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  1. Tubing and Shrink Tube

    Hi , Well I made My first " Ronnie " ready for Tomorrow , will make more later but wanted to check if I did it right , have bait floss ready for boile too , My main concern was if the hook bead was at the right position , Many Thanks all
  2. Hi

    Newbie here too and the guys are very helpful here , All the best and welcome
  3. CC Moore Belachan Paste Block

    Lol it stinks that bad eh ? , Think I'll try a belachan , pellet and swim stim mix , never made boilies as I would have tried that , Many thanks again guys
  4. Hi All , I have a block of this and not opened it yet as I've heard it smells real bad , could I mix this with something to make a paste ? , Say ... pellets or even another paste to catch carp or is it a no no ? Thanks
  5. Tubing and Shrink Tube

    Thanks Chill , I'm going to the tackle shop Today and have made a list of stuff I'll need with your Idea's I'll stick a picture up in the next 2 Days to show you the rig outcome , Thanks so much
  6. Tubing and Shrink Tube

    by the way ... will the floro act the same way as braid ? I feel the whole rig will lift up in a weird way ?
  7. Tubing and Shrink Tube

    I did query this and the owner said its both , He said it " saws " into there mouth , I tried explaining to him that nowadays braid is much better but he's having non of it , Hes retired and uses a pole so probably thinks that Todays braid is the same as it ever was , Also when you mention the figure of 8 loop rig ... do you mean like they do in a stiff hinge rig ? and thanks for your help
  8. Tubing and Shrink Tube

    Actually ... how would ronnie work without braid , braid is banned on the lake so I can only use mono , My main line is 12lb gardner pro but do have other Mono's to use as hook link
  9. Surface fishing

    I now use Tesco's own brand and they work well , £2.00 for 4kg , they dont break up and they work brilliant with the quick wash and seal bag " soak "
  10. Tubing and Shrink Tube

    Many thanks all , Its an old method that I used Decades ago but it did tangle unless you carefully placed it out in the margins , I'm booked at the lake Tuesday and think I'll go for the inline , flat and about half ounce , with at least a foot hook link ( I'll feel comfortable with the silt that way , ) , Also ... can I fish a ronnie in silt ? , I never see it mentioned for that type of lake bed , Thanks so much again for all your help
  11. Tubing and Shrink Tube

    sorry for the awful sketch , I was using a mouse to write and draw , it was just to show what I meant on the running rig I was going to do ... and I need tubing for the lead mono length and probably part of the hook length and just before it , theres probably a better way but havent found one yet
  12. Tubing and Shrink Tube

    I'll look for that ... the reason I kinda got the swivel thing messed up is that on the lake I'm fishing you cant use bolt rigs and braid , and its very silty , so I was looking at using a light lead on a long mono length connected to a running bead , but without some kind of tubing on it ... its going to tangle , Thanks for the number , that will help a lot That looks very tidy ... are them line stops on the hook ? I have no idea what a ronnie is lol ( I've been away from carping for over 20 Years , )
  13. Tubing and Shrink Tube

    Hi Greekskii , Thanks for the reply , I'll try Bank Tackle ... they seem a good store on ebay , I guess when thinking about it you wouldnt shrink tube the swivel , no idea why I thought that
  14. Tubing and Shrink Tube

    Hi All , I cant find any info on google about tubing etc , If I have a size 8 swivel then what size in mm would I get in anti tangle tubing ? Also what size in Shrink tube ? Do I have to measure the width of the swivel ? Any help would be appreciated
  15. What's your Job

    Wow ! Thanks so much for all that , Thats a whole lotta info ... I'll copy and paste it as I've only ever used Hemp before and that was 20 Years or more ago , and I've totally forgot how to cook it now , I thought it may have been much cheaper but the cans of hemp are silly prices for what you get , I may look online to see if I can get in in a sack uncooked , Thanks so much again Ian ... Brilliant Info