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  1. 2 Man Bivvy suggestion please

    Hi SPR , That makes total sense , Thanks so much for explaining it ... now to choose it
  2. 2 Man Bivvy suggestion please

    Hey Smufter , that is a luvley bivvy , the one thing that stands out as a plus is definitely the " hood " ... I dont mind admiting that sometimes I like to reel in the rods and do some float fishing , the hood would be great cover while sitting forward holding the rod , Many thanks Hey Salok , I was thinking JRC but with all Bivvys I get a bit confused , I have a look ... see the ideal " Bivvy " and then suddenly see a list of separate layers that make the shown picture , not sure if that makes sense , I've never bought one before due to this , I have added a picture of the JRC bivvy stuff ( hope it works , ) that shows the JRC defender shelter ... plus other " defender products , so ... if I bought the defender shelter like you mentioned , could I buy the defender peak bivvy wrap and throw it over the defender shelter and it fits ? , It may seem weird what I'm saying but I'm honestly clueless on things like this , Thanks Sir
  3. 2 Man Bivvy suggestion please

    I have a 60" brolly but they can be awkward and with 2 of you and a few bags etc its kind of cramped and rain gets through easy , a bivvy seems more comfy
  4. Hi All , I'm really wanting to go fishing but holding back due to the cold , My health is'nt 100% so need some kind of shelter from rain and wind , I'm looking at buying a Bivvy for Me and the Fiancee to use so a 2 Man Bivvy would be ideal , I will never use it for overnight fishing so no idea if that would make a difference in what I would buy ? , One main factor would be that it opened at the front quite wide so We could both sit and see the rods , Thanks John ,
  5. A lovely video to pass the time....

    Great Video ... Thanks
  6. The Colder Days

    Thanks so much guys , Layers it is ,
  7. The Corn Ball was not meant to be :(

    Also ... if your doing a fishmeal , birdfood or milk protein boilie , Do you have to change the semolina / soya base mix to a different base mix , The other confusing thing for Me is what type of flavour do you add to the different style of boilie ... its really confusing , And this is before I've even made any I've searched the internet for info which gets confusing sometimes ... it comes up a lot with suppliers , can anyone recommend a good supplier with a good selection and rep please ? Many Thanks
  8. The Colder Days

    Thanks Everyone , good old layers still work the best by the looks of it , think I'll get some long johns and then pack a bag of jumpers etc and by some cheap waterproofs which are a size or 2 too big to allow for clothing Thanks again All ... Always helpful on here
  9. The Corn Ball was not meant to be :(

    Hey BC , Am I right in thinking that dr oetker egg white powder would work as I just bought some of that , and thanks for the tip on simmering , also seens as this is a fishy boilie ... can I leave it soaking in Krill without the skin coming off the cork ball boilie , or is there a time limit on soaking boilies in liquid ? Many Thanks BC
  10. The Corn Ball was not meant to be :(

    Really appreciate all the Info Hutch , So using this recipe ... Ground Trout pellet Baileys Number One Semolina Soya Flour Finely Ground Pigeon Conditioner would be classed as a fishmeal boilie due to the trout pellet ? , Also I've been searching for Pigeon Conditioner and a lot of brands come up ... do you have any brand names please Thanks Hutch
  11. Hi All , I'm sure its going to get colder from now on and wondered what clothing you'd recommend , I remember having an all in One 16 Years ago which was warm , but more so looking for warm and maybe waterproof , do they still make the all in one suits anymore ? , Many Thanks
  12. Mono hook length & braid hair ?

    Hi Salok , been reading all of them and great rigs but I wasnt sure how you connected the braid as an hair , Thanks
  13. The Corn Ball was not meant to be :(

    I can get most of that but no idea where to get pigeon conditioner ... thats why I bought this baileys number 1 but then found out it wasnt the same , Is this also an Autumn and Winter bait as its fishy ? , I'm trying to learn that " Seasonal " flavour concept , or maybe I got the wrong end of the stick ... is it true that most use fishmeal , birdfood , milk base etc for different seasons ? , As always Thanks so much Salok
  14. The Corn Ball was not meant to be :(

    I'll probably buy an 100 pack of corkballs then , cheap enough , Thanks so much for the ideas too , I guess if My blitzed corn is too sticky to use with a spoon I could always add a little filler like crumb or cornflour but not too much as I want it to dissolve and break up , Again many Thanks BC
  15. The Corn Ball was not meant to be :(

    I would still need to buy semolina and soya , forgot to mention I dont even have the basics , Thanks for the links too ... really appreciate it I like the idea of the separate egg mix but not got the main boiled bait correct yet and I only have 10 cork balls , ( maybe thats all you can use on a 1 egg mix , ) Would you use any binder with the blitzed corn as that stuff would stick to your hand I think , Thanks