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  1. February Catch Reports

    No, on a nash candy nut crush 15mm boilie on a bolt rig. Did catch one once on 4 3/4" plastic worm while bass fishing, and one did attack a top water once, but missed.
  2. February Catch Reports

    From yesterday.
  3. February Catch Reports

    No.3 and biggest. Sorry to have made three posts, but couldn't get all three images in one post, as more than one exceed the 8mb allowed.
  4. February Catch Reports

  5. February Catch Reports

    Didn't see a topic for February 2018 Catches, so I figured I'd start one. Heres the three fish I caught yesterday, from smallest to biggest.
  6. Rod Shots

    First decent day in days, been mostly rain, rain, and more rain recently, very heavy rain too. Alot of flooding, but had some advantages, as the rain increased the lake level so much I'm able to fish one of my prime locations. No doubt they will drain the reservoir back down to winter levels, but at least I'll get to try the spot much sooner than normal.
  7. Seems risky to me, the part with ring could break off with a fish on, and they could injest it, possible internal damage and fish death.
  8. Curious....

    Isn't the Kiwi also nearly blind, if I remember correctly, also a reason for the elevated sense of smell and hearing? The coots have been a real problem here recently. About a month or more ago, while fishing one of my usual spots, they came and were diving down at my spombed out bait so badly, I left. They were constantly hitting the line, and I am pretty certain they were attacking my method feeder and hookbait, so I was afraid one was gonna get hooked. Funny thing though, when I was reeling in one rod to leave, a nice carp hit the fake corn on the retrieve. Surprising, but at least I got a fish that day. Great fighter too.
  9. Sunsets

    Stunning, bottom photo is my favorite.
  10. Curious....

    I'm certainly no expert when it comes to boilies and other carp baits, being quite still new to all this, but I've been wondering....I've read about hi-attraction boilies vs hnv boilies, attractors being usually being very bright colored and heavily flavored, but usually having little to no food value. Then you have hnv baits that are packed with food value, but dull in color and not being heavy on the flavor. I'm just curious, has anyone ever tried to combine the two concepts? Has anyone tried a bait that was highly flavored and/or bright in color, but was also hnv?
  11. What is your newest purchase

    Yeah, Fireline is a great line, and much easier on the guides than regular, non-fused braids. Fused lines also tend to work better on spinning reels than standard braids too. Again, thanks for the advice on changing guides. They are a company here in the US in Ohio called Jann's Netcraft that sells alot of rod building and tackle making stuff. I occasionally get some things from them, and they have some good looking stuff for rod building and repair, with a starter kit I've thought about getting one of these days.
  12. What is your newest purchase

    No, I don't have any experience with that, but I have considered learning. And yes, I've heard extremely good things about Pac-Bay guides. Most braids I've seen has a rather rough, abrasive feel to them, with exception to Berkley Fireline and Nanofil, but their fused lines, and not traditional braids. The only true braid I've used that has a smooth, or at least fairly smooth feel to it, is Powerpro Super Slick 8, which is much better than the original Powerpro in everyway but price and range of Ib tests available.
  13. What is your newest purchase

    Well, I can get away with the braid on my "spod rod" mainly because it has solid stainless steel one piece guides. Its a 9ft fiberglass saltwater rod that I paired with a surf reel, very strong rod. Can't find any of those tapered shock leaders over here in the US, and using plain, heavy untapered mono/flouro tied to the braid, the knot seems to be bad to catch on the guides, regardless how well I tied it. I do intend to get a proper rod or rods for spod/spomb and marker work someday, so I greatly thank you for the advice.
  14. What is your newest purchase

    Well, that post of mine couldn't have been more screwed-up looking.
  15. What is your newest purchase

    I got the following today: Hinder's bloodworm pellets 1kg CC Moore betaine ultramix 1kg CC Moore boosted belachan pellets 1kg 2 Esp mega method feeder-large size 3oz Korda splicing needle Fox edges multi purpose backleads 10gr Gardner spin doctor 70gr Mainline match boilies(8mm) in cell and pineapple Ambush crank hooks in 8, 6, and 4 100Ib Powerpro braid in 150yrds(for spombing)