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    Fishing and motorbikes.

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  1. finchey

    September catch results..........................

    You shouldn't have told me that I'm a bit of an ice-cream monster I love the stuff. 😂😂😂
  2. finchey

    September catch results..........................

    I'll do that mate but my normal fishing days are Friday or Monday as there my days off. 👍 Also mate do they come round for tickets or do you have to buy before fishing? 👍
  3. finchey

    September catch results..........................

    Nice one mate. 👍 I drive past that place quite a bit never really thought about fishing it. I might have a go myself. Is it a day ticket water and how much mate? 👍
  4. finchey

    Rod Shots

    A very good day for me mate 6 fish from 5lb to a new 12lb pb. 😁 ALL on that bait you told me about mate 👍
  5. finchey

    September catch results..........................

    A nice little day session today with my eldest daughter. A mixed bag for my daughter Christening her new feeder rod. 😀 And 6 carp for me 5lb, 71/2, 8, 2 9lbers and a new pb for me of not massive but 12lb, well chuffed.
  6. I prefer to buy my bait fresh from the local supermarket and freeze it myself. I mainly use mackerel and sardines, I separate them and wrap them in cling film and freeze separately. If you're buying from a tackle shop try smelt I like to pop these up of the bottom. Have a read up on popping up dead baits worth a go mate something different can make all the difference. Pollon are also good for popping up they are naturally bouyont. Just try different baits mate. Good luck. 👍
  7. finchey

    Shelf life boilies

    Is that your local tackle shop or online? 👍
  8. finchey

    Shelf life boilies

    I only find the crab and sea salt in 500g bags is that the only size they do? 👍
  9. finchey

    Shelf life boilies

    Thanks B.C. for another in depth reply very interesting reading and very helpful. I'm afraid I won't be rolling my own baits the amount of fishing I do doesn't really warrant it but I do think I'm going to be investing in a little bait freezer and swapping to frozen baits. I have been toying with the idea for a while it would come in handy for my pike fishing as well, it would free up a draw in our home freezer the wife will be made up. 😂
  10. finchey

    Shelf life boilies

    I've been using the nash instant action candy nut crush and coconut cream shelf life and they seem to be quite a hard bait is this normal for shelf life boilies? and is there anything I can do to soften them up? If I can't soften these boilie's up a bit can anyone recommend a softer shelf life. It's just that these seem quite hard as a hook bait and I feel when you get a pick up they must feel hard to the carp. Surely a softer bait is more attractive to a carp and softer boilie's must be easier to digest. Sorry if this is a stupid question 😀
  11. I hope you're dog made a full recovery mate. 👍
  12. Top introduction Brutus I don't post a lot myself but I do like this forum some very good advice and plenty of knowledgeable people that don't mind sharing their knowledge. Welcome to the forum 👍.
  13. finchey

    Quick introduction..

    Hi and welcome to the forum Dave. 👍