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  1. finchey


    Well i cancelled my rod. 😭 There was no problem cancelling the order, but from what I've read if I understand it properly I have to wait for up to 30 days to get my money back from PayPal. 😵 If that is the case I'm well *****d of considering they took the money when they didn't even have the rods in stock. 😤😤😤😤
  2. finchey


    Has anyone ever had any problems with the above company? I have ordered quite a few things in the past off them though the bay shop with no problems what so ever, but I ordered a rod around the 15th of June and they took the money via PayPal straight away and then emailed me and told me it was out of stock. They said it would be back in stock and delivered at the end of July. So I gave them the benefit of the doubt and left it at that, today I got another email saying still out of stock and now will be the end of August. I'm going to phone them tomorrow and council my order and try and get the rod else were. Just wondered if anyone else has had any problems with them before.
  3. finchey

    What is your newest purchase

    They all different sizes on the bay just have a search. I think they are around £14 for a 14" puncture proof trye and wheel. 😀
  4. finchey

    What is your newest purchase

    Some sticky manilla liquid to go with my nash candy nut crunch boilie's as recommended by highy good call 👍 I used it on Monday I did blank but it does complement the boilie's perfectly. I also bought some Rob hutchinson coconut crunch liquid to go with my nash coconut cream boilie's. Also got some esp pva 25mm mesh and i ordered another diawa blackwidow g50 12' 3lb tc rod to go with my other two. 😀
  5. finchey

    Rod Shots

    I did a 12hr session yesterday I was at the lake for 4am. Spotted a couple of carp on the far side of the lake by the tree's, I put a couple of baits on them. No joy with them so kept my eyes open no more fish spotted so stuck it out because I know the fish do patrol along the tree line. But it was a blankety blank for me but it was nice day to be out. 😀😀😀
  6. finchey

    well the van is packed

    I don't think it's the birds it's EXCITEMENT mate. 😀😀😀 Have a good one mate 😀
  7. I did many years ago I'm talking 20 plus years and that was straight out of the lake. Me and a mate were on Grasmere in the lake district for a weekend and we thought lake district lovely clean water. So we didn't take any water with us, so kettle straight in the lake and on the stove and it tasted like poo😂 it was blooming awful. So we had go to the nearest shop and buy water for the weekend 😂.
  8. finchey

    What is your newest purchase

    I do use these myself and the boilie's but being fearley new to the carp scene and not having caught a lot I suppose it's just a confidence thing. 😀 I read so much about shelfies verse's fresh/frozen i suppose I'm finding it kind of confusing. 😵 I think when I start catching a few more the confidence will come with it. 😀
  9. finchey

    What is your newest purchase

    Do you use the matching air pop ups that they sell with these or do you use a contrasting pop up? 😉 I know you get the 3 free in each pack just wondering if you use them and how you rate them? 🤔
  10. finchey

    What is your newest purchase

    How do you do with the nash boilie's? Are the shelfies or frozen? 😀
  11. finchey

    What is your newest purchase

    I also got these reels a few weeks ago. There again no where near the most expensive but real quality for the money. Diawa crosscast qda.
  12. finchey

    What is your newest purchase

    I treated myself to a cheap fishing barrow of the bay, only a small one just the right size for my needs. I used it today for the first time and it's the best £48 I've spent in a long time. 😀
  13. finchey

    2 Piece landing net poles

    On more of the budget side saber do a two piece carbon fibre pole with a 42" net and bag to put it in for around £25.00.😀
  14. finchey

    Any other motorcyclists on here?

    I'm not exactly the most technical person but I shall try Ian. The way I do it is from my phone, where you right your message at the bottom of the page were it says click to choose file I just click on that and then choose the gallery from my phone and then choose the photo you want and down load it. Once it's down loaded click on the photo and it will attach to your message. Some one else might be able to explain it better, like I say I'm not very technical. 😀
  15. finchey

    Any other motorcyclists on here?

    She was well looked after when I got her. I have spent a fair bit on her though, if the wife new how much I spent on the bike and fishing she'd kill me. 😂 Saying that she costs a hell of a lot more. 😁😁