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  1. Hi Kev, Thanks for your reply. Generally I'm such a guy that I'd rather spend an extra quid and fish with proper bait. I'm assuming that since they're Nash they're not too bad, but I'm an inexperienced boilie angler and wanted to know if there is such a thing as a counterproductive one.
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking to carp fish a river I've been visiting for a long time (probalby 18 years now) but never caught a carp off of it. I plan on pre-baiting/feeding a variety of baits. Boilies have never been used there, but I was interested in still introducing some to my mix which I planned on being mainly sweetcorn, hemp, some tigers, a bit of pellet and a bit of boilies. Just to tick every box. I saw these boilies by Nash and was amazed at the price - probably like 25 euro for 5 kilos which is cheap as heck. Are they any good or should I spend my money elsewhere? They'd only be used crushed/cut up in a spod mix or something similar and my hookbaits would be either fake pop up corn by ESP or pop ups by Mainline/Rod Hutchinson but still wanted to seek out your opinions. Thanks a ton!
  3. Hi guys, is there a way to preserve boiled hemp/tigers without freezing them? Sort of like the ready mixes mainline offer. Cheers
  4. Anyone know of these, or preferably tried them? Seems like they're working with Frank Warwick? Any takes?
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