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    Salfordcarl reacted to smufter in Chad lakes - spawning   
    Ours started getting Jiggy last Tuesday when I was out, so packed up and came home early.
    Have cancelled next weeks session will wait until the week after to give them chance to get over it....
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    Salfordcarl reacted to elmoputney in What is your newest purchase   
    I think they will be great for some edge stalking this year it's destiny I have to catch something now it's like a message from the carp god's
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    Salfordcarl reacted to jimmyhoffa in Midlands park lakes   
    salford park/aston reservoir, great course and carp lake, id say less than 20 carp in the lake, some run upto 30ib now, you will struggle to catch them, the lake is very pressured with fishing, can be a bit dodgy fishing the lake, alot of idiots on there alot of the time but still a great lake if you like he urban scenery, 
    plantsbrook nature reserve, great pike fishing, think there might be some carp lurking in there too, hardly fished, very quiet, is pitch black on the night times, and quite eerie, ive chucked a marker out and got depths of 22ft on the big lake, used to be run on a membership years ago but doesnt exist now, council run, 
    sutton park, blackroot had some big carp in but has been pressured for the last 10 years now, plus i think they have all but died in blackroot some will still be lurking but nothing over 20ib, great lake, great scenery, no hassle or trouble on the nights, waters run by the sutton park rangers but never come round, you wont have to pay, although i think its a few quit, very silty, rather shallow due to extreme silt dead leaf/trees ect, ive never found over 7ft on the whole lake.  longmoor lake has no fish in, its got a depth of around 4ft max, bracebridge is a good course lake never heard of any carp took from there don't know depths of that lake, the lake by the wyndley leisure centre you cant fish it, but ive heard that its a stock lake for a handfull of fisheries around brum. powells pool is good pike course lake, quite deep, ive chucked a marker at 200yards and got around 14-17ft, ive heard off a few lads theres a 40 in there. sutton parks probs best for security and piece of mind, 
    st margaret's estate great barr, the two lakes, amazing pike fishing there, very very overgrown you will have to chop your own peg out, very deep but lake is extremely weedy, top lake is covered more of the time in summer, bottom lake doesnt go over 6ft in depth, top lake if found 12.14 on the marker, ive seen big pike roll on the dam walkover aswell, very eerie lake to fish especially if you read its history
    shard end lake, and the kingshurst lake have good carp in there, rough lakes though i wouldnt fish them on the nights, 
    frankley reservoir, good course fishing, nothing special in carp terms in there, 
    upper bittle got drained everything took out
    lower bittle is good course, not so good carp fishing, 
    brookvale lakes witton, had fish disease around 10 years ago, theres fish in there now but nothing of size due to the fish deaths, 
    upper witton lakes, iver never fished it i wouldn't recommend fishing it at all, proper rough area
    perry park alexander stadium, i found news article a few years back of some foreigners pouching the carp there, doubt there is anything in there now, 
    forge mill lake, again was poached alot years back, no big carp in there now, sandwell swan lake got poached again nothing in there im certain, plus wouldn't recommend night fishing it
    avoid small heath park lake, cannon hill lake, edgebaston pool, edgebaston reservoir, handsworth golf lake, pype hays lake, babbsmill, shard end, lakes, there all rough, i wouldnt fish them, 
    great pike fishing around the canals in brum, especially around the tyburn road, back of fosters in great barr, and all the way along the canal to brum, 
    dont fish the river teme, its got nothing in, highly polluted, very shallow, id class it more as a brook than a river, you will get ebola fishing it
    id reccomend best places to fish would be sutton park, blackroot, bracebridge, and powells 
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    Salfordcarl reacted to chillfactor in Unfenced lakes   
    I would  rather fish an empty lake than take up golf 
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    Salfordcarl reacted to Dave Hedgehog in January catch reports   
    Worth getting just to annoy the wife. I’ll put my bivvy up in the lounge just for the full effect.
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    Salfordcarl reacted to Dave Hedgehog in January catch reports   
    So it’s a carp fishing experience without leaving your sofa? How very 2019!😂 is it realistic? Can you hear people hammering in pegs in the distance? Is there a clicky group of camo clad regulars staring across the lake as you cast? Do you wait an eternity for a beep only to have foul hooked the only remaining bream in the lake?
    tell me more, I’m tempted!
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    Salfordcarl reacted to Its-grim-up-north in 2019 Plans   
    Catch more fish than my mate, he thinks he’s a better angler than me... but I know I am! 😉
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    Salfordcarl reacted to muftyboy in Rod Shots   
    Never got the whole running thing.
    If there isn't a ball of some sort to chase I'm just not interested.
    I must of been a dog in a past life 😆
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    Salfordcarl got a reaction from salokcinnodrog in 2019 Plans   
    That’s a beast of a tench 
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    Salfordcarl reacted to commonly in bait boat   
    I can use a boat on my estate waters & this year I'm going to put a bit of time in there. Having been there the other day, I reckon a bait boat will give me an edge. Plus it gets all overgrown and left to nature, so some of the spots that look carpy are impossible to cast to. 
