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  1. Hi and welcome dave,Sorry can't help with you're pup I've got a Springer spaniel mad as a hatter so he stays at home.🤣🤣
  2. Nice one now that's service for ya.🙂👍
  3. Nice one, I also got mine a a round a week ago. 🙂👍
  4. Good angling mate there's some crackers there topped off with the stunning 23 well in mate. I love pike probably my favourite fish.🙂👍🎣
  5. Cheers Paul, Hopefully I'll see you on the bank at some point this year. We'll have to try and organise an overnighter.👍
  6. Well I payed for my night ticket last night, I don't how much use I will get out of it with what's going on with my wife at the moment, I wasn't going to get one but the wife said get it, you'll probably be glad to get out away from everything and I think she's Wright, when something bad is going on in your life you need some sort of escape from it. 👍
  7. It's commercial vehicles only to start with but if you have a van converted to a camper like a vw for example it's included. Greater Manchester areas.
  8. Glad you got sorted elmo, good luck mate, what ever happens just enjoy yourself mate and make the most of you're time on the bank. 😁🤞🎣
  9. I hope you managed to get your car going mate.🤞🤞🤞
  10. Happy New year to everyone and I hope it's a good one for everyone and you're family's. I certainly hope me and my family have a better one, The end of 2021 wasn't a good one for me and mine, I've been quiet about it but my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in September, so the fight goes on. Everything is looking good though. So here's to a good one for us all and our families. 👍
  11. Nice one mate, a cracking start to the new year, good luck I hope you start the new year with a chunky one.😁👍🎣
  12. Here you go mate I got 1 of these in the summer excellent bit of kit, I can fit my landing net and pole plus my retention sling, I think they can hold 2 slings if need be.😁👍
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