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  1. What is your newest purchase

    How do you find all these bargains mate. Your going to have give us all some tips.
  2. What is your newest purchase

    I'll tell you what mate you get some real bargains. I remember the bivvy you got the other month. Good on ya mate well done.
  3. Brolly systems opinions

    It is a brolly system I'm after. I suppose it's a question of which is the best for all year round use. Having a bivvy and a brolly isn't really a choice for me so I'll spend some time and a bit more research before I part with my cash. Thank for opinion yonny much appreciated.
  4. Brolly systems opinions

    Hi yonny. Been having a look at these they do look smart. My Nash 60" oval is on it last legs so I was thinking about one of these. But I was wondering have you used yours in the winter or just the summer. If you haven't used in the winter in your opinion would you say it was suitable for winter use or more of a summer shelter. I don't fish in storm conditions but I do fish in strong winds and heavy rain. Thanks Keith.
  5. Loading line onto reel.

    This may be a daft question but why the washing up liquid?
  6. Some of mine

    You've got a house full and it looks like they like there homely comforts.
  7. Last big feed

    I'm new to this carp fishing but the way I look at it is the same as all the other fishing I've done over the many years. Just get out there enjoy your fishing and if you catch it's a bonus.
  8. Wrightington - Old Pond

    I don't know for sure but i read somewhere, l think it was another forum but I can't for the life me remember were because I read that much on the net I forget were I see stuff. But I do remember reading that the old pond is a private syndicate of 5 friends of the owner of the house you can see from the road. The larger lakes on the other side of the road is private no fishing at all. Many years ago it used to be on the Wigan ticket I do remember that as a kid. I think I may of seen it on the maggot drowners forum. Have a look on there mate you might find out more information.
  9. come on then, what pets you got or would like

    George is a lovely looking dog and he sounds like the perfect fishing conpanyon.
  10. come on then, what pets you got or would like

    I just wish I could take Flint with me when I go fishing but to be honest he's 5 years old but he's a typical Springer he thinks he is still a pup. He's mad as a hatter he car'nt sit still for longer than 2 minutes and if he's near water then there's no chance of keeping him out of it. I don't think I'd be very popular with other angler's with him running around diving in the lake every chance he got.
  11. Prebaiting on the other side of canal

    Excellent work motherhooker Well deserved after all the time and hard work you put in.
  12. Bivvy Waterproofer

    Cheers yonny, I'll give it a blast my brolly has never been treated and it's 15+ years old. I think it might be ready. Saying that it's never let me down.
  13. Bivvy Waterproofer

    Could anyone tell me if the aerosol version of this product is any good or am I better with the stuff you mix. I only have a 60" oval so I thought a couple of aerosols would do me.
  14. Enjoy mate, You'll be alright this weekend it's a good forecast.
  15. Welcome Iain from another newbie.