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  1. Ye can't believe 2 years have flown bye like that, we'll have to try and sort a day session when we are both free.😁👍
  2. I've no doubt there'll be more in the night, how's your mate getting on? 😁👍🎣
  3. Some more belters there elmo, good angling once again pal.😁👍🎣
  4. Are there many fishing it?🙂👍🎣
  5. Good luck Paul 😁👍🎣 What peg did you draw mate?
  6. Nice one elmo, here's hoping you get one of the bigger ones mate.😁👍🎣
  7. No photos again from yesterday but I had 4 carp, small one's again 6 8 9 10lb.
  8. What time does that kick off, I'm not working this weekend so I might nip down for a brew with ya. If the missus hasn't got other plans for me. 🤣😂
  9. I'm giving it another go today. We've got to be in it as they say. Conditions look better today cooler cloudy and a nice breeze blowing in my face.😁👍🎣.
  10. I no were your coming from with this mate, my ex was real nasty predator.
  11. Two carp today no photos, only small ones biggest around 8lb. Saved a blank though. 🙂👍
  12. How true is this, definitely is my case but she doesn't really mind, she's a gooden my Mrs.😉😉
  13. Well I finish work on Sunday morning and that's it for 9 days, 3 of those are going to be long day sessions, no night ticket at the moment so I'm restricted to days only, can't wait a bit of chill out time just what I need. 😁👍🎣
  14. Hi Paul . I was on peg 30 about three weeks ago and I got cut off just the once but I did keep getting snaged up aswell. At one point I had to strip a load of line off my right hand rod, it was that badly rayed up.Last time I went on I got talking to an old chap and he was telling me that he fishes peg 30 so I told him about the problems I was having the week before there. He told me peg 30 is were the under water wall is that I keep hearing so much about is, he said as you stand facing the water the wall runs straight out from peg 30 and across the lake on the right hand side of the swim he said you need to cast your right hand rod straight out, if you cast slightly right your on the wall or over it, which makes sense to me with what happening to me and now you were suffering the same if not worse. I have now got 20lb line on my spare spools just incase it's needed. 👍
  15. How's it going Paul have you got anymore too report.😁👍🎣
  16. Stunning fish mate especially the first one, well done mate. 👏😁
  17. Well in elmo good angling mate, can't wait to see your pics. 😁👍🎣
  18. Avid Carp Stormshield Net And Sling Bag.
  19. I managed one more 11lb 8, I cast to a patch a fizzing and within 20 minutes it was away. 😁👍🎣
  20. Very quite bite wise, but still plenty of fish about I've had one 9lb 4. Only doing another hour or so.😁👍🎣
  21. To be honest elmo there showing everywhere at the moment, so going to stay put keep my eyes open, which might get difficult as sum point because I was working last night. 🤣😂🤣
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