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  1. Bobby0845

    Hello there.. New to carping

    I have another option which is us a old set of pike rods and reels. i have a set of Maver rods 2.75lb tc and a set of shimano 4500 baitrunners. i could always try using them to start as I won't be fishing massive waters, I more than likely won't have the need to cast near 100 yards. they rods have landed pike up to 19lb on them. i suppose having these options are due to be a hoarder and not getting rid of much gear 😂😂
  2. Bobby0845

    Hello there.. New to carping

    Thank you gents some good advise there, much appreciated
  3. Bobby0845

    First rods

    Thanks will check them out
  4. Bobby0845

    First rods

    Hi thanks for the message. Both sets of reels are big pit reels, the Spector reels have the baitrunner conversion kit on and the longbow is a baitrunner big pit as well. I personally like the big pit baitrunner reels. i will keep an eye out for the posts thanks
  5. Bobby0845

    First rods

    Hi I am looking at some rods as I'm starting carp fishing, I am looking for recommendations. I have a old set of okuma Spector reels or a set of okuma longbow lb 90 reels Spare maybe I could put to use to start with? Any recommendations would be appreciated and I don't want to break the bank either.Rob
  6. Bobby0845

    Hello there.. New to carping

    That's cool mate. Stay in touch pal never know may always need a fishing buddy.
  7. Hi guys and girls, I'm new to the forum. i currently just do pikeing in Scotland mainly in winter months, I am looking to get into carping for the summer months on my days off. i live just outside Blackpool and decided to join the forum to learn more about carping and maybe meet similar people in the area who can help me out and do some fishing with. We all know a little bit of knowledge is dangerous hence why I'm looking on forums for some advise before getting out there. kind Regards Rob