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    I'm a wise old man because I was a stupid young lad.
  1. dlc1964

    Whitmore/Hudson's farm???

    How long have you been waiting to use that one?😋
  2. dlc1964

    Whitmore/Hudson's farm???

    Sorry about that......they're in Lancashire not too far from Blackpool. I've heard mixed reports from a group of lads that went but, tbh, they're muppets. They are both fisheries with multiple lakes/ponds. Whitmore fisheries and Hudson's Farm.
  3. dlc1964

    Small now wheel trolly.

    So I'd spend £60 and have to make 2 journeys????? Who'd look after the one with food in while I deliver the other to my swim???
  4. Any advice on these lakes gratefully received......not tactics, just quality of venue. Thanks. Del
  5. dlc1964

    2 Man Bivvy

    Thank you.......I thought it was just me. I feel less stupid now😀
  6. dlc1964

    Recommendations on stove

    A bit late but.....here's my input. Following a very cold trip in 2007, during which my gas froze up and we nearly starved(-9)I swore I'd never use gas again. Coleman for me.
  7. dlc1964

    2 Man Bivvy

    It's an age thing.......believe me. I know what you mean about putting the darned things away. The JRC STi 2 man I had(many years ago)was a royal pain.....it didn't fit back into the bags it came in.😓
  8. dlc1964


    Can somebody possibly help my ageing memory? It's 10 years since I gave up fishing so please excuse the vagueness. I recall a forum that I used to visit/read quite a lot but never joined before I went travelling.....The site had a very big online shop. My question: Does anybody recall such a site? I'm almost positive it was called carp.com though I must be wrong, obviously.
  9. dlc1964

    What is your newest purchase

    Chicken Tikka with rice and naan bread(cooked on my trusty Coleman) washed down with San Miguel/Mahou is a favourite of mine😎
  10. dlc1964


    Having worked in the haulage business for over 30 years I hope I can cope🤔
  11. dlc1964

    What is your newest purchase

    I spend that on food for a night's fishing😉
  12. dlc1964

    2 Man Bivvy

    What's your verdict?
  13. dlc1964

    What is your newest purchase

    I have just returned to the noble art of catchless fishing so today placed an order for gear I need replacing.....eyewatering, I can tell thee.......and that was just the terminal tackle😒 Amongst other stuff.
  14. dlc1964

    Aircurve or free spirit hi s

    Got both the Free Spirit E class and Grey's Prodigy. FS for quality, imho.
  15. dlc1964

    2 Man Bivvy

    Trakker Armo2 May be a bit pricey but well worth the extra, imho.