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  1. Danny, i've got disagree a little bit about the mystery of Ardleigh these days. 10+ years, i would of agreed. No one really knew the potential of place and the thought of an unknown kipper being caught along with the rumours at the time, did give the place a buzz. However, its been fished for carp for a decade or so know by some decent anglers, so i don't think it carries the mystery that it once did. There is even a facebook page where people are trying to document all of the fish. I was lucky enough to be on there when the carp didn't have names I'm not knocking any captures from there, i know what a ball buster the place can be, but i think it is pretty much well documented these days to what is in there.
  2. I didn't realise that they allowed night fishing on there now for season ticket holders. If only i had the time to give it a serious go
  3. I'm pretty sure Pete Castle used to do a fair bit of carping in the Stour around Sudbury. I'm sure i read a couple of articles are few years ago. I also think that it was Ted, Len and their friends who used to fish Wissington mill pool back in the today. I had heard of thirties coming out of there when most places didn't have twenties. My dad had a couple out of the river not a too far away from there.
  4. Danny, The River Colne does hold carp as does the Stour. On the Colne, the stretch that Paxman's have (I still think that they do) along side of Cowdray Avenue from Middle Mill (by the boating lake in Castle Park) used to hold carp. Nothing massive but they used to be catchable. The Stour used hold a few carp on the meadow stretch around Sudbury, Wissington Mill pool used to get fished for carp in the winter and held decent fish and the stretch from Flatford to Cattawade also used to get fished for carp. Shakey
  5. Listened to one of the repeat Carp Casts a week ago with Simon Scott. He talks a bit about weeding and leaves dying in the water towards the end of October time and the decrease in oxygen affecting the carps mood to feed. Food for thought?? Especially on the water that i fish that is full of weed, including blanket weed that is dying back right now, with the leaves falling in and more acorns dropping into the water that you could shake a stick at
  6. I spent most of my teenage years fishing Layer. Never did catch a mirror out of there Good angling
  7. I've had these Shimano 8010's for well over 20 years and still going strong
  8. I've have been using a mixture of red band and vitalin this season to help keep the spots in the weed clear that i have raked/fished. Similar to Nick, i put the red band in a cool box and cover with boiling water and then chuck the lid on. I add a small amount of sea salt and chilli flakes when i pour the water over the mix (not sure why really but must of read it somewhere). I do this 48 hrs before i want to use it. I'm not sure about the molasses. I've never added anything but the salt and flakes, as i've always wanted the aniseed smell to come through from the pigeon mix.
  9. I hope not. Hoping to do an overnighter on Monday and i'm hoping that the warmer weather will having the mooching around and coming over the shallow spots i was thinking of fishing
  10. I was lucky enough to catch her at 35lb. She is a cracking fish ! In relation to a cold water mix, then that a completely different topic. When the water temperature drops, i will swap over to a milk protein based bait rather than a fish meal. Some people carry on fishing with a fishmeal bait, but i tend to swap. Its not to say you won't catch on a fishmeal over there in the winter time, its just something that i did/do. In days gone by when i rolled my own baits, i used to fish a 50/50 fishmeal and bird food mix bait so didn't swap the base mix. In the winter, i would simply change the salmon oil to a winterised oil, increase the black pepper levels and switch to an ethyl-alcohol flavour.
  11. Danny, i started off doing days over there until i got my season ticket and managed to bag a couple during the day time. I do remember a cold end of November day when my friend and I were just doing a short day session and he managed to bag a 33lb mirror (i think they call that fish heart tail now) when you would never of thought it would do a bite. I was fishing DT baits back then (still do), but everyone was using something different. I wouldn't get hung up on one particular bait dominating the water. I don't think the carp see enough of one source of boilie for them to get pre-occupied on that. A decent fishmeal in the summer and a colder water mix should work well when the water temp drops. If you do see one pop though, and you can cast to it, then put a pop up on its head. You never know James
  12. Hi Nick, Its been that long, i had to make a new account That is my old chap with the 43. He caught it mid November from memory, one evening. He then caught Lumpy at 39lb half an hour later. He had both in the sack when i took the photos for him. He then took one of the fully scaled mirror the next night at 29lb. I haven't fished there for about 8 years now, but when i fished it, i was generally doing quick overnighters. So i would fish at fairly close range. I would put a marker float out and pull it in until i got to the back of the weed on the marginal shelf (say 30 yards in most places where it would go from the silt to the gravel). This was generally 12 foot and I fished one rod at the back of the weed snow man style with say 30 boilies around it. I would then put one rod a bit further out in say 15 foot of water. The third rod would be a bigger chuck or if the water was up, just inside the weed line at say 5 to 6 foot. Never fished particles or pellets and very rarely caught any bream. I found any decent bait worked on there (all 3 of us who fished together all used different boilies) and they weren't too riggy. As for location. As i was doing overnighters, i tried to find spots where the carp would come past me and try and get one to pick up a bait as it was passing by. Casting to showing fish always worked well. The only time i did use to fish at distance was in the late autumn/winter time. There was an area that they seemed to hole up in the winter time and that was a fair chuck. I think i averaged in the end a run for every 6 or 7 nights i did. James
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