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  1. The only thing that made me a bit paranoid about the Nash stuff is because it’s so light compared to the brown of other hooklinks I’ve used
  2. Your thoughts are similar to mine, I think all this spare times making me overthink things and I’m giving the carp to much credit..
  3. Hi guys, how important do you think the colour of your braid is? I’ve got a good deal (£5.00) for some Nash skin link but it’s in gravel brown. I do a lot of fishing in silt and low lying weed. Do you lads think it would make much difference using a gravel brown coloured braid on these bottoms?
  4. The little lads pride and joy, specialized hot rock.😄 Had him riding it not long after he learnt to walk 😂
  5. Phwoar there beasts yonny mate👌,
  6. How I get my couple hours exercise in, also gives me a break from the crazy kids 😀
  7. You must have bobbins and swingers coming out of your ears lad! 😂
  8. Three fox slik bobbins, 18 quid good value I’d say.
  9. I agree, it’s everywhere you look. We don’t need it here to.
  10. This is the reason why he didn’t turn up according to wilder 😂, worst excuse for a defeat ever.
  11. Well done highy those winter carp mean a lot more 👌
  12. Use something like a Korda chod stiff rig tool to hold in each loop when steaming straight, this will also make those loops nice and round to give plenty of movement. I take it your using this on a helicopter set up?
  13. Trakker elements jacket + bib and brace Trakker cyclone beanie hat Nash skin link in 20 lb gravel
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