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  1. ABS

    Thank's , not sure about the glug but I will put some of their glug in there , Pre baited Today ... Lake look's smaller without the Summer growth ,
  2. ABS

    Phew ... just put it in , thank's for telling Me , would I have to freeze the pop up's too ? , I would'nt think the glug would , thank's again
  3. ABS

    Hi , The bait arrived , excellent service by abs , bought a box of bacofoil zipper bags and separated the 5 kilo bag into 1lb bag's ... that's a really good idea Smufter , thank's for the tip , I'm not too sure how to store the paste , I'll probably make 4 ball's , wrap one sheet of clingfilm around each one and then put them in airtight pot's , no idea if you can freeze it , I'll post some shot's soon of pre baiting with this on a small lake I'm fishing this season , It's only about an acre big and hold's a mid twenty, not massive to you guy's but My biggest is only 20 lb so would be nice to see if I can get him on the Hydra K Thank's so much again , can't wait to use these
  4. ABS

    I rang them last Week and I think his name was Geoff and he could'nt be more helpful , I ordered 5kg of Hydra-K with matching glug , popup's and paste , He said around 40 - 50 popup's depending on size , He also said to freeze them when they arrive too , Thank's again Smufter for the help too , really appreciate it
  5. ABS

    Thanks so much Smufter , I'm so clueless on boilies to be honest , I've only ever bought them off the shelf in 1kg bags and usually use them in one session , I'll just order them and the popups I think ... I hear such good things about ABS Huge thanks again
  6. ABS

    Hi , I've messaged ABS on the hydra-k and matching pop ups but had no response yet , so wondered if anyone on here knew my queries , Can you freeze or keep the boilies for a month or two as I won't use a 5kg bag as quick as most , Also how many pop ups do you get for their price of £10 ? , Many thanks
  7. What is your newest purchase

    dipped in Marmite ?
  8. What is your newest purchase

    Hi Crusian Even though I've been Carping for over 35 Years I took a break for many Years and come back to 100's of different types of boilies ... thats why I bought the samples , When I first started all I could get was Richmond boilies , and Tiger nuts and luncheon meat were My next bait ... I use to use kitty kat and weetabix but that stopped working after a while , I'm very interested in buying some ABS boilies but have no idea what Ones to get , I was thinking of the Malarky but they have now brought out Hydra-K so debating which one Anyone recommend a good abs boilie please ?
  9. 10ft Carp Rod Recommendations

    You looked at the fox warrior s 10ft ? https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/fox-warrior-s-rods
  10. What is your newest purchase

    Thats the Nash Tandoori spice
  11. What is your newest purchase

    Just some samples to try
  12. Soft Floaters

    Thanks Salok , I will definitely try the sunflower mix as I do use bands , cheers
  13. Soft Floaters

    Hi All , First off apologies for the title , Anyway I luv surface fishing for carp and usually use pre-soaked , on the band / hair or artificial dog biscuit but last session was a bit miss and go with pre-soaked ... the middle alway's seemed tough or they were too spongey and came off easy , I would also like to add flavour / oil as " some " say it works , So do I just add oil / flavour ... or do I add water and oil/flavour ? , hope that makes sense and would appreciate knowing how others prepare dog biscuit , Thanks again
  14. CATCH10

    Just a little heads up , Angling Direct are having a 10% off Weekend if anyone is interested ... Code : CATCH10
  15. New stove

    Great ... As some I was looking at only take there own brand gas capsules and I want to be able to get gas can's easily , Just ordered and only a £1 for royal mail 24 , Thanks