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  1. Strange because a bit of mud and cold doesn’t bother me, it’s the hours and hours of darkness which is the worst part of fishing this time of year. Don’t mind having a few goes tho at the off chance I mite stumble across there winter hidey hole.
  2. Easy thing to get around really, use the rig on your mainline with a few bits of putty on to help it stick to the bottom.
  3. I use a Nash indulgence 5 season sleep system and have done nights where the temperatures gone down to -6 and have still been toasty and warm. IMO you’d be better off forking out for a good bedchair and thermals, bivvy heaters are far to risky.
  4. I was originally affected in 2012, a good friend lost to an IED in Afghanistan. Thanks for the helping hand anyway. It’s a breath of fresh air this forum from the bullsh*t of the other social media sites. A big thing I’ve learnt to stay away from.
  5. I lost my mam last year mate, she was 55 and full of health. We found out she had a rare brain disease called vcjd. It was a big shock for me at 28 she was my rock even tho I’m married 😀. It was a big eye opener for me tho and I’d like to think I’m more of a man for it happening. I watched my sisters and my dad care for her and seen how strong they were. Basically made me realise we get one life and you don’t realise what’s around the corner. Big reason I got back into carp fishing, I think being alone and getting comfortable with your own thoughts helps a lot
  6. Your one of the best mate, the amount of knowledge you give away on here is great. Keeps this place going. We all know how secretive this carp game can be 😂👍
  7. I’d just like to take the time to thank you lads, it’s a tiny little percentage of the internet this forum but just what I needed... I may not have the bottle to post to much on here but love reading the stuff you lads post... 👍
  8. You must have a 2 man bivvy to fit that in...
  9. Good grafting! Not just about sitting behind some buzzers half a sleep as some would lead you to think... 😀💪
  10. A good tactic to use on lakes stocked with smaller carp is the method feeder fished with a short supple braid of about 3 inches and a piece of plastic buoyant corn.
  11. are you casting long distance? If not I’d lower the weight of your lead to 1 oz maybe 1.5. Also use a smaller hook, size 6 maybe if your fishing for 5-10 lb fish.
  12. One of these after my mates dog ripped my fox one 🙄. Good value id say.
  13. Good consistency Stevo.
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