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  1. Salfordcarl

    2019 Plans

    That’s a beast of a tench
  2. Salfordcarl

    2019 Plans

    I would love to get onto an estate or private water. Fish alone or with 1 good mate. But it I’ll probably do the same as last year and half heartedly do a hand full of 24 hrs sessions on day ticket lakes and moan the whole time. I have loads of ambition to fish more but find myself watching YouTube vids and day dreaming about it more than doing it.
  3. Salfordcarl


    Happy new year and welcome along. Im from south Worcestershire so not a million miles away.
  4. Salfordcarl

    Last trip of the year

    I had 5 hrs at it Saturday gone without a touch.
  5. Salfordcarl

    Luncheon meat alternative

    I’ve tried them for barbel without any joy. Trouble is there well tasty so kept eating them myself
  6. Salfordcarl

    Luncheon meat alternative

    Yes, the point I was making was this particular meat is fish based not the normal pork. High in salmon roe I think I read?
  7. Anybody used this before for fishing? I saw some today in the local pound shop. Merry christmas
  8. Daft question but was the lead fixed or free running inline?
  9. Salfordcarl

    Venue for next year

    That’s a great offer thanks! I’ll give it some thought.
  10. Salfordcarl

    Venue for next year

    I haven’t no. Cotswold water park is somewhere I’m looking into. Horseshoe is the carp society’s is it not?
  11. Salfordcarl

    Venue for next year

    After spending the last couple of years doing overnighters here and there I want a venue I can join and have a real bash at. An ideas worcester/Evesham way?
  12. Salfordcarl

    Ring swivels for hooks

    I might be completely off but don’t you mount the ring swivel on a “d” loop?
  13. Salfordcarl

    Shelf life boilies

    I’ll add me tupnth worth here. I have in a bait bucket 2 types of boilie. 1 lot is Nash instant action Candy nut crush, the other is a tiger and maple flavour from a brand I had never heard of. The Nash are 15mm and the others 18mm. They must have been in the shed 2 months. The Nash have gone rock hard but the others still soft. Don’t know why. I also have a bag of Nash monster crab in the cupboard unopened. Giving them a squeeze through the bag they are much softer than the open ones. All above are shelf life bait.
  14. Salfordcarl

    Pre bait costs

    Yeah Thanks all for the input. Im still a little undecided what to do. I’ve lost my mojo for fishing lately. I haven’t been out in a couple of months. I need something to spark me back up. I’m booked on a lake in 2 weeks for a bit of a social with a mate so we’ll see how that goes.