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  1. Margins do well on day sessions there, out in the middle on overnighters. I’m right down the road in Eaton Ford, so it’s very close. I’m fishing at Gingerbread a lot now since I got the syndicate/night ticket there.
  2. I haven't fished there since I got my syndicate ticket last June. That said, I was getting one to two bites per 24 hour session, and occasionally some people would get decent hits 5-6. Don't know how it's been lately though.
  3. I'm not sure about all bait companies, but the spray from the company I use is exactly the same liquid they use to flavor their pop-ups and wafters. I just spray the whole tub of baits once or twice at the beginning of each session, then if I re-use a bait I spray it and let it soak for a minute or two and re-cast. It's especially useful in stinky silt
  4. Of course, but my PB is only 24lbs and only time I fish a water that doesn't hold larger is when I just want a quick bend in the rod.
  5. I usually start every session wanting a new PB, halfway through the day I'll take a nap so I don't disturb my spots too much, where I don't care if I catch and just enjoy being in the moment. Then towards the end, if I haven't caught, it becomes "any size please", or if have caught then it's "one more please". Then I pack up and drive home happy no matter what.
  6. It gets moderately weedy, but not overgrown. There are clear spots in most swims, like the fish, you just gotta find 'em. I always keep at least one rod in the margin and look for a clear spot for the other rod. The pair of swans there will be on your bait in the margins, so be subtle.
  7. I fish Wyboston quite often, there's a good amount of options there and it's close to my house. I'm some sort of cursed on North House though, can't seem to get on them. But I know a good deal about the lake. Terry the bailiff is an outstanding guy and a big character, he is there several times a day and will give you good starting tips. Margins are key there, lots of snags and a good amount of weed.
  8. I had those rods at one time, used them once and bought new rods immediately. For a newer angler, 50 yards sounds about right for keeping it accurate. You definitely can cast them further, but the rod is not stable enough to keep it very accurate.
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