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  1. Seriously thinking about selling my old girl, I'm just not riding anymore it seems a waste when someone else could be enjoying riding like I used too. 😥
  2. Why go fishing to get drunk and high. If that's what you want to do just do in a safer environment. Save the fishing for when you actually want to fish. It is sad and tragic for his family and friends but if you spend the night by the water drunk and high your asking for trouble.
  3. Which rig wallet is that mate? I could do with something like that myself. 👍
  4. Some new purchases of the bay today. A hook sharpener and a jeweller's lens, I don't know what the quality is like but for 6 quid I thought why not, if no good I can always bin em. I also got myself a phone case for my new phone.
  5. The love will come back to you one day mate, once you become an angler don't think you ever fully lose the love for it, deep down it's still there and one day you will be fishing again. 🙂👍
  6. Didn't know you weren't fishing anymore so thanks very much for bothering too reply not many would.👍
  7. What size poles did you go for Tree123?👍👍
  8. Happy birthday for tomorrow mate. 🎁🥳 🍻 🎂
  9. finchey

    September catches.

    Good call on the Phonto app I've just downloaded it.👍👍
  10. Hi and welcome along to the forum dougan.👍
  11. finchey

    September catches.

    Hope so mate I'll keep everything crossed for ya.🤞🤞 good luck Paul.
  12. finchey

    September catches.

    I forgot to mention the excellent photos taken by highy, cheers mate. 👍
  13. I got a lo pro for Christmas just gone, I've not been using it I was still using my 20 year old nash oval and I got soaked to the skin on Monday, so today I took my lo pro and absolutely love it, plenty big enough for my needs excellent bit of kit. 😊👍
  14. Oh yeah forgot about that one.👍👍
  15. You hit the nail on the head there mate.👍👍 And welcome to the forum Minbin.👍👍
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