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  1. Yeah it is, Thanks mate
  2. He was over the moon mate 😀
  3. My little lad managed to open his account yesterday. 😁🎣
  4. I’d ask them to replace the full faulty brolly
  5. Well blanked the whole of April so decided to have a bash with the floater kit on the local park lake to remind myself what it feels like to catch a kipper, caught a few low doubles this one being the prettiest.
  6. Hi lads, my mate has an old camera there what he doesn’t use. It’s a Nikon D60. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is an intervalometer that can be used with it. I’ve put a pic up of the ports that are on the camera.
  7. Thanks for the info mate, il give it a watch and see how I get on.
  8. I like the way you’ve got your rods and bivvy positioned so nobody jumps on your double peg with you 😀
  9. I’ve just ordered a copy of my misspent youth by Darrel Peck, he’s signing all of them that are ordered before a certain date also. ✍️👍
  10. I don’t see it as an unfair advantage, if anything I see it as a disadvantage to an angler. Imagine having to see what’s under the water to find out what type of substrate your fishing over, then being faced with the prospect of fishing a murky lake with poor visibility where the camera can’t be used... that to me is a disadvantage when the majority of competent anglers can do the exact same thing using a bare lead and braid.
  11. Korda mixa hooks in size 10 have done me well the last couple of couple of seasons when floater fishing.
  12. They day I’d rely on an underwater camera is the day I’d hang my rods up, What a load of rubbish.
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