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  1. Prebaiting on the other side of canal

    Excellent work motherhooker Well deserved after all the time and hard work you put in.
  2. Bivvy Waterproofer

    Cheers yonny, I'll give it a blast my brolly has never been treated and it's 15+ years old. I think it might be ready. Saying that it's never let me down.
  3. Bivvy Waterproofer

    Could anyone tell me if the aerosol version of this product is any good or am I better with the stuff you mix. I only have a 60" oval so I thought a couple of aerosols would do me.
  4. Enjoy mate, You'll be alright this weekend it's a good forecast.
  5. Welcome Iain from another newbie.
  6. Urban/Park Carp Fishing

    I've fished it twice in the 90's. First trip I caught my pb pike 27lb 7oz and half a dozen dropped runs. I thought great you can't beat this. Second trip I had a few dropped runs, not a Very productive day. Got back to the car park and my mates car had been broken into and at the time he had a top of the range ford focus. They struggled to get into it so the completely wrecked his door and basically smashed his car up. Also while we were there on the second trip we got talking to some of the carp angler's they did tell us about the monster carp and tench that was in there but they also told us about angler's that had their tackle robbed at knife point, while night fishing in the past. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It may have changed now but I would do a bit of research on the place first before you go.
  7. What is your newest purchase

    I bought some rig bits on the bay. 20 meters of coated braid. 20 curved shank hooks size 8. Hook beads. Anti tangle rig sleeve. Bait screws. Shrink tube.
  8. Changing reel handle

    I cast with reel seat in my right hand. I am a full lefty. Funny thing is a play the odd game of pitch and putt or crazy golf with the kids and I play that right handed as well. How weird am I.
  9. Changing reel handle

    Sounds like your brother in law is fishing left handed. Now I'm left handed and I fish with handles on left, which is right handed style. So it's not just me that's weird.
  10. View from your bivvy door.

    Earlier this month in sunny Anglesey.
  11. New member. Dazthomp0161

    Hi Daz. I'm new here myself as you already know. So far so good with forum good set lads that are prepared to help and share information with you. If you're new to carp fishing have a good route around the site. Plenty to read and learn and don't forget ask questions you will get help and answers.
  12. New member. Dazthomp0161

    Sounds good to me mate.
  13. New member.

    It sounds like the pike fishing in your part of the country is much better than up north, in all my years pike fishing my best was 27.7 next after that was a 24.7, had plenty of doubles but only the two twenty's. But I just love being out there fishing that's what it's all about.
  14. New member.

    Pike fishing was my real passion for many years. Me and my best mate used to fish every chance we got, winter autumn spring and summer. From local ressys to Scotland and most of all the lake District. Dead and live bait lures of any type from the biggest jerk bait to ultra light spinners. I loved it then I got MARRIED, so fishing was put on the back burner. Never really took it that series since, got into shore fishing quite a bit but that got expensive, me and the same mate where traveling to North Wales quite a lot, so there again sort of died a death. I work vertically ever Saturday night and have done for the last 14 years, so I get a couple of mid week days of so I'm going to try again, my best mate is now a self employed plumber so I don't get chance to fish with him anymore, so it's just me so I'll see how things go. There's a lad at work who's in to his carp fishing a bit so I may have some trips with him, it will be day session's for me, nothing to serious. I will see how it goes, I do love being on that bank though you can't beat it. Like you say winter and autumn are the best nice and quiet. Here's to our next pb.
  15. New member.

    My local tackle shop is quite expensive so I'm afraid most of tackle comes from flea bay. Don't think I will be carping in winter. I work most weekends so most of my fishing is midweek. I will be piking in winter.