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  1. Billios

    Fairlop waters

    General opinion is find the fish and cast to any showing fish. Any decent branded bait seems to work bright baits I've found most successful too much pellet in any bait you use will draw the bream in ( not that you get plagued with em ). Seems to be getting a bit busier now especially around weekends with people fishing right round the lake. I'd personally stay away from the east lake end of the lake( seems busiest with boats / canoes etc). Tactics vary with some boys fishing over spod I personally don't go mad with the bait. Don't get sucked into thinking you gotta fish at 130 yards unless you see fish there. Most of my success has been casting to the islands and around where they Moor up the boats. When winter sets in the fellas tend to favour the club end of the lake. Do be prepared to put the time in though if you want success on here it's nothing like the chase the stocking is much more sparse and with size of the water being what it is it's tough. This season I've had around 16 days for only 3 fish biggest of 27lb
  2. Billios

    Fairlop waters

    The full ticket runs from June with no close season this year for the first time apparently. It's gone up quite a bit this year to £275 for the year they are doing a winter ticket but depending who you speak to its vague as to if that allows you to fish days on the big lake. Biggest probkem I've found is the boats and skulls on there. I'm told they don't effect the fishing but with mainly kids using them they tend to be nosey and on or around your rod tips. The anglers get very little respect from the sailing club and the people that work there as they are constantly patrolling the lake with speed boats. If I was you I'd have a good walk round a few times before joining I thought it would ease as the weather broke but still goes on now. The East lake during the summer can become very busy with swimmers
  3. Billios

    Fairlop waters

    Yeah mate there are a few fish in there but it ain't until you put a bit of Time on there that you will realise there is not as much stock in there as they portray a lot of the fellas on the big lake this weekend are only fishing it as a large part of the small lake is unfishavle with weed. When you fish the big lake you will bump into guys that are quite chatty and after a while you'll realise that it is not quite the water it was.
  4. Billios

    Fairlop waters

    Trying to find out some info on Fairlop waters joined on a full ticket this year 2017 -2018 paid £275 to be able to fish both the big lake and the small lake managed to catch a couple from the small lake early on but as of yet haven't managed a carp from the big lake just a couple of fairly big bream. I'm told the big lake is heavily stocked but am starting to feel that after being told by the people that are running the fishing (vision ) that there is a big uptake on membership and about large stocking levels in the big lake after not seeing anymore than about 2 other people fishing it and the small number of carp I've seen on the bank not sure they haven't spun me a line. Has anyone got any input