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  1. I completely agree that poles in the wrong hands on silly elastic ratings could most certainly cause damage. The water I fish is nice and open, no reason to bully the fish and honestly I don't go in expecting to hook one of the beasts. But they are there and if I hit one I'd rather have a chance of getting it in; in decent time to avoid stressing or exhausting the fish out or leaving a rig in its mouth for that matter. But again, I agree i have caught plenty of march water carp to notice the damage some of these match men cause by speed fishing for large carp with silly gear dragging them in so I do completely agree.
  2. I have 2 3lb TC rods and a 3.25 if never caught a cat of that size but I'd have confidence in my 3.25 to handle a 60-80 with out being to worried About it breaking. But all depends how aggressive you need to be depending on the water, snags etc. If you took your time and didn't need to force it to turn and could let it run and tire out in open water I think 3lb would manage perfectly fine. But for a snaggy water or one with plenty of features for the beast to dive towards I'd probably want something a touch on the beefy side to not be afraid to try pull it away from snags/features if needed. Just my 2 cents. But again I have never tested my rods on Anything over the 40 mark.
  3. That's a nice little package I must admit. I'll be doing some research into that thank you
  4. I'll have a look into that cheers, I see your point. Personally after a few months of sitting watching bait alarms I fancy a bit of engagement while still being able to land decent sized fish.
  5. Hey all, I'm looking for advice on a new margin pole. I'm looking for something strong enough to handle my locals monsters as it holds carp touching 30lb. I don't hit them to often but anything topping mid teens to twenties often snap me off. Upping the rig or elastic any higher would probably result in a broken section sooner or later. My current poles a solid 10 years old and I fancy a upgrade. Current train of thought is a Browning hyper carp margin pole, likely 9.5m over the 6m.version. Budget probably around £400 max but for something special i would hold off and wait a little while to purchase it. Any advice would be great :)
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