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  1. california

    Long time angler, first time roller...

    Thanks. I can source pre digested but yet to find a fishmeal supplier where I feel comfortable on the quality without spending insane amounts. I am sure there are suppliers out there but I’m not on to them yet. I can increase the size pre digested but to what suggested levels and can drop the flavor and hemp no issue as these are items I just have in the cupboards. Not sure I want to increase the shrimp as i am pretty sure I would risk ending up with a batch of pop ups... If I was to increase the pre digested / milk protein what percentages would you suggest. As for chilli powder, any guidance? Many are made with different chili’s and I guess different profiles (especially here near Mexico!)
  2. california

    Long time angler, first time roller...

    Thanks guys. Been around the block enough to have considered pva! And will use stringers or bags or even method when the situation dictates but really looking at a discussion on a boilie recipe. not sure on the reasons, it’s a state law not federal so if it’s illegal one place it may be for different reasons to another but in California they like to make laws about laws so your guess is as good as mine.
  3. Guys, from the UK been carp fishing for 23 years but never been one to make my own bait as I always got very decent deals which made things simple for me. I've now found myself relocated to Southern California and I am starting to get out there fishing for some of the uncaught lumps swimming round the waters here. Problem is the bait situation. I have rolling tables and gun etc but am needing to put together a simple base mix for me to use based on my limited knowledge of the intricacies. It doesn't need to be ground breaking as legally you cannot bait (Chum) here so technically hookbaits only but in reality we are only talking a kilo a day session and no pre baiting. Therefore something high attract with moderate nutritional value will do the job. I am sure that many will say use corn etc but the problem is application. I cannot spod as 'chumming' is illegal. Some of the lakes are thousands (and thousands) of acres. Therefore I need something I can get out there a little more subtly with my stick which means boilies Anyhow... I've come up with the below based on what I can readily get my hands on here or have already. If anyone has any constructive suggestions based on readily available products which arent going to cost the earth, I'd appreciate your guidance. Semolina - 25% Soya - 25% Pre Digested Fishmeal - 15% Kelp Powder - 5% Ground Hemp - 5% Wheat Germ - 5% Sav A Lam (like Lamlac) - 10% Shrimp Meal - 5% Icing Sugar - 5% Garlic Powder - 5g per Kilo Hemp Oil - 15ml per Kilo CC Moore Ultra Plum - 10ml per Kilo