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  1. AndyCh

    Rig foam

    I won't use the blue ones after being told that blue colouring is repulsive to carp. I know there's not much logical about that, but I just can't put one on my hook.
  2. AndyCh


    Very stealthy keeping all your line out of the water, like it.
  3. AndyCh

    Rig foam

    That's no different to saying that we should all be buying our bait at full price from local tackle shops. Noooo thank you!
  4. Net profit will be after Tels salary has been taken out.
  5. Crikey weren't those lamps useless. I can remember getting the new plastic revision for Christmas one year from my parents. They took much better batteries.
  6. AndyCh

    Could somebody please enlighten me????

    Apart from the bait being 'shank mounted' everything.
  7. Was this one of the big bulky floats that took watch batteries and had a little red bulb (led?)? If so my old man and I had those. The little rudd would constantly attack the red light.
  8. When I started night fishing most of the guys on our waters were using small paraffin Hurricane lamps. We used to wrap the foil from a steak and kidney pie around half of the globe to keep the light off of the water. Bobbins then were whatever paste we were using as bait at the time. Custard powder flavoured bread paste being a favourite.
  9. Exactly, Korda didn't invent the leadclip or numerous other things they market. I'm sure that they're smart enough to know roughly how many of each design they'll sell taking the copies into account.
  10. After dabbling with a few different bobbins I've gone back to the original Solar slim heads with cords I made out of stripped out leadcore. I'm currently using the original clips as well but would dearly love to get hold of some more of the original Solar grip clips, I have misplaced mine.😟 I have loads of extra drag weights that I can add to the bobbins if I think it necessary, but rarely do fishing my current waters.
  11. AndyCh

    Pva nuggets

    For a number of years I have been buying Magic Maize from the Early Learning Centre/Mothercare. These dissolve really quickly, even in the depths of winter. And they don't seem to leave any residue on the hook whatsoever. I also had some parts for our logburner turn up packed in nuggets which work brilliantly. And free!
  12. I bought ten of their landing nets with pole and spreader blocks for my lake and three years down the line, apart from the normal holes in the mesh, they all still in perfect nick. Amazingly cheap as well.
  13. AndyCh

    deeper pro plus

    I remember when I was told that I was cheating because I was using a spare rod with a float setup to check depths. I can also remember old boys saying that the use of bite alarms and as for boilies, well that was beyond the pail. Times move on, as long as we're all enjoying our angling without affecting others too much what's the problem?
  14. AndyCh

    New scales

    I've checked my RH digitals plenty of times (usually when someone asks how accurate they are) and they're always spot on.
  15. AndyCh

    New scales

    I've got two sets of RH dials and three of their 9000 digitals. I honestly haven't taken the dials out of the garage for years. If you wanted you could carry three sets of the digitals and they'd still be lighter and take up less space than the dials. I don't know about the current Fox digitals but I did hear that an awful lot of people upped their personal bests while using the Mk1's.