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  1. I don’t see it as an unfair advantage, if anything I see it as a disadvantage to an angler. Imagine having to see what’s under the water to find out what type of substrate your fishing over, then being faced with the prospect of fishing a murky lake with poor visibility where the camera can’t be used... that to me is a disadvantage when the majority of competent anglers can do the exact same thing using a bare lead and braid.
  2. Korda mixa hooks in size 10 have done me well the last couple of couple of seasons when floater fishing.
  3. They day I’d rely on an underwater camera is the day I’d hang my rods up, What a load of rubbish.
  4. Or almond supreme active? Like the new sticky active boilies...😉
  5. Cheers mate appreciate it after seeing the quality of fish you catch, Yep it’s a lovely leather. He had beautiful orange belly on him.
  6. I landed this one off the same spot just before dark.
  7. I’ve just managed to catch this lovely common, caught on a little pink pop up under some over hanging trees.
  8. I think the remote will probably be the better option after having a look, im going to have a good mess about with it over the next few weeks and see what quality of picture I get. I may even think about selling it and buying a new one if they don’t turn out so well. Do you know any good value cameras mate? I’m pretty new to the photography thing.
  9. I’ve just downloaded this on my iPhone, it should make things easier, with a bit of practice.
  10. Get a drill bait needle, drill a hole into the boilie rather than just pushing your bait needle straight through.
  11. I’ve had it for about a year now mate, I’m sick of taking mat shots when nobody’s with me or on the lake, that’s why I decided to look into it now. I was reading Terry Hearns book where he says he attached a cork ball onto a hook box then used his knee to press a remote control that he placed in the hook box, I may have to try something like this.
  12. Wish I’d checked before I bought it, thanks anyway mate 👍
  13. Does anyone know what intervalometer I will need for a canon EOS 4000d?
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