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  2. Ok maybe I was wrong and that is clearly a fairly recent law change as I remember reading up on this a few years ago and it was only common trespass you could get done for, with very little chance of the police doing anything unless you refused to leave Anyway I will do what I want and it's a shame this thread got so ruined and misunderstood by various idiots (not you) but there you have it
  3. My thread was misunderstood and has become tedious now so it's goodbye from me and I'm very surprised it wasn't shut down hours ago
  4. Ok back on topic a bit maybe I go for advertising and I like to use a bait that everyone else is on and thus good and accepted and normal I like to feel part of a brand and feel cool. I don't mind paying over the odds for that good feeling and never question the bait. I just pile it in and also use the same rigs as everyone else and buy really expensive bivvies as well. I go fishing once every five years as I have no money left for the tickets due to recently buying the latest alarms and bivvy and indicators and rods and bankware and 100 kilos of the new sherbertty fruit fizz yellow old bait
  5. I never had a touch on peanuts. Fish in the swim, 48 hours, not a sausage. Put boilies back on and caught three or so. Would never bother again.
  6. Cherry carp lol They need to change that again!
  7. I was a bit tempted but I remember thinking something's not right as it was too cheap It's like that Baitology stuff, I'm not in any way knocking something without trying it but I just don't want to use cheap bait
  8. You know NOTHING about me, the bailiff, the situation, or the argument. You just appear on here suddenly to lay into me Got no time for you and this is the last time I will ever bother to reply to you.
  9. I tried them all over the years, believe me, I used to eat old lentils just so I could load up on all the latest hooks and gizmos ESP just happen to be the ones I like and ended up on They fit my fishing, so why keep changing? I refuse to keep buying tonnes of gear, I spent more than my fair share over the years and some of it is see through expensive (no names mentioned) I invested in a load of lovely old second hand rods and a few new ones and bought spare reels and spare everything and did a rod building course so I could repair and rebuild my own stuff and stop the (pretty bad habit) I had developed with constantly buying the latest flash gear It's a bit of a trap in my opinion Pick what you like and stick with it. It's good for the head. I'm really happy with my rigs and all that, and my new bait, so why change? I also carry an incredibly small amount of gear. I can do a week birthday session on a single, small barrow. I'm proud of that, I HATE clutter, I went on a trip with a mate with a bad back recently to help him, he bought such an obscene amount of gear that I deleted his number and haven't seen him again. Literally FIVE barrow loads, six different tackle boxes, three recycling boxes full of bait, holdall with six rods in it on a two lake water.. it was proper ridiculous and did my own back in.. no wonder he had a bad back!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. What about that stuff mate? Was it a lotta sheep's rear end type? I remember the very agressive advertising campaign they did and copying a massive brand's name was ''interesting''
  11. I'd never go and guest anywhere just to be a pain mate. I pay my way and behave myself, I'm not some freeloader and very proud of that. But like you say carp fishing has become exceptionally expensive almost overnight, and if I did ''guest'' (and I have only actually done about two hours worth, ever in actuality) it would be on the waters at the club that threw me out unfairly, just to get one up em and also so I could simply go fishing without forking out the usual 60, 80, 100 quid You see the club actually left me in a pinch. I have nowhere to go other than daytickets, full stop. Luckily as I have mentioned I am near some excellent ones, but like the tides and the tax man, they are what they are and they don't change from being expensive as hell. ALL of them!
  12. What about that stuff mate? Was it a lotta sheep's rear end type? I remember the very agressive advertising campaign they did and copying a massive brand's name was ''interesting''
  13. They make some good gear mate Got their alarms and reels had them for six years with no issues
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