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  1. Sounds like a bit more serious than what happened to mine mate, my qd was just tighter than normal, sorry I can't help you with that one mate.
  2. There was nothing broken mate it was just the washers in the spool that needed re greasing. The free spool had just gone really tight and wasn't working properly but with a clean and fresh grease it was back to normal. I just bought some washer grease off ebay. What's the problem with yours mate?
  3. Nice fish elmo well done mate 😁👍
  4. Angling direct jrc defender carbon composite arms and 1 piece carbon handle 39.99, I bought 1 a few months ago well made and strong, no complaints what so ever. 👍
  5. What he said, exactly what I do mate.👍
  6. Good luck mate, I was going to go myself this weekend but I can't make it, I'm going looking for a new car. If I get chance I might bob down and see how you're getting on.🙂👍
  7. That's what it's all about mate enjoying yourself and if you catch a couple thats a bonus. 😁👍
  8. Depending on the weather and were the fish are really, if there cruising on top I'll probably put them on both rods but if there's no signs it will be bottom baits for me. 😁👍
  9. You're braver than me mate, I couldn't go fishing without bottom baits, I just don't have the confidence in zigs but I suppose if I don't use them I'll never get the confidence.😁👍🎣🎣
  10. Good luck mate, let us know how you get on. 😁👍🎣🎣
  11. I might be on that weekend myself, not made my mind up yet.👍
  12. Ye elmo but I bet they don't even know what a Wigan kebab is, so are they really that good. 🤣😂🤣
  13. So how's it going Paul any luck mate?
  14. Good luck and enjoy elmo. 😁👍🎣🎣🎣
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