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  1. Getting quite tired of fishing commercial waters now. There are many reasons, but mostly because of poor conditioned/damaged fish and always cleaning up after other people. Would much rather fish a syndicate where people obey rules and respect the fish/environment. Can anyone recommend me a decent venue in the Midlands area?
  2. Using light leads

    When did using 2/3 rods come in to play? Did the use of bite alarms start this?
  3. Using light leads

    I actually reall appreciate your help. I fishing a runs water ,but still yet nothing. Using a pellet and a piece of corn on the hair, and a Vitalin based groundbait. Only using smal lammounts though. Out again Wednesday.
  4. Winter thoughts

    Despite the cold, I do mind the lake quite tranuil in winter.
  5. Using light leads

    I'm going to follow your exact advice and try some of that on the hookbait. Will be at the tackle shop monday.
  6. Winter thoughts

    I've just started Carping this very year, and I'm out once or twice a week. Just preserving through it all, and I'm normally the only one down at the lakes. Not even had so much as a line bite yet. In the past, I've always waited till mid Spring before the float or fly rod came out.
  7. Beginner help? BC Canada

    Haha yeah. Buddy said he could take all my tackle and I'd never get it back.
  8. Using light leads

    Should I move over to using coated braid for my hooklinks?
  9. Using light leads

    Might ditch the mono hair rigs and try some stiff coated braid.
  10. Using light leads

    Well I blanked again, and also found out my rigs kept tangling. I use tubing, but mono hair rigs. Also an anti-tangle sleeve on the rig. Very disappointing when you reel in and see that!
  11. Beginner help? BC Canada

    I once got busted and and given a fine/court date for using a worm.
  12. Using light leads

    My bobbins are hard to get half mast. Always seem to pull the line down too far.
  13. Using light leads

    Tomorrow I'm fishing an easy commercial 1.5 acre lakes with no snags. Most of the carp are up to 10lbs, with plenty of bream and tench. Jusg going to fish a running rig, 2oz lead and tight lines. Am a little tempted to fish slack and use a heavier lead.
  14. Using light leads

    I see you are from Regina? Here is one of my snaps whilst spinning on the River Saskatchewan
  15. Using light leads

    Just spend 1 1/2 hours freezing in the garden testing various lead weights, bobbins ect. Seems the setup works better with the bobbins, though the 3oz flat pear leads did not move an inch when simulating a drop back. Bobbins never 'dropped back' so to speak, but they gave better indication. Dropped back down with bleeps when I stopped moving the rig. Will keep bobbins. Girlfriend also thinks I'm "really weird" and "obsessed" lol