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  1. I bought one of these, the actor plus off a mate who’s packed in fishing. Descent little boat for the price.
  2. @elmoputney lovely dark one mate, well in
  3. My fingers and toes are crossed for you mate, and good angling for the catch
  4. I’m buzzing mate, thanks
  5. I caught this Yorkshire beauty at 6.30 this morning, a heavily baited spot with SLk doing the trick…
  6. Fred would of been brown bread if he was in the water with a cob with cygnets…
  7. Me and my little lad had a good day out today, we caught a few nice carp, scranned a sack full of cheese and ham buttys, crisps and cakes … were now back home watching some episodes of monster carp lol…🎣👍
  8. Yeah weed scares a few off lol, I still get daunted my self when faced with a super weedy water. I’ve learned that a chod with some form of a drop and a that’ll do usually stands a descent chance a bite tho lol.
  9. Same as me mate, a common came out at 37lb over the winter and a mirror at 34lb, there crazy weights for a lake up my neck of the woods. Membership closed on April 4th because of an influx of new applications. I was nervous at first because of the extra competition but it soon disappeared when I realised not everyone’s willing to pack up five times a day and move on to showing fish 😉
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