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  1. tiger nuts ?

    NO surprise there! Coca Cola, is ONLY good for 1 thing and that's to clean the TOILET! Coca Cola is full of Aspartame which is VERY BAD for ya - DON'T give it to the carp! Check this video out:
  2. Thanks for the welcome chillfactor, been real busy so no time to reply... Anyway in regards with the house move i think its going to be a slow process, which i don't mind as long as I'm moved in by the spring! Yep will defiantly give Horseshoe a bash!
  3. Nick, yeah i just checked there site and: You can get a 3-rod winter ticket which lasts from 1st October until the 31st of March for only £60! That's a whopping 6 months of fishing for only £10 a month! That's a great deal, however i don't know how long its going to take to exchange contracts on the house that I've bought - could be a month or even a few months hoping it goes through quick. Nige, EXCELLENT post! Sounds like the pit i fished when i started in 79, though that was only 45 acres! Whitefriers is double and watching this vid i like the look of it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGmG0bAFrEc Does Whitefriers have a sailing club/activities on it? Weedy - crayfish present? Cheers guys, I'm very appreciative of the input! Hello chillfactor, Must say I can't wait to move to the Cotswolds, this part of the UK is just so beautiful its unreal, especially for someone like me who's used to an urban town!
  4. Favourite fishing tv programme

    MY FAV: 1980's Richworth vhs Video Guide to Good Fishing! Featuring Clive Diedrich and Malcolm Winkworth the titles are: -The Basics on Boiled Baits, -Tackle and methods -Terminal Tackle -The end result I even had the original Richworth vhs videos burned to dvds, i watch them around xmas time ...oh boy do these bring back HAPPY memories! Oh I wonder how many old skool carpers here would love to see that footage again!
  5. Freebies

    I tend to agree with what emmcee says. However when you look on YT this sort of quetioning starts to niggle ya! Check this video out, excellent underwater filming. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El2AzwDb2uE This video shows that the carp are very suspicious to unusual things, which i find odd! - so using the hook bait and bait of the same kind is better than using something different or which pops above the freebies.
  6. Thanks for the replies and welcome guys! @salokcinnodrog Thanks, checked Horcott Lakes, looks OK, 24 Hour Ticket 2 Rod £15 - this would be OK until i found a club water. @Big Common & ianain Yep hopefully a forum member from the Cotswold's will be along soon...to give me some much needed pointers.
  7. Hi Guys, Just joined, been carping since 79 AND i must say i really miss the good ol' 80's days... Been making me own bait all the way through the years so quite knowledgeable on this aspect, so can offer my help if need be. Reason for joining is I'm moving to Stroud and would like to ask members whats the carping like around Cotswolds? I'm in me 50's fish 1 day & night every other week, looking for a quite club water. Looking on google maps i see cotswold water park, as these lakes are well known - I'm i likely to find somewhere quite maybe even untapped, well i think that's probably impossible today with the way carping has gone.... I'm not asking for any specific club/water info, just if you live in the area would you say if i do my homework on the ground looking around I'll find something??? Thanks for any info, much appreciated.