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  1. Will your £350 bank sticks catch you more fish? I very much doubt it. But hey at least your rods will look "sexy". After seeing top anglers such as Terry Hearn using building bricks or anything else they can get there hands on as rear rod rests I very much doubt the importance of such pricey sticks but hey each to there own.
  2. Quality tip mate 👍. Was using a chod style hook and dropping the odd fish. Changed to these and literally every hook holds been nicely in the bottom lip.
  3. Crazy how alike all this fish look.
  4. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to fishing gear, I’ve had a few small bits from NGT and the majority of it has been rubbish and not lasted two minutes.
  5. Lovely looking carp 👍
  6. First 20 pounder all day long mate
  7. No worries mate, I no the quality of fish you’ve caught won’t just be down to which pop up anyway.👍
  8. Do you fancy selling me some you’ve made mate? 😂 I’ve seen some of the beautys you’ve caught on here...🐳
  9. First 20 of the year 10 mins after casting out...
  10. Exactly this, if anything zigs are more dangerous. The amount I’ve seen getting caught on them by being foul hooked.
  11. Oh well I’m glad all the places I fish don’t have that rule. I mean catch them on the bottom or with zigs, either way there lips are getting pulled.
  12. I go for a wander with the floater rod... nothing like the excitement of catching them off the top.
  13. Fortunately I had one straight out in front, and one in the margin on the right as it’s a two rod role, so it caused no problems 😀
  14. Watch ya don’t roll out of bed and into the lake mate, suppose to be nippy tonight.😂
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