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  1. Thanks for your reply. That river is full of trees rocks and who knows what else. When surprise me if there was an old John Deere Combine on the bottom somewhere lol. I usually use 15 to 20 lb monofilament or fluorocarbon main line. And a long leader roughly 25 ft long of 30 lb plus fluorocarbon. I May at times use about a meter of Lead Core to a lead clip set up. Currently I am using 35-pound coated braid for a hook link.
  2. Hello all Looking to purchase 2 new medium pit reels with long cast spools. Looking for roughly around 150 quid more or less. Not sure if I want a QD reel or a baitrunner/ bait feeder Style. Looking for some input into what's junk and what's not. I kind of like the medium bait runners buy Shimano with a long cast spool. I've been thinking about some of the medium to lower-end Daiwa QD reels. Your help in helping me sort this out would be greatly appreciated lads Thanks Gregg
  3. Hey all Fishing a large river here across the pond, full of snags,, some visible some unseen..... also full of carp to 40lbs plus The fish are anything but line shy. After suffering about every tackle failure one can imagine in such environment, broken line leaders ,hooklinks etc....... any bulletproof rig ideas, materials, hooks etc from the mainline down?. Shockleader definitely a must! Usually use a line clip set up . Simple and strong is good. Thanks Gregg
  4. Have to agree with the xxx, great stuff, and as said before the Live system has it's days, especially in colder water. Definitely get on the peanuts!!!! The wild fish we have here go, well.....nuts for them. Don't be afraid to make your own boilies either, fish here aren't impressed with name brands. Something simple quality nutrition medium flavor at best, properly applied.
  5. Smells like soy sauce to me. Things like Bragg amimos or feedstim xp smell very similar.
  6. Blue Seal course 14...... My oat method mix/ pack bait 1 large tub old fashioned oatmeal Equal part Sweet feed I medium tub panko bread crumbs 3 cans creamed corn 4 handfuls cooked hemp seed or birdseed Flavor of choice (jello pack, vanilla extract, anise extract, maybe a can of crushed pineapple, ...added to creamed corn) Maybe a tablespoon of chili powder or two. Use maize juice for added moisture or lakewater
  7. Hey there fellow Yank Invest in a spomb and a decent bait throwing spoon. Makes life soooo much easier! Definitely prebait your areas once or twice the week before a session!
  8. Hello all Managed to get my hands on 5kg of source base mix, hard to come by here across the pond. ASSUMED the liquid additive was in the bag....... no joy. Virtually impossible to get here........ anyone know the recipe secrets for at least a reasonable facsimile? Arrrgh!!!!!!! Much thanks in advance Gregg
  9. like most have said any decent boilie used effectively i e in the right spot will catch.
  10. Yes, thank you. Trying to get away from buying boilies..... Can bang them out for roughly 1/3 the cost including shipping
  11. Thriving. Occasionally in wintering areas they get a few but no real issue.....part of nature
  12. Can't agree more..... gotta love Yankee ingenuity.... he's the kind of guy that can look at something online and knock it together! A few tweaks and it works!! Been rolling some hook baits by hand, around 25mm. That with a 15 or 18mm pop up snowman does the business. Gotta love the molasses!!!!!! Made a goopy attractant with molasses, Bragg liquid amimos and marmite (luckily the market carries it) can't say it makes a difference but it can't hurt. Always use molasses in the particles along with salt and maybe some chili flakes or even chopped up chili peppers from the garden. Maybe some Anise seed in the pigeon conditioner.
  13. I totally agree with you about the maize...... we use lots of it as well as pigeon conditioner to add some small bits for them to Grub around after. Pellets are not easy to come by here or cheap. But yes they do work. We use flavored maize as a hook bait with a piece of Pop up corn to add some color and buoyancy. We do catch Plenty of Fish on it but a trend seems to be forming that most of the fish are the smaller ones. Mind you we do catch some of the bigger fish on maize as well. occasionally we use tiger nuts frugally in our pre baiting bucket as well. Definitely a great hook bait. I agree with you about them probably not getting conditioned to boilies, but without a doubt they love them. They're usually Emptying them out on the mat in vast quantities so we know they're eating them with gusto. I'm fortunate to fish with a couple of Partners that all do their share in procuring ingredients and we get together frequently over the winter and share a few pints and do some rolling. One of them is quite handy with gizmos and made an electric motor powered roller which saves us tons of effort. Definitely agree to keeping it simple with a decent boilie recipe yet not overly complex.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I worked one out recently with roughly the same ratios of the same dry ingredients. Use a large amount of menhaden meal which is very similar to herring or sardine meal. Then I use various liquid attraction such as feed stim XP and sweet chili sauce from the market. Done another fish meal bird food bait. Kind of my reverse engineering Dynamite baits Robin Red boilies which I've had pretty good luck with almost everywhere I used. My supply of them dried up and they're difficult to get here in America. We do get a bit of a bycatch of catfish especially using fish meal stuff. But... It keeps the night interesting. Definitely agree a reasonably decent boilie will work here. Had not get caught up in all the hype of beat making in the UK and abroad. For what it's worth I have absolutely knock them dead on CC Moore Odyssey XXX. The glm is quite potent stuff I've noticed.
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