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  1. Posted this in July didn’t realise it’s now august 😅 21lb off the surface yesterday.
  2. 21lb off the surface this morning.
  3. I like the look of these, Just found one second hand used once think I’ll have a bid on it. 👍
  4. I’ve read daiwa ninjas are good, I don’t know if anyone’s used them on here?
  5. Hi lads, does anyone know a good reel what will balance well with a 6ft 2lb scope rod? Il be using it on rivers a lot and not only for carp.
  6. Have you ever used there pop ups yonny? Was just wondering what the buoyancy was like?
  7. Fox black label compact pod, I prefer bank sticks to a pod but a place I’ve been fishing doesn’t allow me to. This is perfect for me as it packs down tiny and fits into the bottom of my carryall.
  8. Welcome to the forum mate, nice simmos there’s members on here who’ve been there and done it and probably caught fish you’d dream of, stick around and you’ll pick up tips you wouldn’t in the tackle shops. 👍
  9. Try Gardner ultra skin stiff for your chod sections and hinge stiffs mate, after steaming there class and work as good as a filament on this rig. You’ve had some good fish lately mate simple and effective you know that 👍
  10. I’m intrigued with this version of this rig because I can see potential for a much safer 360, defo a good idea with adjustments.
  11. Yonnys right, but it’s a simple fix the D on the hook needs to be tighter to the hook eye... I’ve used this rig for the simple fact I find them easier to tie than a chod.
  12. I know mate, I’ve been brought up carp Fishing with my dad since I was about 8 years old so honestly fishing the rivers has never really interested me. Just surprised me the amount of older geezers I seen fishing on there after realising it’s close season. I’d imagine there casual anglers who have decided to dust the rods off because of the quarantine and didn’t realise either.
  13. My bad 😪, some reason I thought It was June 1st, I’ll make sure not to fish it until the 17th. Apologies guys 🙏👍
  14. Hi lads, I was wondering if any of the more experienced carp anglers had any tips for pre baiting on a stetch of river, I caught my first ever river carp a 10lb common on Thursday morning (Posted in June catch reports), I’m planning on starting to pre bait this stetch starting tomorrow but I’m unsure of how much bait would be an adequate amount. On one hand I’m thinking of putting a good 10 kilos in as I’m thinking of other species that may clean the majority of this up before the carp get a look on (bream, barbel, chub etc. But on the other hand I’m thinking there may be a lot less fish visiting the spots than what I think and I may feed the carp off before even getting a chance to fish for them. I was just wondering if anyone had experience fishing a river and what approach would most likely work better...
  15. 10lb, Hopefully something bigger to follow.
  16. Wow! what a beautiful fish, and thank you for taking the time to do these great write ups for us all to read Yonny.
  17. I’m convinced the "carpy camo tape" is going to be the missing piece of the jigsaw on my quest for my first uk 40... what you reckon? 🤙🤭
  18. What made you change your mind on the Sonik brolly highy?
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