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  1. Thanks guys will have a look at them i'm saving for some Delkims but want something to use with a receiver for time being.
  2. Hi Guys, Was hoping for some help I have some very cheap alarms at moment but looking to get some with a receiver. I don't have enough for some delkims currently so want something I can use while I save. I was looking at the TFG Reaction ones as they are £59.99 for 3 including a receiver that's about my budget are they any good or can someone recommend me anything else? Thanks
  3. Thanks guys for the help I have bought a cayman 2 man with over wrap
  4. Thanks Big Common if not looked at the Cayman looks ideal well priced as well. I was looking at the trident as but this looks good may have a look for one.
  5. Thanks cyborx, id say a 2 man he's only 8 at moment. budget suppose cheap as I can get but want something to last well so wouldn't shy away from an expensive one like the Trakker Tempest V2 if it was going to last for years. use wise this year we have been going most weekends and I don't see that changing any time soon.
  6. I'd like the option of overnighter when it gets to spring\summer i'll have a look through that thread .
  7. Hi, I'm new to angling so I'm just getting my gear together I fish with my son and we are looking for a good reliable, strong and easy to put up bivvy. I bought a TGF Day Shelter but I hate it terrible in wind. I was looking at a Trakker Tempest V2 or Trakker Trident AS but I have read lots of bad reviews on forums for the Trakker products which is making me think twice as its a lot of money to not be happy with it. Can any recommend me something? Thanks
  8. Hi All, Just signed up as myself and my son have just started carp fishing since August and are mad on it so though this would be a good place to start getting some tips and ideas on venues. Also looking for a good Bivvy. Tim
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