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  1. Lake help

    I've been and seen the manager. It's a no go, "due to the sites Heath and safety policies blah blah blah" Not interested at all. On wards and up wards.
  2. Lake help

    I'm not sure there's any fish in there but it looks the part, island beaches etc. The he only thing for it is to pop in like you say. I'm looking for something like this. I'm quite new to carping, but can't stand busy day waters. Without slashing the cash on a syndicate I'm a bit lost for a good venue. Im considering joining the baa and starting a baiting campaign in a couple of spots on the river but not really sure this is a good idea. Permission on a private lake, I'm sure is everyone's dream and might be too hard for a newbie like me to get.
  3. Lake help

    There's lots of signs "authorised vechicals only" etc and it's kind of round the back of a landfill site.
  4. Lake help

    Driving around locally and have spotted a lake off long lane, Nr pershore. I have had a look on google earth and no how to get to them. Does anyone know anything about them. I don't want to just mooch up there and get caught and ruin any chances of getting fishing permission. Any my help welcome.
  5. Warwickshire Avon

    On another note, where can you locals recommend lake wise? I'm off to chadbury the weekend after next for a day session. Although I find on the middle pool it difficult to get through te low doubles, to the bigger fish.
  6. Warwickshire Avon

    Hahaha yeah sounds about right. Are there any know lumps in there?
  7. Warwickshire Avon

    Thanks everyone. I need to look at joining baa next season as they seem to hold all the arrow and Avon from what I can gather. SDM stretch does look a likly spot.
  8. Warwickshire Avon

    That's great thanks. I have walked that stretch quite recently and know where you mean. Cheers
  9. Warwickshire Avon

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Should have said.....I'm evesham way. There is a stretch on the fisheries website that clams a 48lber a few years ago, which is what got me thinking about it. This particular stretch is not far away and I have been fishing there before all be it not for carp and found it hard work and slow going.
  10. Warwickshire Avon

    I’m new to carp finishing and having had some success on my local day ticket lakes I want to have a bash on the river. any advice welcome, pre baiting tips, or stretches to try would be great. thanks
  11. Night fishing

    Do any of you local fish at Kingston fisheries at lighthorne?
  12. Newbie - First Doubles - Kingston Pools

    I have a 24 hr session booked for thursday/friday this week. Any more recent info would be great.
  13. Newbie

  14. Newbie

    New to the forum and to carp fishing. We be looking to pick brains and help others where I can.