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  1. ahh.... i thought it was because he has secret invisible carp gills behind his ears
  2. @^^ many thanks for the BAF pop-up mix tip, i'll order some soon..
  3. readymade pop up mix i used in the passed was rubbish, so made my own but a bit pricey. which one do you use? thx.
  4. yep, forgot to mention that, a bit of semo added to the mix will sort it out! just make small test batches to find out....
  5. @^^ never heard of this company, thx for the link,!
  6. what about this on fleabay? 500g Dried Insect mix - £15 free delivery. (shop around you may get it cheaper) just grind it up! This mix is made up from the following; Dried Mealworms Dried Silkworm Pupae Dried Crickets Dried Calci Worms
  7. I did a work party on our club water, and i must say found a few good swims that this bait pole would come in to its own...so want to get cracking and make one! Greekskii & cyborx good points on using larger diameter conduit would be great for the last few sections (bank side) the only issue is screw connectors? because of different diameter/thread? I'll be off on me bike at the weekend down to wicks & screw fix to see want i can get... BTW, B.C. Any updates? CHEERS!
  8. wow...works out a tenner for a 20 meter pole BARGAIN, just wondering if this thicker stuff is going to be a problem with extra weight?
  9. B.C. - excellent work, I really appreciate what you've done here, especially the photo's... I'm definitely going to make one, at the moment keeping an eye on ya progress - the good tips, & any pitfalls are welcome before i start, looking forward to the next instalment...cheers mate!
  10. For those that don'r know... The SECRET active ingredient in robin red is: Carophyll Red... Problem is its expensive now! reason being a certain 'name angler' got involved with Haiths AND now its basically a rip-off priced product!
  11. B.C - looking forward to your pics, i saw the 99p black electricians conduit https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Round-Conduit---Black-20mm-x-2m/p/109639 and as i want to build a 20 meter baiting-pole, just wondering @ 10 sections 20mm diameter is it going to be a bit bulky carrying-around-wise all together? cos i expect will have to keep the sections in another rod-bag? yea i have that corus 150 quid baiting-pole on my fleabay watch list, don't really want to spend that kind of money, i mean ya looking at a guy here who made his OWN bivvy years ago ha ha! though i think a home-made baiting-pole would be a lot stronger, i've seen the corus baiting-pole in use on YT { youtube.com/watch?v=MLJeduY7SqU } AND i think it looks a bit flimsy/weak? but i do like that its tidy all the poles in one section tube. @spr1985 - what are your thoughts on this corus baiting-pole, the carbon pole sections look very thin wall section? have you used it much? worth the money? CHEERS!
  12. Hey B.C. Did ya ever make one of these, any pics?
  13. NO surprise there! Coca Cola, is ONLY good for 1 thing and that's to clean the TOILET! Coca Cola is full of Aspartame which is VERY BAD for ya - DON'T give it to the carp! Check this video out:
  14. Thanks for the welcome chillfactor, been real busy so no time to reply... Anyway in regards with the house move i think its going to be a slow process, which i don't mind as long as I'm moved in by the spring! Yep will defiantly give Horseshoe a bash!
  15. Nick, yeah i just checked there site and: You can get a 3-rod winter ticket which lasts from 1st October until the 31st of March for only £60! That's a whopping 6 months of fishing for only £10 a month! That's a great deal, however i don't know how long its going to take to exchange contracts on the house that I've bought - could be a month or even a few months hoping it goes through quick. Nige, EXCELLENT post! Sounds like the pit i fished when i started in 79, though that was only 45 acres! Whitefriers is double and watching this vid i like the look of it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGmG0bAFrEc Does Whitefriers have a sailing club/activities on it? Weedy - crayfish present? Cheers guys, I'm very appreciative of the input! Hello chillfactor, Must say I can't wait to move to the Cotswolds, this part of the UK is just so beautiful its unreal, especially for someone like me who's used to an urban town!
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