    So looking online I've found this at around the £100 mark. Reviews I've read seem OK & the nearest one up is around the £300 mark. 
    Any thoughts or comments please 

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    Salfordcarl got a reaction from commonly in Last trip of the year   
    I had 5 hrs at it Saturday gone without a touch. 
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    Salfordcarl reacted to The_Viking_Angler in Last trip of the year   
    Probably not going to get out carping for a while but doing plenty of spinning with a mate, we're not good at it but it's good fun anyway lol
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    Salfordcarl reacted to pooter in Luncheon meat alternative   
    It's cod roe. Nowt special, but maybe it works for you? 
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    Salfordcarl reacted to Minelab in Thank You all for your Knowledge and sharing   
    I'm a newbie to carp fishing, I live in the USA on the Ohio River. I walk most of the time to my fishing spots. When I came across CARP.COM Searching for information
    on how to Carp fish, I was intrigued with all the information and experienced anglers. I made my first post a few months ago and was Shocked by the response I got.
     Fast to respond with top notch knowledge that was Spot On. I want to thank every one for sharing your divine Carp knowledge, gear, bait and how to on this Forum.
     I finally have a good set of rods and reels. To day being black Friday, I ordered two Chub Outkast Plus Stalking Carp Rods, 9ft. 2.50lb. Will pair them up with my new
    Sonik Tournos 6000 Reels. We use the word here, Skunked, when you don't catch any fish. It took a moment or two to understand Blanked. I was asked how my fishing went, and I responded, I got Blanked.
    Wow a Kodak moment, whats Blanked he asked.  Happy New Year every one and have a Great day.
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    Salfordcarl reacted to bluelabel in Luncheon meat alternative   
    Will keep an eye out for that... bet it would be a good additive grated into a spod mix...!
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    Salfordcarl reacted to salokcinnodrog in What rig best to use in winter for silkweed   
    Because silkweed often catches on the barb itself😉
    To be honest I tend to use a low pop-up over silkweed, just high enough to keep the hook away from the strands and detritus.
    You want a pop-up that will lift the hook upright, and you don't want to use too much weight as a counterbalance or it will get dragged down again into it. I hate to say it, but this is exactly the right place for a 'chod' or silt rig, or a standard pendant set up with a coated or uncoated braid hooklink.
    In winter carp can stay holed up in a particular area. It may be near dead weed, snags, natural food, drop-off features like gravel bars or plateau, and is NOT always the deepest water.
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    Salfordcarl reacted to yonny in Anyone doing evening sessions at the moment?   
    Likewise..... rack those browny points up ready for spring lol.
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    Salfordcarl reacted to dayvid in footwear   
    Have a look in Sports Direct.
    Karrimor , do a good range and they do last.
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    Salfordcarl reacted to yonny in Channels to watch on YouTube?   
    ESP have made some truly magical vids in the last year or so. Search 'Terry Hearn' and you should find them.
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    Salfordcarl reacted to chillfactor in Bait runner help please   
    All the above advice is fine ,until you get a screamer that suddenly stops and your left with a birds nest because your baitrunner is set far to loose and keeps spinning , I would never have it on the very lightest setting you could end up in a hole heap of trouble especially if the fish is still on.
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    Salfordcarl got a reaction from commonly in Shelf life boilies   
    I’ll add me tupnth worth here. 
    I have in a bait bucket 2 types of boilie. 1 lot is Nash instant action Candy nut crush, the other is a tiger and maple flavour from a brand I had never heard of. The Nash are 15mm and the others 18mm. 
    They must have been in the shed 2 months. The Nash have gone rock hard but the others still soft. Don’t know why. 
    I also have a bag of Nash monster crab in the cupboard unopened. Giving them a squeeze through the bag they are much softer than the open ones.
    All above are shelf life bait. 
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    Salfordcarl reacted to oscsha in Shelf life boilies   
    mac donalds is food grade -- say no more 
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    Salfordcarl reacted to Highy in Sonik SKS bite alarms   
    Honestly the best alarms ive ever had...dropped em in water...been frozen...poured down on...the range as quite good too...will be keeping hold of these for a while now as they are registered and lifetime guaranteed with sonik. 
    If i was to upgrade it would be the next up to Sonik the SKX.
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    Salfordcarl got a reaction from Highy in Pre bait costs   
    No mate. South Warwickshire. It’s the Warwickshire Avon. 
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    Salfordcarl reacted to The_Viking_Angler in River fishing   
    From my experience, anywhere on a river or canal that has regulur boat moorings will usually hold fish. Many boat owners throw left over food directly into the water and the fish learn this. 
    I would prebait the area over a couple weeks if feasible and then fish it. Don't over do it with the bait though as remember they'll likely have left over food from the boats too. 
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