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  1. Lineguy7

    July Catch Reports

    Caught a few Sunday. Fake corn pop ups and northern specials fished over particle
  2. Lineguy7

    Bait floss.

    You can get tons of it from Bass Pro Shops here in the states for almost nothing. Not sure how much is in a spool of it, but it's a bunch. Not crazy about the janky tube it comes in, but it is what it is.
  3. Lineguy7


    As mentioned before a thermocell and treat your clothing, bivvy, bed chair, and surrounding area in Sawyers. It's a permethrin bug repellant. I promise you that it will work. I started using it a couple years ago and haven't had a tick or mosquito problem since.
  4. Lineguy7

    Rod Shots

    Couple shots from Sunday. Put my PB in the cradle, and several other nice fish.
  5. Lineguy7

    First sesh of '18

    The swim for the day
  6. Lineguy7

    First sesh of '18

    Oh I'm not criticizing it. It works well on different lakes, just not here for some reason. Woke up to a really windy day, typical for this time of year. We're looking at a high of 65 today, and apparently very windy.
  7. Baited up a swim this evening for the first trip of the year. Fishing my home lake, about 10 minutes from the house. Not typically a big fish lake, a 20 would be a monster, but we have fun either way. Baited up with Chilli flavored particle. Left the boilies out, they just don't produce here. Dropped a pin on the area in fishing, but google hasn't updated in a while. The point to the left of the pin is now under about 3 feet of water. Anyway, I will keep you all informed of how the western Kansas carp are cooperating.
  8. Lineguy7


    Looking through pictures, found this one from June when on a flathead catfish sesh.
  9. Lineguy7


    Winter in western Kansas is lasting too long, but the sunsets are pretty.
  10. Lineguy7

    Rod Shots

    Unpaid...that's just crazy. I fail to see the logic
  11. Lineguy7

    Beginner help? BC Canada

    Could you use some pva or a method feeder?
  12. Lineguy7

    Supermarket Sweep Baits!

    We've found for the plus sized grass carp to marinate your maize in pineapple juice overnight and fish the maize on a hair or some form of citrus pop up on a Ronnie. For commons (in our area at least) we have had great success using a couple packets of the strawberry flavored Jell-O mix per 5 gallon bucket of boiled particle mix. Of course let it marinate overnight once again before baiting the swim with it. Another fan favorite for grass carp are cherry tomatoes I'm told, but can't speak for that one.
  13. Lineguy7

    Soy bean

    Very nice! You say that works for buffalo?
  14. Lineguy7

    Greetings from Kansas

    Yeah I wondered when I would get grief over that. Rest assured I have one now.
  15. Lineguy7

    Greetings from Kansas

    Thanks. We fish a lake that's got a good population of them.