some beating . Do any of you still use this method
  5. Funny enough my next car was a Capri, two great cars, although the Capri had a nasty habit of the backend swinging round if you took corners to fast, but it still is a great looking car and must be one of the best designs ever for a production vehicle, although one of the worst for carrying fishing gear. At least you could do all your own servicing and repairs on both them with the aid of a Haines manual, unlike modern cars where you need a degree in mechanics.
  6. Cool car had one in for welding last year, lotus twin cam, lotus wheels, slammed on the floor and caged The one thing I remember about it was and to my horror, was going to work in London I stopped at lights at Blackfriars Bridge in the rush hour, the lights turned green, put it in first gear and the gear stick came out in my hand. I was in utter panick, the blasting of hooters was unreal, what made it worst I had only just passed my driving test. It was quite a common fault I found out afterwards. Good old days.
  7. When I was younger and in my prime, was really into barbel fishing on the Kennet. Use to pick my mate up after work and travel from London to Newbury down the old A4 in a battered Ford Anglia, in them days it was three lanes, one east one west, the middle lane was for overtaking. We use to drive down the middle lane with head lights full on all the way to Reading, mad in them days?. We would fish to two, three o'clock in the morning, drive home, (about a hour and half journey) grab a couple of hours sleep and then go to work. We would then do the same the next night, sometimes three or four nights a week. Sometimes we had a break and went to and all night party. How we did it I'll never know, but that is the advantage of youth, no way I could do it now. Utter nutters.
  8. breamy

    CS AGM

    Any members going to the Carp Society AGM on Sunday, could be a right old dust up if what I've heard is true, going to be some interesting questions raised?
  9. Why have the Carp Society not given notice of the AGM on their Web-site, are they afraid of to many members will turn up. As they don’t want you know, let me inform all Carp Society members the Carp Society AGM is on :- Sunday 17th February 2008. at 1.00 pm. At Horseshoe Lodge Lechlade. Don’t get there too early, they won’t want you to see them tucking into a free meal as last year? REMEMBER Nominations for election to the Board must be in before 25th January 2008. Please get together and nominate your representatives for electing onto the board, vote David Mannall’s yes men off. I would have put my name forward but as they have banned me and others who care, that’s not possible. They have stifled all opposition. One thing is certain, if I could have achieved it, I would have been fighting for the members. Their must be others of you with the same passion who can put their names forward for election onto the board. This is most likely the last opportunity to save the Carp Society from Commercial takeover and return it to the membership. If you care for the Society, please give up one day and fight for it, return it to the members. Every single vote will count, so get together with friends, mates etc and attend.. Don’t forget, ask for a full set of accounts, don’t accept the broken down set they will issue at the AGM. I will copy this on other web-sites, if I have missed any, copy this in full onto other web-sites so all members know when the AGM is being held. “IT IS YOUR SOCIETY, FIGHT FOR IT”
  10. Think you'll find the final is on Horseshoe?
  11. "Tom King is a keen angler, a young man of 17, who has leukemia. When he was diagnosed his young brother Jacob wanted to do something to raise money for the Dove Unit at Great Western Hospital, Swindon, where Tim receives his treatment. The unit has 10 en-suite rooms where patients spend time while on chemotherapy. The Fund is to raise money to make patients' stay more comfortable, whether it be equipment of some kind, or TVs, games etc". Does anybody have an address and contact for the fund, because I would like to donate £10.00 and perhaps other anglers would like to do the same. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone on this site donated a little something no matter how small.
  12. Noticed something similar when using a strong dip, it would take approx an hour to get a take, I’m sure it took that time for the dip on the bait to wear off a bit before the fish would have it
  13. Thought it was the final, without sound couldn't tell. Were they fishing a stock pond?
  14. breamy

    Lost Fish

    A relation was telling me about a newspaper article. A woman lost some koi out of her pond in the recent floods, she successfully claimed them back from a neighbour because she could identify their markings and proved they were her property. This got me thinking, would fisheries that have lost carp into lakes and rivers in the recent floods be in the same position, most carp are recognisable by their markings. Hypothetically, suppose someone caught one of these fish, and said I know where this fish came from, could the fishery that lost the fish claim it back?
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