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  1. Nothing to report yet mate? 👍
  2. You got me hook line and sinker. 🎣😂👍
  3. OK this is a carp forum with a separate forum for coarse fishing and predetor fishing. I know they are all coarse fish and there are the separate forums for people to discuss different types of fishing if they wish to do so. So why pick on my post and no one else's when there has been numerous post about different fish chub perch grayling just too name a few. Which are all coarse fish the same as the carp. Just because I titled my thread coarse fishing when I was talking about a coarse fishing trip which I had really enjoyed and wanted to share. 👍
  4. I see you mean general game or general sea fishing. 😀 So if you were planning a carp fishing trip say to France with your mates you would refer to it as coarse fishing trip. 😉
  5. 'General' fishing do you mean coarse fishing 🤔
  6. It's becon view in apply Bridge. It's a commercial, not on the Wigan ticket. 👍
  7. Where you going Highy? 👍
  8. And tench I forgot about those. 👍 😁
  9. Well I was supposed to be taking my 14 year old daughter coarse fishing today. So I sorted all the gear out, tip rod for her, float rod for me, I went and bought all the bait yesterday, just some father and daughter chill out time. Anyway last night she says too me do you mind if I go out with my mates instead of fishing, well I couldn't say no could I. 😀 So it was a chill out day for me doing a bit of float fishing on my local pond, I couldn't waste the bait. 😀. I had a good day lost count of the fish roach perch gudgeon bream rudd and crusian carp. This perch had eyes bigger than his belly.
  10. Which pegs were you in? 👍
  11. finchey

    July catches.

    I had a day session on my local club lake. I worked Monday night and went straight from work at 4am. I had three fish. 8lb,9lb and a new pb 14lb 8oz, well chuffed. Both side's. 😁😁😁
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