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  1. Closed season trout fishing on rivers, a contentious pastime as one high profile angler found out a few years back. If you are using a spinner, attach a wire trace or you'll probably lose more pike than hook trout. I think as long as you only take a small bag, rod and a net you'll probably be OK. Take a chair, a two rod set up and a mountain of gear, you'll probably get pulled.
  2. I used to fish for barbel in a shallow streamy stretch of river and I could watch them at close quarters ripping up the bottom to get to it and the hemp I used. The chub loved it even more. One angler told me he watched fish eat it, poo it out, turn around and eat it again because they loved it so much!
  3. Nightwish, Floor Jansen's singing sends tingles down your spine. Great blues voice and the guitar is definitely stronger on this track and has a hint of Hendrix.
  4. Most lakes that I've seen ban boilies tend to be match orientated and they ban them to discourage carp anglers. Years ago some shelf life boilies didn't break down and there was a problem of mounds of uneaten stuff but most manufacturers have reduced the amount of preservatives in them and the frozen versus shelf life argument seems to be a thing of the past.
  5. Camera flash can be harsh and ruin photo's. Ouch's photo's are really good but the first common has blown out and the background been lost. Unfortunately a phone camera will never produce the same quality night shots as a camera. I always leave at least 6 foot between the camera and fish as it evens out the light a bit. Fishes scales act like mirrors under flash, commons more so than mirrors and you'll always give a bit of glare. If you angle the fish down slightly, it will reduce it. If your flash comes with a diffuser, use it as it scatters the light more and makes it more even. I have a bui
  6. Got myself one of the new Kookers a few months back and haven't looked back. I can reheat stews or chilli con carne in under 2 minutes and it comes out piping hot. It runs on a 12V car battery which is a bit heavy but I cut back the rest of my tackle so don't really notice it and I can recharge my phone or bait boat without faffing about with power packs. The microwave takes up a bit of space on the barrow but I don't bother taking gas or my cooking equipment any more and so that offsets that problem. Also no problems in cooking in a zipped up bivvy as no poisonous fumes or fire hazards to wor
  7. My missus was chucking out some cushions from the Settee so I pinched those! Didn't cost me a penny and definitely no Carp Tax!
  8. Bait boats can be a contentious topic and as Ouch says, many waters have banned them. Some claim it takes the skill out of angling as it allows you to fish ranges far out of casting range and deposit the bait as close as possible. I've seen where they can be used sensibly by getting to overhanging trees safely without any chance of snagging and leaving tackle for wildlife to get caught up in. My (tackle tart!) mate also has a sonar attached to his and the speed and accuracy you plot a swim is crazily efficient rather than thrashing the swim to a foam with a marker rod. I don't own one but can
  9. I used to think that bait boats were cheating until I saw my mate winkle out the biggest in the lake by dropping his rig and bait 60 yards away under some overhanging branches that had tangle written all over them! Still haven't gone over to the dark side yet though but am tempted.
  10. If a reel was high quality and cheap, it would sell by the bucket load! https://abugarcia-fishing.co.uk/collections/fishing-reels I've had a quick look at the Site but most reels are either described as for spinning or saltwater. No mention of Carp which is probably a huge omission due to it's popularity.
  11. Abu reels were the dog's danglies years ago, I owned 3 Cardinal 57's I used for pike fishing and then a 54 for barbel fishing. The 55 was the carp anglers dream reel but I never owned one. They were solid and dependable and their second hand price held really well. Sweden is a fairly expensive Country to produce in due to their tax system and production switched to Bangladesh. Needless to say, the quality and reputation took a hammering and they went into the doldrums and the likes of Shimano quickly filled the void in the market and dominated it for a good few years although Daiwa and other m
  12. Never a bad thing! Yes I voted for Bexit and I would vote for it all over again. The way they have handled the pandemic is typical of the over bloated Committee type thinking. Free from their shackles, we are way ahead in vaccinating our people and they are already starting the blame game. Even some remoaners are starting to see them for what they are and struggling to justify their actions. Just my own personal opinion, of course.
  13. Never heard of the brand but the Breaking Strain is 32.9kg which is about 72lb in old money which may be a tad overgunned! It would probably be OK to use as a shock leader for a spod rod but I'm sure there are plenty of other braids that would be better for hook rigs.
  14. https://www.srb-photographic.co.uk/srb-dslr-self-take-kit-8891-p.asp?mc_cid=ae00ef840d&mc_eid=94d4ab4aa6 I've used one of these for many years whilst fishing on my own. You can adjust the position of the piston by using the arm attachment so that it sits right above the firing button on any camera. Just kneel on the bulb to activate it.
  15. Mentioned this one about hook sharpening before but the bit about line at the beginning is equally compelling. I've tended to go for the lightest I could safely get away with in the past but upon watching this, he has turned my thinking on it's head. Lines are effectively just a piece of extruded plastic and when you accept that, it does make you think about them differently. He recommends using a minimum diameter of 0.4mm which is in the 18lb b.s. bracket for most lines and might seem a bit OTT but a slight nick or bad knot can slash that considerably and so it gives you a safety margin. Thic
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