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  1. Hi Rob. With being a newbie myself the only advice I can give you is have a really good search on this forum. There is a weath of knowledge on here I have learnt a lot just buy searching and reading on here. Also I'd have a look on YouTube for how to tie your rigs but what I did was took advice of here and just keep it simple. Simple hair rigs to start. And like someone already said rods and reels that you use for your piking should do too start. Being a pike angler myself thats just what I did. It's not worth spending your budget on new rods and reels. Spend it on your terminal tackle and all the other items you are going to need for carping. If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will be along to tell me. Lol. The main thing is get out there and enjoy your fishing.
  2. Hi and welcome to the forum Rob. I'm also from the Northwest but fairly new to carping myself so I'm afraid I won't be much help to you.
  3. What is your newest purchase

    Well my bulin T4 arrived today not bad just over a week from China. Anyway I couldn't test it on the bank and not sure when I'm going again so I had to give it a go. So I got my gas which was in the loft it was still icey cold after all that wintery weather from last week connected it up and fire it up first time. I've not had a brew or cooked on it yet but it does seem like a good bit of kit absolutely made up with it.
  4. What is your newest purchase

    Excellent idea that never even crossed my mind looking in charity shops and the bonus is they are plentiful in my part of the world. So guess what I'll be doing on my next day off lol.
  5. Is anyone braving it...?

    I will be giving it a go myself on Monday and what ever mother nature throws at me I will be going to be having a go for some lovely winter pike.
  6. What is your newest purchase

    I've heard some good reports on the bulin t4 and my stove had had its day so I ordered myself one.
  7. Thought for the day.

    Sorry to hear about that mate hope everything goes OK and it's not too serious and expensive for you.
  8. Why spit out the bait?

    Why not split your time between both methods, it's worth trying for the perch but equally worth trying for the carp. They have to feed sometime.
  9. Fishing log apps.

    Does anyone use these apps for a personal log of coarse not too share your catches. I've been looking at a couple were you can find your location take pictures and fill your catch report weather bait times temps and etc etc. When I used to fish regularly I always had my fishing log which was a note pad and pen with me and filled it in on the bank. Still got them knocking about somewhere. Any thoughts or comments on these apps.
  10. Stripping Braid?

    I got the esp tungsten loaded that was quite easy to strip just used my thumb nail. Brilliant stuff for typing rigs well impressed.
  11. Favorite bank side music?

    Personally I prefer the peace and quiet and the sound of the nature. That might be a bit boring for some but we are all different at the end of the day.
  12. Rod tubing

    Carpet shops Dan. Just go in and ask you will get them for free you will just have to cut them to size yourself. Thats what I've done in the past. Good luck.
  13. Stripping Braid?

    Some good pointers there thanks very much. So thats just what I did I have tyed hair rigs before in mono so I new what lengths I wanted, what hooks I was using and what length hairs I wanted. So just had a play around with different lengths of striping until I got just what I was looking for. So notes now made so next batch I make should be more straightforward. Thanks Yonny and B.C
  14. Stripping Braid?

    Do you strip the full hair or the section above the hook?
  15. Stripping Braid?

    Another nooby question as regards to striping the coating on the coated braid. I'm trying some nice and basic hair rigs size 6 hooks, how much of the coating do you strip off.