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  1. So on this day session out myself, the hippy and the hobbit decided to try out a new water, Trebellan Park lakes out near Newquay, Cornwall. On this particular session the hippies girlfriend Lilly came along (and caught more fish than the hobbit I think ). Now myself and the hobbit took a walk around the lake the weekend before and saw so many carp on the surface it was insane, some looked a good size to. After speaking to a couple anglers willing to share a bit of local knowledge it sounded like a real hit and miss lake some days they were walking away catching 20 plus c
  2. The Late Bloomer So, as you can tell it’s been a while, that’s due to the arrival of my second future fishing buddy my little baby girl in April. But I am back in action with two trips under my belt since her arrival and three more planned, so hopefully have plenty to show and tell in the coming couple of months (thanks to a very understanding and awesome wife, I swear I wasn’t made to write that to). However back to the trip at hand. So this is the second trip after my baby girl the first trip was myself, the hippy and the hobbit, however I was so busy at the time I barely had a cha
  3. Hey guys been Carp fishing since the age of 10 now 28. I have always wanted to start a blog detailing mine and my friends fishing adventures around Cornwall and Devon. I am in the blog section titled Cornish Carp Freaks and Other Fishing Escapades please go and check it out and like my Facebook page which is titled the same. Hopefully be adding more to the blog after another fishy adventure on Saturday
  4. Please guys like my Facebook page loads more pics and antics on there it's The Cornish Carp freaks and Other Fishing Escapades. Thanks in advance guys and girls
  5. Once again myself and the hairy one was sitting down at about midnight watching fishing vids on you tube and as we sit there obviously craving a session we decide, right let’s forget work and go fishing. As we sit there running through our usual choices of lakes we pondered about a reservoir just around the corner from us that we have still yet to try and said let’s give it a go. However as always, the carp gremlins start to take hold before we’ve even given it a shot, ‘it’s a big lake, bigger than anything we ever tried’, ‘it’s a hard time of year to try a new lake’, ‘I am pants at spodding’,
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