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  1. Cheers mate some good info there deffently feel like I’m ready for a challenge just got to Learn the water and I’m sure I will get on a few fish this winter as I’ve always found fishing as little bait as possible works I had pb mirror on a single sold bag and no freebies and most of my fishing has been the same can’t wait to get down there and wet a line on the main lake
  2. I’ve walked it a few times in the winter last year and it was dead no boaters on it at all as for the noise I’ve fished the chase I think I will be able to copewith it winter ticket going up to 140 in a few week still 110 at the moment guna grab it next weekend any young anglers on there I’m only 20 ant fished much the last Year as I’ve had my litte girl any bait recommendations I manly fish solided bags bags but with it being such a large water don’t think there realy guna work with distance but the fish I have seen show in the main lake were in close to the concert boat ramp
  3. Good to know the east lake still worth ago I bet it looks amazing when the waters up problay guna give it ago a gain this Sunday do u know When the full year ticket becom available
  4. I’ve seen proof of a good number of commons in the main lake now and a few mirrors the commons look amazing like old stuffed carp I have seen real old looking fish.the east lake has had a few 30 in it not sure if there in there still alive see comment of fish theft on over forums still guna get a ticket thow as it local and who know may hold some secrets the the east lake deffently has had a 40 in it is dead know last caught on the disabled platform got a few picks of the commons know
  5. Fished the small lake Sunday see 2 fish no big ones getting my winter ticket seen some nice commons out of the big lake just a very hard water I think 1 member I spoke to was not very willing to give out info
  6. Looking for someone to give me some info on Fairlop waters thinking about getting a ticket but would like to know a bit more on the stock and depth as Iv been carp fishing for about two years on day ticket venue and need a challenge and some quality fish
  7. Anyone fishing on here fishing east lake done the day yesterday see to fish but it looks like Britton’s rundown and the water is really low.it is weedy but still fish able are the big fish still in there been told there a few 30 in there
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