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  1. Would this stuff do? https://groceries.morrisons.com/webshop/product/Dr-Oetker-Free-Range-Egg-White-Powder-Sachets/294089011
  2. Hi guys I’m making some fish meal boilies and I was also wanting to make some matching cork ball pop ups with the base mix, what I wasn’t sure about is if I have to add anything to the mix for the pop ups or I can just use it as it is. Here’s the base mix that I’m using... 20% predigested fishmeal 30% white fishmeal 30% soy flour 20% semolina salmon oil liquid egg
  3. Good read, I agree about the kamakuras being fragile. There a nightmare when fishing over gravel.
  4. I did that last winter on a water I was fishing, I blanked the full winter not even getting a bite or seeing a fish. My mates took the P*ss out of the fact I was blanking every session not knowing every morning before I packed up I spent a couple of hours leading about looking for features. Let’s just say they weren’t laughing when spring came around and I managed to nab eleven carp out in April.
  5. I agree mate, unfortunately I only get time for 24 hour sessions usually so the tactic I stated above definitely works better for me.
  6. I’m not a fan of spodding in general, much prefer looking for fish shows before pinging a few baits out with the catty causing little disturbance as possible. I don’t like the idea of spodding a load of bait out only for the fish to start showing elsewhere in the lake.
  7. Surely it depends on what weather conditions you’ll actually be using it in to say if it warrants spending the money. I have a Nash indulgence and it’s a class piece of kit. Keeps me toasty and warm in freezing conditions it’s also very comfortable, probably more so than my bed at home. Saying that if I only fished the warmer months tho I probably would of went for a cheaper lighter bedchair.
  8. How often do you respool? 😂, I’ve got some 13 year old daiwa sensor line on one of my reels, mad how long it lasts I managed to get 3 upper doubles off the surface using it in the summer. I was sh*tting myself when playing the first one tho 😓
  9. A Korda rig safe Lca gom hook sharpener, my mate reckons there the dogs b***ocks thought I’d give it a try.
  10. A copy of Still searching by Terry Hearn Ridge monkey Perspective bucket Ridge monkey toaster A pair of distance sticks a bottle of propolis
  11. I don’t want to hear the phrase "lovely times", and saying "go and tell your big sister" when releasing the fish makes me cringe to death.😖
  12. I have way more confidence using a softer boom section when using the Ronnie rig on a lead clip set up. Your rig only needs to be lied over a pebble or piece of weed when using a stiff boom section and your presentations ruined.
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