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  1. Good afternoon/ evening hope your okay?? That's a really good idea on your behalf well done! Sorry to hear that your got work I fill for you but at least it's money!! Congratulations on your new girlfriend man! You should say to her would you like to go camping at lake then get all your fishing loaded before she knows 😂 and introduce it that way I'm sure it will be a winner!? Also maybe take her son first and have a really productive day's fishing so little man goes back to he's mum your partner and tells her all about that way it will impress her alot! Well I hope work goes quick for you and smoothly!!! Take care myman and have a nice evening!!!
  2. Hello everyone I'm Marcus I'm new to this site! Just thought I'd say hello and where are you all fishing this weekend if your fortunate enough to get on the bank??? Tight lines and have a good weekend!
  3. Bank pressure is still there last weekend almost every single swim was taken, that's alot of lines in the water isn't it!! Yeah I'm gonna start looking to join a club water and see what there is on offer!! It's just like time is very limited especially with a one year old and then work! So when I'm fishing j wanna be Abel to make the most of it and move onto fish I have the chnace! But to be honest it doesn't look Nike there's many carp waters around in Suffolk there's alot in Essex! Just need to look around I guess! Hope your okay
  4. Good afternoon myman hope your okay?? Your advice and tips and pointers have been really good and I really appreciate you getting back to me! It's most helpful!!! I'm gonna start fishing it next year and try build up some more knowledge about the complex, everything is a learning curve and I'm going to use what I use at the minute eg pva bag fishing and other methods of my fishing into the water park and see how I get on!!! How long did you fish this water for and what kind of success did you have on there?? The water park is so so busy most of the time so the fish are always pressured and got to be so switched on!! I'm gonna try and find a club water of some sort aswell and try join to get even more experience because the price's of some of these waters to fish for 24 hours is costly and especially if your gonna blank or have other Anglia's cast over your swim or even worse your lines! What did you have to do to join your club water??? Like did you have to do work party's and stuff like that??? Hope your having a good day
  5. Morning myman thanks for getting back to me with this information as I'm very very grateful! As im just trying to build as knowledge about the water as possible!! Your mate done very well I bet it he was buszing! This map of the lake is key aswell thank you so much I'm well grateful for this as I have never ever seen this one, I'm gonna hit the water park soon and try find the fish and then present a bait to them and see how that goes!! Thanks for the information Topman I really appreciate it have a great day!
  6. Hi thanks for the welcome I'm very grateful! Would it possible to have the original one please as I haven't got it! So like always it's down to the water craft of the Anglia, There's some stunning fish in the water park I a really wanna catch some, I see that alot of Anglia's fish SWP for the first time and have grate success well on there visit!! Then I've spoken to others who have fished it for ages and just blanked! More then likely because there not on the fish! There's about 150 carp in the lovely water isn't there?? And also lead to believe they swim around in different packs!!!! So when they turn up and if they turn up on your piece of water you can have grate success with the rods on the dancefloor!!! Also spodding and marking out your swim can spoke these fish away so I've herad??! May I ask where your club water is? Many thanks for your reply I'm very grateful
  7. Can anyone give me any advice on Suffolk water park Like how many wrap's and tactics for this lovely water please and thank you!!!
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