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  1. Why not catch them while feeding them?
  2. Type specialist hookbaits in google and I think you’ll find which ones he’s talking about.
  3. Soon they’ll be ripe for picking... just got me thinking if anybody still uses them for a carp bate? I can remember when I was teenager catching all sorts on the river using them and catching carp out of the park lakes on them on the float. I’m thinking about chucking some in a spod mix do you lads think it could be an edge or it’s not something the carp would care about to much?
  4. I know mate, I wasn’t arguing with him when he said no it’s to slimey 😂
  5. I’m just glad he enjoys the outdoors more than anything, I don’t want him being one of these kids who spends there days indoors playing xbox.
  6. He is mate, I was surprised how quickly he took to casting by himself. I’ve told him he’s already better than his grandad 😂
  7. He got two bream, he’s chuffed to bits. He didn’t fancy a pic with them tho he said they were to slimey 😀👍
  8. My little lad waiting for his first bite...
  9. I use three rod lengths of 40lb greased weasel shock leader onto 18lb mono mainline, it’s always worked fine for me without much stretch.
  10. I bet your [censored] was twitching netting it, can be a nightmare on your own when using zigs
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