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    sudievon reacted to B.C. in Carp care   
    Be careful when lifting fish out of the water, double check that all their fins are laying right
    Been using a cradle type mat for a few years now, but I still take my old beanie mat with me and leave it near the water's edge. I use this to support and carry a netted fish up the bank, to an area where my cradle is. A quick release mechanism on a spreader block is also something I've found very useful to help close and detach  the landing net head  in a second, rather than trying to pull the net arms out, which might get stuck now on then with grit.
    I have used various medi care solutions Kryston, Korda, Gardner........ I don't have a preference, just what ever is available in the shop... But if you haven't got any and money is tight, a tube of Savlon is what we used to use. Before anyone jumps on that one, I can tell you now that it works a treat and doesn't harm the fish at all, it's human grade and you only need a tiny smidge on a hook hold, or a little bit on an external wound..... Something is better than nothing. £1 a tube.
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    Thought a few pictures might help:

    Unhooking mat


    Spray or use carp care drops where the hook entered

    Spray or use drops on lesions
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    sudievon reacted to ianain in Carp care   
    Get organised on the bank:
    Decide where you are going to play the fish so that you are prepared for overhead and underfoot obstructions
    Make sure that you have your landing handy where you intend to play the fish so that it won't snag at a vital point
    Have all of your post landing fish equipment in a sensible place, free from obstructions and in arms reach to your cradle / un-hooking mat (carp care medicine, lake water, forceps / disgorger, weigh sling)
    Photos, set up in advance so that the fish is out of the water for the least amount of time; if something goes wrong whilst trying to take the picture - put the fish back rather than put the fish through any more stress just to get a trophy shot
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    sudievon reacted to nigewoodcock in Carp care   
    With the spring now upon us (apart from looking out the window to a foot of snow), I thought I would start a new thread so people can post up there do’s and dont’s regarding fish care and looking after the fish on the bank. 
    There has been an influx of new members that are new to the sport or carp fishing in general. It would be a good thread for them to read through tips from experienced anglers so there is a chance to prevent rather than solve.
    fire away boys 
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