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  1. Best of luck mate hope you win it. 👍
  2. finchey

    Lifting the fish in the net.

    I think you've hit the nail right on the head there mate. 👍
  3. finchey

    View from your bivvy door.

    How did the match go mate, Many fish caught? 👍
  4. finchey

    Stripping Braid?

    Good for you. 👍
  5. finchey

    Rod Shots

    Good luck mate 👍👍
  6. finchey


    Enjoy mate 👍
  7. finchey

    Rod Shots

    I find fishing relaxing anyway but I do find this type of fishing more so. I covered two lakes yesterday and I didn't even see another angler just the odd walker. This is were I had my lunch total solitude amazing.
  8. finchey

    Rod Shots

    You must get out and have a go mate, it really does my a refreshing change. 👍
  9. finchey

    Rod Shots

    Not my usual kind of rod shot photo. I was ultra light lure fishing today and I managed to get all my kit in one photo. 😂
  10. finchey

    What is your newest purchase

    E.S.P Braid blades. I was going ultra light lure and spinning fishing and couldn't find mine anywhere. 😵 I know they'll turn up but it's always good to have a spare pair. 😁
  11. finchey

    Another gooden from Terry Hearne.......

    I could listen to his fishing story's all day long, you can tell just by watching and listening to him how passionate he is about his fishing. I can only imagine how amazing it would be to spend a fishing trip with him even just listening and watching him fish, I recon I could learn so much about carp fishing. 🙂
  12. finchey

    Another gooden from Terry Hearne.......

    I've got to agree with you there B.C.👍 I watched this this morning very good deffo worth a watch. 🙂
  13. finchey

    Rod Shots

    It was a blank today but it was nice to be out. 😀
  14. finchey

    Rod Shots

    Thanks for the info. 👍 It's my daughters birthday this weekend so I dernt nip down this weekend I will get strung up by my dangly bits. 😂
  15. finchey

    Rod Shots

    Can you fish three rods at Orrell or is that members only? 👍