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  1. There were no boats on the venue Nick, not even locked in a boathouse etc. It was always amusing to read though, bit like those signs that say “Ears pierced while you wait!” 😂😉
  2. I think although some rules seem silly or irritating, if I trully want to fish that water, I have to accept and respect the rules. As for somebody pre baiting, good luck to them but, that doesn’t give anybody rights in that swim, and when I arrive on a water, I just evaluate the current situation, and choose my swim and fish it with a clear conscience. I was in a club a few years ago, and one of the rules stated: “Strictly no bait boats or rowing boats, to be used on this venue but, if using a boat, a life jacket must be worn”??? 😂
  3. When I first started carp fishing, we used landing nets, the big knotted mesh type, which makes me shudder now when I look back but, I don't remember our fish having injury inflicted as a consequence? Nowadays we have the luxury, albeit paid for luxury of safe tackle and kit. How far should we be taking the safety aspect though? It’s alright advocating that fish, especially big fish shouldn’t be lifted from the water in a landing net, yet holding that same fish up for the photos, with wet but often warm hands is fine? I’ve never heard so much utter nonsense in all my angling life, wh
  4. I think it would depend a lot on the merit of the capture mate? Some river carp are easy to catch, and some stillwater carp can prove very difficult or elusive, and of course vice versa. Also, I know of many escapee carp that were very hard earned when they were in their native stillwaters yet, often caught regularly once they’d migrated to rivers and canals.
  5. There’s all sorts in there, many years ago I saw a few fish in there that would be classed as very big even nowadays. We had a couple of secret places to fish, including somebody’s garden but, lost permission because of other people’s selfishness. Lot’s of anticipation with rivers though 👍🏻
  6. I don’t doubt that for a second mate. 😉
  7. Nick will have done a lot of research before angling for that fish, and ear bending, that’s his way. It’s not actually a Thames record but, probably the less said about that, the better.😉 I know there are now some very upset regular Thames carp anglers, especially on that stretch, because of the publicising etc. Just as there was when Katch Bullet and previous captors leaked it. Amazing fish though, and congrats to Nick on the capture 👍🏻
  8. Lovely bloke and great angler, and another superb video 👍🏻 I think having time on the bank, is a big factor in success, although I can’t think of another angler that makes better use of their time than Terry.
  9. That’s right mate, it has removable double duvets, I have the extra underlay with mine, and I find it very warm and comfortable. The newer version has improved lumbar support.
  10. A lot depends on the venue and fish behaviour but, I never re bait, or re cast at first light, unless I’ve just had a take. Even if I’m awake first light, I don’t touch anything until around mid morning. First light can be bite time on the majority of venues, so leaving the bait and rigs that have been out all night well alone has always served me well. In fact, on many waters I leave everything alone, sometimes for over 24 hours.
  11. Hi and welcome Brutus, it was nice to read that you served an angling apprenticeship, instead of jumping straight into carp angling. In my experience, the graduated carp anglers seem the most proficient. I’d say that also applies to pike fishing too, as getting used to handling bigger species is important. Anyway, welcome to yoo 👍🏻
  12. Yes me too Nick, because it’s boxed though, it doesn’t seem to suffer any ill effect 👍🏻
  13. Yeah, at one time, I used to see it in most shops but, the last couple of times I’ve bought it the boxes have had a layer of dust on them, from two different shops lol!
  14. That’s pretty much my story too mate, every so often I might try something that’s been recommended but, always revert to the GR60. The GR60 doesn’t seem as readily available as it used to be though? I’m not a fan of braid or fluoro, so I do appreciate a decent mono. 👍🏻
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