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  1. @kevtaylorWell done mate. 👍
  2. Three fox fx9s for my 10 ft rods and some Gardner GT HD to load them with.
  3. I’m confident using the SLK, quality bait.
  4. Cheers mate, same here, I love an autumn sunrise on a fresh morning. 👌
  5. @elmoputneythanks mate, and although I’m happy catching anything, I’m secretly hoping for a mirror next, there’s some lovely dark ones in the lake I’m fishing.
  6. After blanking for a night and part of the day a showing fish finally gave there location away. A quick move and half an hour later I was netting this…
  7. Chilly one this morning but a lovely sunrise.
  8. After moving on to showing fish three times and losing one in the thick weed, I finally managed to get one on the mat an hour before packing up.
  9. Lovely dark fish @elmoputney, well done mate.
  10. I managed to get a signed copy a few months ago when he reprinted it… quality read.
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