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  1. Salfordcarl

    Shelf life boilies

    I’ll add me tupnth worth here. I have in a bait bucket 2 types of boilie. 1 lot is Nash instant action Candy nut crush, the other is a tiger and maple flavour from a brand I had never heard of. The Nash are 15mm and the others 18mm. They must have been in the shed 2 months. The Nash have gone rock hard but the others still soft. Don’t know why. I also have a bag of Nash monster crab in the cupboard unopened. Giving them a squeeze through the bag they are much softer than the open ones. All above are shelf life bait.
  2. Salfordcarl

    Pre bait costs

    Yeah Thanks all for the input. Im still a little undecided what to do. I’ve lost my mojo for fishing lately. I haven’t been out in a couple of months. I need something to spark me back up. I’m booked on a lake in 2 weeks for a bit of a social with a mate so we’ll see how that goes.
  3. Salfordcarl

    Sonik SKS bite alarms

    They look the part. How do you rate them?
  4. Salfordcarl

    Pre bait costs

    No mate. South Warwickshire. It’s the Warwickshire Avon.
  5. Salfordcarl

    Pre bait costs

    As per my other thread, starting a bash on the river in a likely looking spot. What do you spend on prebait. I’ve found whole maze for 63p a kg raw. Is this a good starting point for the campaign adding a few tigers and boilies latter on.
  6. Salfordcarl

    River fishing

    I don’t have a ticket for mike and mike of river. Just dayticket stretches here and there. I may may be wasting my time but I’m going to give it a bash. Its its got to be better than a dayticket lake full of idiots casting all over the place, radios blasting etc
  7. Salfordcarl

    River fishing

    I’m going to bang some bait in and see. Its a almost still water bay near a bridge and island. Lilly’s a gravel bed. Near a boat moorings. Looks right so we’ll see what happens.
  8. Salfordcarl

    River fishing

    I understand that location is by far the most important thing with all fishing. Especially river carping. Now, I have nothing against walking the banks and looking, spending the time there, but what are the signs I should be looking for? I have a couple of spots locally I think look likely but have never seen carp there or any fish for that matter. It’s fair to say my watercraft is somewhat lacking. Any pointers?
  9. Salfordcarl

    Kingston pools

    I have fished it twice. First time the middle pool. Far end by the over hanging tree. Got hammered by bream and reeled in to get some kip! the first pool the second time. Not a bite all day 14lb common in the night. This pools alive with rats come dark. All around on the bank. Not it much help but it was quiet both times I went which I something in its self.
  10. Salfordcarl

    Self Awareness

    Hahaha I have one the exact same. Hammering in bivvy pegs and all sorts lol
  11. Salfordcarl

    Lake help

    I've been and seen the manager. It's a no go, "due to the sites Heath and safety policies blah blah blah" Not interested at all. On wards and up wards.
  12. Salfordcarl

    Lake help

    I'm not sure there's any fish in there but it looks the part, island beaches etc. The he only thing for it is to pop in like you say. I'm looking for something like this. I'm quite new to carping, but can't stand busy day waters. Without slashing the cash on a syndicate I'm a bit lost for a good venue. Im considering joining the baa and starting a baiting campaign in a couple of spots on the river but not really sure this is a good idea. Permission on a private lake, I'm sure is everyone's dream and might be too hard for a newbie like me to get.
  13. Salfordcarl

    Lake help

    There's lots of signs "authorised vechicals only" etc and it's kind of round the back of a landfill site.
  14. Salfordcarl

    Lake help

    Driving around locally and have spotted a lake off long lane, Nr pershore. I have had a look on google earth and no how to get to them. Does anyone know anything about them. I don't want to just mooch up there and get caught and ruin any chances of getting fishing permission. Any my help welcome.
  15. Salfordcarl

    Warwickshire Avon

    On another note, where can you locals recommend lake wise? I'm off to chadbury the weekend after next for a day session. Although I find on the middle pool it difficult to get through te low doubles, to the bigger fish.