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  1. Ghosties and Koi Harder to Catch?

    But then there's the question, if they are more wary, why are they the first you see? Maybe its because they are more visible to us.
  2. Ghosties and Koi Harder to Catch?

    Didn't see the river carp this year, but saw the bream again, so looks like no otters...although a delapre member mentioned seeing one on the island 3/4 months ago...There has been a ghostie ( Black Eye ) in that stretch for at least 3 years, came down from B&Q, it takes bread rolls whole but is line shy, travels with some bigger fish ...One of my targets.
  3. New to forum....Northampton Angler.

    Flood relief/storage water, down river from Whitewater Centre,Bedford rd roundabout,dont know who owns this, but there are 4 lakes nearby (wesgon mill ?) and Billing on opposite bank...Also shoals of large carp upstream.
  4. New to forum....Northampton Angler.

    All I can say is Northampton flood relief waters, I THINK the escapee's are in them..These are where the last flood water flows to, do the fish follow the water. I bait them up during winter, by summer the fish are on it. Only trouble is getting permission, but most owners can be bribed for a beer or two.
  5. New to forum....Northampton Angler.

    I know a couple of the Irthlingborough ones still have very big carp, don't know if its a nature reserve though...Did a night a few years back, I blanked but some lad had a couple of big uns off the far bank.
  6. New to forum....Northampton Angler.

    Thanks all...Same here, if I can help out with anything, I will...I understand some places are kept quiet...There are loads of unknown lakes around here but are they unknown or kept a secret..I've got a couple.
  7. Multi use rod (quiver tip and float)

    Ive used the thick tip for trotting rivers and floaters...Same as carp rods, tip action is the same, stiff, progressive etc ... Its how you feel when you hook it, if you need softer/harder, trial and error...You could get a match rod with float and quiver ends- i had one, the tree was stronger though ( snapped it )
  8. New to forum....Northampton Angler.

    Seen quite a few locals on here ie CM , funny thing is weve probably shared a bank and wouldnt even know it...Read so many posts of local waters i can only dream about now due to predation/pollution/poaching...Was looking at a lease on Sharman (few yrs ago) until the still unexplained fish kills, so many lost waters in Nene valley, but still some great ones.
  9. Casting at Markers, Thought for the day.

    Same here, started spodding on B1 ,B2 linear...Just can't hit the spots with a catty etc, mainly due to the wind.
  10. Casting at Markers, Thought for the day.

    Tbh ive only been spodding a few months, was a pva/catty man, so ive still got a LOT to learn regards spod/spomb.
  11. Crucian Pollution

    Crucians can survive pollution...I was reading an article the other day, apparently Crucians can live without oxygen for long periods by creating Alcohol and Sedatives in their own blood.. This is news to me, anyone else heard this?
  12. New Moon or full Moon?

    Personally I like no moon ( cloud cover )...I think the darker the lake is, the safer the fish feel moving/feeding...But my mate always watches the moon and wind etc... He catches more than me, so ....
  13. Multi use rod (quiver tip and float)

    Best quiver ive owned, had one for years, no problems...Paid 45 quid with 5 tips about 8 years ago.
  14. Hi all, Just a quick intro..Name,Tom..Favourite fish Carp/Tench/Crucians...Fishing spots, Northants/Oxford pits and the Nene...PBs Carp 24lb 6oz, Tench 7lb, Chub 5 1/2lb, bream 10lb...Fave lakes Collingtree 'secret' lake ( gone ),Wold Farm, untouched farm ponds...Tight lines all.
  15. Casting at Markers, Thought for the day.

    How many people tug at a spod to empty it (moves it 1 to 2 feet) so not over hookbait?. Talking of baiting up clear spots...Does anyone use the Gardner lake rake ? Im thinking a Rake with a Marker attached, bait up, guaranteed clear spot, dont need to be bang on your hook, they'll find it.