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  1. Help with chum

    There is a varity of things that works very well that you can get from farm stores and supermarkets. Sweetcorn, field and deer corn, chickpeas, lentils, different beans, peas, hempseeds, different birdfoods, and etc. Just make sure to prepare any dried particles, such as field corn, correctly before using.
  2. Rod Shots

    No, Its a marina/park in a reservior, and a nice, pretty place to fish for a varity of things. There is a bbq place on the water just about 80-100yrds away on the water, and people often throw bread to the ducks and fish from the outside eating area. This attracts carp, and the place is known to have alot of 30Ib+ carp around it, but the area around the resturant is awkward to fish, so I got as close as I could and hoped to attract a few of those my way. Didn't hook or catch any that size, but caught a decent one, had the hook pull on another, and the one that got cut off, which felt like it was a pretty good size.
  3. Rod Shots

    Where I'm am at the moment. Already lost one, hooklink cut on underwater boulders.
  4. Pests

    Coots, a hugh pest.
  5. April catch reports.............

    Yeah, it was a sunny day, and has been recently and warm too. Not for long though...
  6. Line keeps looping up

    Sounds to me like line twist. Try a Gardner Spin Doctor, as its made to eliminate twist in the line, or at very least reduce it. It has helped me out.
  7. April catch reports.............

    One yesterday:
  8. Poseidon Ground Tester

    It weighs 150 grams if I recall, so it should cast like a rocket. But if you use it in water with alot of snags, the chances of having it lost is too great. And its extremely expensive, around 32£/$45 I think.
  9. Berkley or sensor

    I can't speak for the sensor, as I haven't tried it, but the big game is a fairly decent line. Its fairly strong and has decent abrasion resistance, but while fairly OK on a fixed spool/spinning reel, its far, far better on a multiplier reel, which the line was more designed for, I think.
  10. Poseidon Ground Tester

    Finding things such as bloodworms instantly came to mind when I saw it. Its expensive though, wouldn't want snag up on something, or it crack off on the cast and lose one.
  11. Found this gadget: Any opinions?
  12. What is your newest purchase

    Alot of the roads in my area is more potholes than road. They are doing a few minor things for them, though only because its nearing election time...
  13. Snaggy river rigging

    Have you tried something like Kryston Quicksilver or Korda Armakord XT? Supposed to be very tough leader material.
  14. Snaggy river rigging

    Can I ask what type of setup your currently using? The type of line, leaders, and etc. Also what type of snags? Is it rocks, or is your river loaded with downed trees, limbs, and logs? Both? In rivers, since you said the carp wasn't really line shy and can be large, I would boost the line size, and use the most abrasion resistent line possible that still casts decently. Also using very long amounts of tubing could help ward off abrasion, but I'm guessing could increase drag from the current. I've never used coated hooklinks in rivers, but I think the coating on the unstripped part could add protection.
  15. Bait, natural but different.

    Like something out of a horror movie. Maybe the movie Alien is based more in reality than we thought. Think if anyone offers me some Venison in the near future I'll pass.