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  1. No, just a rock. Most of the shoreline and the water's here are rocky.
  2. The mesh laundry bags is what I use for drying boilies a bit. Have a store here called Dollar Tree that has them for $1(everything there is a dollar or less). Works well and FAR cheaper than air dry bags I've seen.
  3. Gardner hydro-tuff. Where I'm at, there is a abundance of not just gravel, but good-sized rocks, some very large. But even the HT gets pretty chewed up, so I have to cut off line, and even change line often. Also have to go using long Kryston snag leaders(at least 3'), and tubing if I can get my line through 3-4ft of it. Even with that, have to often cut line off.
  4. Nice. Buy'em and paint them black.
  5. That's what I was thinking. Really, I think he's just been where a lot of mirrors are around.
  6. The only thing I found of it was it in a spray, combined with wonderfruit(wonderfruit probably being the dominate flavor). And in bait that has already been made. Know these aren't what you're looking for, but hope its some help.
  7. I can't really help that much since I'm not in the UK, but I think it would be a good idea to list what you're mainly been using as of late.
  8. Actually, that's a quality I'd look for when snag fishing, to keep the rod from slipping whatsoever on a take, as it seems you found with them. Of course, wouldn't want them damaging the rods, maybe possible to modify them? Not so much as to lose the benefit during snag fishing, but where they won't cause damage, and not really difficult to get your rod out of them?
  9. Shows off the carp fishing in the US, in the video's case, Michigan.
  10. The set-up with the new rods and reels.
  11. Tried them out, fantasic so far. Really have a nice feel to them. Got one fish, small, but the rods worked well, fight's the fish well under tip, but casts very well too. Really nice rods thus far. On the reels, very nice. Do wish they had more than one line clip though, only fault I have with them.
  12. 2 bottles of Mainlines's Pro-Active Pellet and Particle syrup, Active-8 and Bloodworm(the two most effective flavors I've used) 42" NGT dual float system net Hinder's Cherry bon bon pop-ups Fox Easy Splice Needle(wonder how long it'll last🤔) Stuff would have arrived Monday if it wasn't for Labor Day.
  13. Planning to give them a go shortly, whenever daylight breaks(just 5am here as of this post). Will report how they perform.
  14. Thanks to all who replied. That's a relief. With American rods, I've never seen any thing like it. Also the previous carp rods wasn't like that. And when looking at rods online, the spigot isn't exactly something I pay attention to. Thanks everyone.
  15. Recently bought two 3Ib tc NGT Dynamic 12' rods. Seem rather nice, MUCH thinner and lighter than my old fibreglass ones, despite being a stiffer, heavier action rod. But a problem I have encountered is that the rods won't go completely together at the spigot. As far as I can get it still leaves 1/2 to 3/4 of a inch to go. Now I have heard of this problem before. One solution I've read is to sand the male section a bit with sandpaper so the female section will fit over it, but I'm rather uneasy with this. Any other solutions?
  16. And here is a video of the trout fishing there. Not exactly the greatest fish handling in the world, and as much a ad for their brand of salmon eggs, but gives a good showing of the river and the fish.
  17. Here's one that has some solo canoes appearing. Unfortunately, the video largely focuses on a single spot.
  18. Honestly, more showing off the water than the idea of kayaking or canoeing it. There are far more wild and dangerous waters out there(including in this state), but there has been a few killed on this river. It's called the Tellico river, a very well-known mountain trout stream not that far from where I live, as the crow flys. Been there myself several times, beautiful. Thing is, the water in the video is high from heavy rain. Largely not anywhere as fast or rough under normal conditions.
  19. I could find the deer and make it out. Touched the image, then zoomed in on my phone though.
  20. I got the small and large loaders, love'em.
  21. PVA bags are the main reason I'm moving up to 3Ib tc. That, and to have a bit more distance at my disposal.
  22. Two NGT Dynamic 12' 3Ib TC rods Two NGT Dynamic 7000 10BB Big Carp reels And a 12' NGT Spod rod Rather cheap stuff, but heard and read good things about them. Went with 3Ib tc rods to cast a bit further and handle pva bags better. Got the reels because their bigger and will aid in casting further when I need to, and I prefer bait runners to the quick drags I'm currently using. And I got the spod rod because I need a actual spod rod, the saltwater rod I have been using, while strong, is too soft and light in the tip.
  23. At a spot I fish often, wish me luck!
  24. Went out to a 2-3 acre pond located in park about 30 miles from where I live. The pond has grass carp in it, some large fish too. Nothing caught, but nice to get out.
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