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  1. Fox Impact Spod Fixed?

    Thanks, I may give the large Impact a try then. Thanks again.
  2. I'm just wondering if they ever fixed the problem with the pin coming out. I've considered the Impact in the the past, but after reading about the problem with the pin, I went with the mid-size Spomb. I'm thinking of getting the large Spomb, but if the Impact's issue has been fixed, I may give it try due to it being easy to fill with one hand.
  3. garlic and fenugreek

    I haven't tried them, but I don't see why they wouldn't work in a pack bait, both are attractive to carp.
  4. Thanks everyone, I've decided to go with the Hydro Tuff in 15Ib, I'm confident it will help with the rocks and gravel often found in my local waters. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for the comments guys, I think I'll avoid trying those lines for now. I was asking because I have two new reels and needed some line. I'm now considering Gardner's HydroTuff and Pro Light Blend, the HydroTuff mainly because the waters around my area have a abundance of gravel and rocks. Any opinions on these two lines?
  6. Does anybody have experience, or know someone who has with these following fishing lines. They are kogha Ultrafar and Carp Spirit M-TX. I saw these on the web and they both have 15Ib lines with small diameters(0.30mm), and I'm wondering if they are any good?
  7. Instant Action

    I've had good fortune with the coconut creme and tangerine dream. I used the 20mm size and caught a good number of carp and other fish on both flavors. They can get very soft in the water, but thats likely the reason they leak so well and were effective, at least in my case.
  8. Long time angler, first time roller...

    I wondered that myself. Although the only places it is not allowed in my area, if I recall correctly, are mainly trout streams, I know there are alot of places in the US that disallow it. I checked around the web and found this: http://www.lakefishingtechniques.com/what-is-chumming-the-water-and-is-chumming-legal/
  9. Long time angler, first time roller...

    I can't really speak too much on making boilies, as I new myself to making them, but when it comes to baiting, sometimes in the US, though you can't "chum", often using pva bags and mesh is fine, as it is looked at as being part of your hookbait. I wouldn't try it without checking with the authorities, but pva could end up being a option.
  10. What hook for bolt rigs?

    Thanks, curves is what I mainly use. On a side note, are 3oz inline leads sufficent? Thanks again.
  11. What hook for bolt rigs?

    Although this is likely not the best time of the year for them, I'm thinking of giving a bolt rig a try. I'm wondering, what style and size of hook would work best?
  12. Hello, I'm from the US. I've been looking over this forum for quite awhile, and got alot of great information, and decided to join. I,ve been fishing for carp for a few years, but still consider myself a novice. I look forward to being here and enjoying the conversations we'll have. Thanks.