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  1. Have recently had a few 20lbers(semi-big fish), and I've been finding it difficult to get them out of the water and onto the mat. I have a very large net, but trying to lift them one handed out of the water, with rod in the other hand, could potentially someday damage a fish. Any tips of extracting large fish onto the mat once netted?
  2. The "good" lake near me is closed for the time being due to a fish kill. I'm currently fishing a 15 acre water with stacks of singles and low doubles.
  3. I keep managing to pluck out singles and mid doubles. Any tips on how to select a better stamp of fish? Really looking forward to landing my first 20, though there are always lots of smaller carp and bream to wade through. Is it going to be just the luck of the draw? I use a size 8 to a 14-16mm pellet or boilie. Thanks
  4. So we carp anglers tend to always use a simple and sloppy spod mix around our hookbaits. Match/general coarse anglers like to bait up a swim with solid balls of groundbait - some often costing up to £6 a kilo and containing all sorts of weird and wonderful ingredients. Why is there such a difference here?
  5. 1) No idea, I'm not a carp. 2) I wish 3) I hope so
  6. Looks like Spring is sadly delayed this year. I have been using the method recently on one of my rods. Using a very fine method mix; with a small quantity of micro pellets to aid breakdown. Too early and cold in the year to be using it? Not applying ground bait to any of my lines. Cheers!
  7. Will now start dropping a rig in the margin and see where it gets me. Mega method on the other rod.
  8. I'm going to keep a pop up in the margins over my next few sessions. On one lake I fish, I actually saw two fish caught from the northern bank. Both of them by those pesky pole fisherman, who tend to just drag carp across the water and scope them up in a miniature net.
  9. I always tend to see matchmen fishing down the edges in Spring with much shorter versions of their normal poles. I was able to witness one guy take 15 carp doing this in roughly 4 hours. I was thinking of maybe laying a rig down the edge; something like a white pop up. Does this work for normal carp fishing? Obviously, I have only witnessed this on heavily stocked commercials. Thanks.
  10. I second this. All of my fish this year have been on running rigs with either maggots, or pellets. Location is absolutely everything. Your background in piking will also help you. I know my background in general coarse fishing has helped me out a long the way.
  11. Tons of good advice on here! I started carping in January, despite general coarse and fly fishing for 10 years. This forum has been of great help to me. Lots to learn, but so many great members on here to guide you! I'd keep it simple to start with, and use a running rig and semi-slack lines where you can. Use braid, or coated braid, for your hook links. I started of using mono, but braid is far superior. A decent book on carping will also be invaluable!
  12. I'm think it is going to have to be the TF Gear Hardcore brolly system. Has a rear vent and plenty of inside room.
  13. Fox warrior S rods. I have the 2.75's; though I still feel that is a bit heavy for the type of fishing I do.
  14. Stanton lakes is meant to be good, but is closed due to fish health concerns.
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