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  1. So was the biggest fish the 19lber and what weight won the match.🙂👍
  2. Ye can't believe 2 years have flown bye like that, we'll have to try and sort a day session when we are both free.😁👍
  3. I've no doubt there'll be more in the night, how's your mate getting on? 😁👍🎣
  4. Some more belters there elmo, good angling once again pal.😁👍🎣
  5. Are there many fishing it?🙂👍🎣
  6. Good luck Paul 😁👍🎣 What peg did you draw mate?
  7. Nice one elmo, here's hoping you get one of the bigger ones mate.😁👍🎣
  8. No photos again from yesterday but I had 4 carp, small one's again 6 8 9 10lb.
  9. What time does that kick off, I'm not working this weekend so I might nip down for a brew with ya. If the missus hasn't got other plans for me. 🤣😂
  10. I'm giving it another go today. We've got to be in it as they say. Conditions look better today cooler cloudy and a nice breeze blowing in my face.😁👍🎣.
  11. I no were your coming from with this mate, my ex was real nasty predator.
  12. Two carp today no photos, only small ones biggest around 8lb. Saved a blank though. 🙂👍
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