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  1. How much to chum?

    I beg to differ. You keep saying I'm "welcome" to use other parts of the forum. Yet, he only reason anyone knew that question had to do about north america is because I used to word "chum" instead of ground bait. The question isn't specific to my area, its specific to the specie I'm fishing. A specie that not many people fish around here compared to the UK. I guess I'll try finding a north american forum since we are obviously being discriminated.
  2. How much to chum?

    oh true, I'll get my answer after 1 month since last post on here is actually a month old. I guess I'll wait for the winter to come for my answers then
  3. How much to chum?

    So because I used the word "chum" instead of ground bait my topic gets moved to here? Doesnt matter where you live, a technique is a technique. Only thing that could change would be the laws, and I know them, I'm not hurting anyone posting in the UK part of the forun. This part of the forum is dead, nobody fish for carp around here. thanks a lot.
  4. How much to chum?

    I'm from Montreal, Quebec. Well I started targeting carps 3 days ago, first 2 days I got skunked and on the 3rd day I landed two and hooked an other 2 that got off the hook unfortunately. Even tho I was not prebaiting, I think just the groundbait I use on my method feeder is starting to bring them in at the time I fish.
  5. How much to chum?

    I'm actually from canada. UK part of the forum seems to be the only active one hence why I post here. You do make me notice, most video I see using chumming as a technique are from US folks, is chumming illegal in the UK?
  6. I just bought myself 50 pounds of field corn to chum and I was wondering how much do I chum away? Do I take my slingshot and shoot 4-5 times or even more? How often during my fishing session should I re-chum the area? Should I chum every cast I make? I've seen a lot of video/tutorial on how to make chum... but no one really explains how to use it properly. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hi everyone, Thought I'd introduce mysel! I've been fishing on and off for a few years, at the start it was mostly for pike/bass/walleye using lures but this year I moved to stale line fishing with nightcrawlers. I caught pretty much every fish I can in the river close to me and carp is the only specie left. Seeing my friend catch one made me want to get in on the action, besides sturgeon they are probably the best fish to "fight" around here. I just got myself a method feeder ( unfortunatly its not the one I see most people using, the only thing I could find in all the shops around here was a "spring" with a sliding weight inside it similar to the image bellow) Hopefully it still does the job. I have a small question for your experienced carp angles. Is fishing with pack bait ( oatmeal/cream corn/strawberry mix) useless in a river with heavy current? I worry that my pack bait just gets taken away by the current and nulls the effect of the method feeder. Thank you for your help