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  1. The Compleat Angler

    How often do you check your hooks?

    I check before every cast (almost)
  2. The Compleat Angler

    Rod Hutchinson

    Very sad news indeed, I have been very lucky to have have met, spoken and fished alongside Rod many years ago. He was a great angler, great story teller and a trully great man. His thinking, paved the way for the success of many, and inspired so many carp anglers. Condolences to friends and loved ones. Sleep well Rod.
  3. The Compleat Angler


    I’ve caught big fish from some of the best waters in the country, and those times were dreams that came true. I still like to catch the big fish but, I am at an age and a stage now, where the enjoyment of the fishing comes first. I’ve never chased or gone after big fish, even when younger, I was just lucky enough to have access to waters that held big carp, and even luckier to have landed a few. Nowadays I just enjoy the taking part, and if a big fish comes along, that’s a big bonus. I try and fish peaceful waters now, as I’m not keen on fishing overcrowded waters, or noisy ones. I personally don’t like the modern carp scene, I’ve kidded myself for a while now, that I’m getting used to it but, I’m not. That’s because I’m from a different era, and when I started, carp anglers were few and far between, and the mystery of it back then is what attracted me. Luckily much of the magic is still there for me though.
  4. The Compleat Angler

    Smufter ( Rob)

    A job very well done by the sound of it Rob. The system will make a marked difference, to the water quality and fish, and also quite relaxing if you’re within earshot of one of the diffusers whilst fishing! I fished a venue a few years ago that had a wind powered aeration system installed. The initial outlay was steep but, the system has paid dividends ever since, and very cheap to run. I used to surface fish with success near one of the diffusers, Anyway, I hope things go well in the future for you all.
  5. The Compleat Angler

    Smufter ( Rob)

    Smufter, It is good to hear your water didn't lose all the fish, which can often be the case. I've witnessed this a few times on waters from 4 to 55 acres, and on the 55 acre venue, everything went, and very quickly too. It was a thriving fishery with a good head of healthy fish of all species including some very large carp. It had a severe algae bloom, and there was a few days of hot weather, then a real heavy day of rain fall. It unfolded very quickly, and being a big water, by time the EA got the aerators going, it was way too late. The club has looked into having numerous aerators installed but, the cost of installing the amount needed on a water over 50 acres is very expensive. Aerator systems is the way to go if they can be afforded, the system has to be able to cope with the volume of water though, which is why you seldom see these on a big pit. I have sadly seen a few fish kills, and they have been mainly due to an oxygen crash. Anyway, I hope your water recovers well, and the remaining fish thrive.
  6. The Compleat Angler

    Discarded line or crack-off by Rob Hughes.

    One water i fished for years, suddenly decided to ban shock leaders, and any other leaders. There was no particular reason, fish weren’t getting tethered etc? Anyway, a complete leader ban came in, then the problems started, crack offs, cut offs etc. Some of the swims produced at very long range (extreme range). Anglers using thicker line straight through, couldn’t make the distance. So, then some used thinner lines, and that’s when the problems properly started, as this thread suggests, there was line hanging from far margin trees, baited lines that had cracked off, sitting in open water? Not good, none of this happened before the ban? The club created a solution to a problem that didn’t exist, and in doing so, created a problem. The line is only part of the problem, a 4oz lead that has cracked off on a big cast, can travel a very long way, and causea lot of damage, or injury. I’m pleased to say, they came to their senses, and the leader ban has been lifted.
  7. The Compleat Angler

    How to get a 20lber?

    It's angling all said and done, and with respect, if we could all catch fish of a certain weight by design, we'd get bored with it pretty quickly would't we?
  8. The Compleat Angler

    On the hard stuff!

    That’s what I was saying earlier, hot spots within a swim. The anglers that know these spots, are always more successful than the anglers that don’t, when fish are in the swim. These spots can be of any size and, sometimes miniscule. Finding them, is where the skill comes in.
  9. The Compleat Angler

    How can weather forecasts be so blooming different???

    I use Accu Weather for work, that always seems pretty good.
  10. The Compleat Angler

    What is your newest purchase

    Yes, I’ve loaded all sorts with them, including various mono, and never suffer twist, nice to have something that actually works for a change.
  11. The Compleat Angler

    What is your newest purchase

    I’m a long time loader/spooler user and can’t rate them enough. I set mine up so the line is coming off the top of the spool. I have an expensive version, and a cheap version the same as yours, and the results are equal. I don’t soak or wet the line, just load it straight on. Great bit of kit imo.
  12. The Compleat Angler

    How can weather forecasts be so blooming different???

    Yeah, In this day and age, you’d think they could get it spot on wouldn’t you? To be honest, my approach for years, is to sort out when I’m going and not bother looking at the weather. i like to keep a check on moon phases though. Ideally I like a good South Westerly, or at least a good chop on the water but, I can remember having some great sessions in dire weather conditions. Totally non text book conditions, hence why I don’t worry too much about forecasts.
  13. The Compleat Angler

    Carp care

    Sorry for the large font in my last post, I'm having internet issues, so saved my post to notes in my iPad, and when i pasted back here, the font was too big but, I missed the edit cut off time. Sorry. I wasn't shouting though.
  14. The Compleat Angler

    Carp care

    Playing powerful fish is very thrilling even more so for newcomers and will improve with experience, a fish will let you know when it’s ready for the net. The playing of fish is viewed in different ways by different anglers, some like to savour the fight, and why not, others like to net the fish as soon as possible, who are right? Fish care: Personally, I try and keep the fish out of the water for the least time it takes to weigh and photograph it. So, this means having the camera, scales and cradle/mat at hand. Obviously some are more adept than others at weighing and photographing, so common sense should prevail. I have cradle type mats, as I find them much safer and sometimes handy for releasing fish. I have pockets on mine for forceps and a bottle of Propolis or other carp care. On the majority of my venues a retainer sling is allowed, so after netting a fish, I position the cradle, position the camera and tripod, get a pale or two of water, and wet the retainer sling. Lay the retainer into the cradle, I then unhook the fish in the net if possible, and transfer the fish into the retainer sling. Weigh the fish, photograph the fish keeping it as wet as possible, treat any mouth damage, and any other obvious wounds. With the fish still laying in the retainer, in the cradle, check the fins are tucked in, zip up the retainer and place the fish and retainer back into the water, and secure with a staked cord. If the fish seems lively, make an attemp at releasing it, if the fish is sluggish, keep it in the retainer, whilst pouring water with a pale close to the fishes head. This will oxygenate the water, and help the fish perk up much quicker, the fish should then be carefully released. If retainer slings aren’t allowed, then the above can be done albeit a bit more difficult, with the landing net and cradle mat. Whatever method is chosen, as long as the welfare of the fish is remembered, and common sense applied, all is good.
  15. The Compleat Angler

    Pop-up advice....