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  1. Good luck mate, I hope your plan comes together and you catch a chunky river carp.😁👍🎣
  2. Tungsten tubing, lead clips and size 8 hooks for the farm pond, till I know what size fish are in there, I never go above a 6 anyway. I've only got the urge to go and the spending has started again. 🤣😂🤣
  3. Well I've gone 11 months without wetting a line but just recently I've been getting that urge again. I joined a new club in January 2020 and with the pandemic and family stuff not really had the use of it and to tell you the truth the few times I did go i didn't really jell with the waters or some of the other members, a bit clicky to say the least. But as I said just recently I have been getting that urge again, so the plan is to go back to my other club and start over, I won't be able to do any nights on there at the moment I'll have to wait for a night ticket that's if can get one. Also a m
  4. My Barrow has an inflatable tyre and touch wood I've not had any punctures, but you can buy the puncture proof wheels, I'm sure carp porter sell them as an extra or get one of ebay as long as you get the right size.🙂👍
  5. Have a practice at home, to me it's about getting the loading right. I had a cheap Barrow and that was terrible to push no matter how you loaded it. I now have a diawa Barrow and it's a dream to push the balance on it is perfect, when it's loaded right it pushes that easily it doesn't feel like there's anything on it and no strain on your arms at all. You will love having a Barrow if you haven't had one before it makes life so much easier getting to and from the lake.🙂👍🎣
  6. I see your showing off your new bobbins. 😁 any luck mate?
  7. Grab a beer mate and chill out, great job you deserve it. 😁👍
  8. Making memories with your family the best thing ever and a great picture mate. 😁👍🎣
  9. It must be a southern thing because I didn't get one either. You get everything you southerners. 🤣😂🤣
  10. I couldn't agree more emmcee the not noing what you're going to catch and not going out to just target the one species. I also like going out with an ultra light set up and targeting the mini species on rock marks or small harbours.
  11. Very well explained mate, explained much better than I could of. And you also have got different species at different times of the year and at different states of the tide.
  12. I tell you what ouch you aren't half making me miss my shore fishing, I used to absolutely love my shore fishing not been for years, I sold most of my gear but just kept the one rod and reel, your photos are making me want to dig them out and hit the beach but you and I know what happens then, I'm going to end up going out and buying a load of beach gear again. 🤣😂 Keep the photos coming mate.
  13. Only just seen your post if I'd seen it earlier i would of nip up for a chat but going to bed shortly I'm working tonight. 😭 i can't really help you mate not actually carp fished there much, spent more time piking, goodluck mate let us know how you get on. 🙂👍🎣
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