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  1. I go to a water where there is catfish up to 80lbs I think, maybe even 90lbs, but there is also loads of carp too, I caught a 20-30lbs catfish about a week ago on 2.75 and they did okay I just want a couple new rods that won't snap if I get a decent sized catfish but at the same time I wan't to have a little bend in the rod if I get carp too I was looking at the fox warrior s 3lb
  2. So I was looking up homemade groundbait and I see alot of Vitalin so I thought cool I'll try that.. Origional: Flaked Wheat, Flaked Maize, Flaked Soya, Meat & Bone Meal (13.0%), Flaked Barley, Soya Oil. I then see the percentage of the gold menu one and see it was higher meat and bone meal so I thought ahh I'll get that Gold menu: Whole Wheat, Meat & Bone Meal (20.0%), Flaked Maize, Wheatfeed, Glucose Syrup (6.0%), Flaked Peas, Poultry Oil, Poultry Meat Meal, Maize Gluten Meal, Whole Maize, Brewers Yeast, Fish Meal, Soya Oil, Limestone Flour, Extract of Yucca Schidigera. but after I paid and ordered I see a picture and its like 95% dog kibble, I thought it would be like the muesli one.. still I had planned I was gonna put it in a blender anyway so not tooo bad but I did some thinking and decided I'll get some original and mix it together equal parts, I also got some premium bird seed. I went fishing this weekend and got my first catfish I was lucky, it was the first time I actually half attempted to get one and put pellets on (I always use pop ups and boilies trying to get carp) so now I've ordered the correct gear and I'm gonna attempt to get some catfish this summer.. but I'm under the impression catfish like to eat fishy type stuff.. and half of my groundbait is now dog kibbles (I'm guessing chicken kind of flavour and not fishy) so here's what I've done, everything is gonna go through a blender into a powder and sivved 1 part Gold Menu 1 part Origional 0.5 Premium bird seed and then I'll take a bag of that mix and a bag of fine bread flakes and mix them together on the day I go would this still be okay for attracting cats? obviously I don't mind if I catch carp too.. my other option is get some fishmeal type stuff (provimi 66 maybe) and keep that in a separate container and then when I go catfishing I can take a bag of the vitalin mix, a bag of some fishmeal and another bag of the bread crumb and mix it on the bank? I don't really wanna add anything else into the groundbait as it would take a looooong time for it to fully mix, its in a 90L dustbin and yeah getting to the bottom to mix something new in would be tricky any ideas? thought I would share my first catfish.. I was pretty happy I'm not gonna lie, its not the biggest but I'm 6'4 so its defo not tiny! I lost around 2-3 catfish that day due to hook pulls! I've ordered new rigs and line to make sure it doesn't happen again
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone, I’ll have a think but I’ll definatly look at that selling on Facebook thing!!
  4. Cheers man I secretly didn't like that solace reel but I had to pretend because I spent hours researching all different ones and picked that one I went and picked up a couple shimano 6000 baitrunners and they look perfect.. I'll find out this saturday when I go fishing for the first time this year
  5. worth trying to sell I was gonna put in the title Anyway I'm sort of new to all this, I normally just buy my rods and reels off friends, I just wanted the proper carp boys on here to give me a little advice if any of this stuff is worth selling because I got some new gear Anyway so I have 2x fox micron sx alarms no hard cases 1x micron mx alarm no hard case 2x okuma undertaker UT 50? 1x Wychwood Solace Big Pit Reel 55fs with spare spool any of these worth sticking on ebay?
  6. joegpp

    Corus boilies. Anyone used these?

    I personally got 5KG of monster crab and halibut, I’ve not used them yet but I wasn’t happy with the customer service To be fair they did message back when I asked them about what the special ingredients were just trying to get a idea of the base mix and they said just special no other messages were sent on my other questions after i bought them, slow dispatch time too so I ordered 7AM thinking they would go in the post same day so I took the next day off, they didn’t post until the next day, so I got a text from the delivery people and I wasn’t going to be in so I called and asked if they would leave in my front porch and they called corus to ask if that was okay and they said no, fair enough but I messaged them directly saying I needed for the weekend (it was Friday) and would take full responsibility if they went missing, it’s been a few weeks and they’ve still not replied to that message and I called them every 20 minutes that day and no awnser but it would go to “user busy” every few times so they was defo there
  7. joegpp

    Pop ups not rolling

    Well I tried the trying to roll out a 16mm sausage and then roll it a bit more but that didn't work, I managed to just roll out 12mm and make some pretty bad dumbell pop ups but hey its something! I've messaged the seller too I would rather my money back, the mix is fine I can roll them by hand fine with no cracks so it's gotta be the sausage rolling thing.. its only £25 but £25 goes towards my new reels woop woop
  8. joegpp

    Pop ups not rolling

    Ah okay thanks everyone yeah I agree its probably too big, do you think I would be okay to the table and sausage maker then? theres nothing in the description about if you use a 16mm you need 14mm sausages
  9. joegpp

    Pop ups not rolling

    So it isn't anything to do with the cheaper ebay mix that doesn't need eggs? I agree for a few pop ups I'm better off hand rolling them but I spend £25 for the rolling table and sausage maker so I could have perfect baits so thats a little annoying maybe I should send them back I'll go try adding more water again and see where that gets me thank you
  10. joegpp

    Pop ups not rolling

    yeah thats what I thought I tried with 12mm though and still the same problem
  11. pictures there is a couple of pictures of whats happening, I have a 16mm gardener rolling table and a 12/16mm sausage rolling thing, I've tried everything I can think of but it keeps happening Adding oil adding water to the mix to make it more soft using a lower mm sausage for the table adding a bit of base mix on the table could it be the mix I'm using? It's off ebay and you just add water anyone know why this is happening? thank you!
  12. So last year I got 2 9ft Wychwood Extricator rods (I only fish small waters so 9ft are fine for me) and I could only afford one reel at the time and I said I'll get the reel when I next get paid, whatever happened and I didn't go fishing again that year so I didn't end up getting the other reel I got a compact Wychwood Solace Big Pit Reel 55fs but they are discontinued now so I can't get the other to match the other rod, anyone got any idea of a baitrunner reel that comes close to the one I already have? or a set of new reels maybe but I'm budgeting at the moment so can't be too expensive! thanks!
  13. I wanna make some pop ups, I found my old concentrates and pop up mix (milk based one I just add water) so one egg is around 60ML so I'll add 60ML water so its a 1 egg mix So I have Maple Scopex Tigernut Cell activator any good combos I can try with these flavours? I wanna order some more concentrates I just wanted to get a idea of what other people made and their recipes and ML they use per egg ALSO does anyone else make their own glug? I wanted to do a tigernut/cell glug to mix to my stick mix etc or anything, I've been looking at glycerin and adding concentrates but not many mention what ML of incidence to add