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  1. Unfortunately when someone else buys an angler a fishing present, it's always wrong! Fishing can be quite personalized and I would recommend broaching the subject and possibly giving him the money the chose what he wants himself.
  2. I don't think either reply was an over reaction. The fact that are researching and sharing your findings indicates that you are in 'pre-buy' mode (and encouraging others in the process). You are playing Russian Roulette and I would urge you not to consider buying any device that has to potential to cause death. If the weather is very cold, I think you would lose more heat using a letterbox setting than you would gain from a heater so some people would simply seal up the bivvy.
  3. Pinned by Edward Shin Edward Shin 1 year ago (edited) As a disclaimer, I cant stress enough how important it is to make sure you have good ventilation where you use this. Found on the gas version. The first one you need to cut a hole in your bivvy to accommodate the chimney! This similar topic was covered a short while ago; I said then that the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning made any flame based heating device was too risky. Every year anglers die because of CO exposure and I think some Companies are being irresponsible even to sell them, whatever 'disclaimers' they attach to them. My message is simply 'don't'. Once you go to sleep and continue to breathe in the fumes all night, it 'locks out' your blood so that Oxygen can't latch on in the normal way and the only consolation is that death is relatively painless.
  4. Every time I see it done it makes my toes curl! Even worse is when someone from Korda (you know who) says" Goodbye my Love" after kissing it!
  5. Link How you spool it on make a big difference. Soak the line for at least an hour as mono's will absorb some of the water and become softer. Some people will tell you to have the spool of line in a bucket with the label side up and reel it on but I prefer to put in in an old narrow ice cream tub filled with water so the spool is trapped in sideways and spins as you reel it in. Trap the line just above the reel with a damp cloth so it goes on under constant tension. As it stands, I would take the spools off the reels and soak them and then go to a large (quiet) field and lay it out on the ground and reel it back in again under tension and that should alleviate any twist issue.
  6. That looks pretty horrendous. I was chatting in my local tackle shop one day and they told me a story of a bloke who bought a new reel and brought it back a few days later complaining it was utter rubbish as the line was coming off all wrong. They had a few trial casts in the shop and it was as bad as described and they were all scratching their heads as they hadn't seen anything that bad before. One of them finally inquired how he had spooled up and he sheepish admitted that he had wound it all on by hand........and wrapped it the wrong way!
  7. No. Hinders are a reputable Company with many years of experience and give advice freely to educate the customer so that problems don't occur. If that means they sell more particles, I'm happy to accept that.
  8. The following guidelines will help to ensure that any particles you use are safe to fish. Dry particles and seeds need to be denatured with a combination of soaking and boiling to make them completely safe. MAIZE -Pre-soak for 24 hours then bring to the boil and simmer for 30 minutes. Taken from this page; https://hinders.co.uk/pages/particle-preparation-guide Hinders know far more about particles than I do and I'm happy to take their advice. Your assessment may be correct but there is a risk that you could be wrong. Unfortunately fish have died because of problems with swelling, I seem to remember that a large Common called Benson was found dead and the suspicion was that it was caused by swelling and constriction of the digestive tube after an autopsy. I have used maize in the past but always gave it (a highly unscientific) chew after it was cooked to make sure it was softish as it is rock hard when dry.
  9. Yes, poor choice of terminology on my part, fish don't have a stomach but they do have a long digestion tube that is concertinaed in their body. This makes it easier for food to get trapped and especially if it were to swell. Peanuts are banned on many fisheries because of the problem as well as tiger nuts (which aren't technically a nut!) The time it takes for a food item to pass through a carp is dependent on the water temperature and probably it's solubility in the digestion tract juices. Things like maggots and worms are probably easily broken down whereas harder baits will take longer. A well known angler told me once how he watched chub taking sweetcorn like there was no tomorrow, they passed it and swam in a circle to savour it again! Having had 3 kids, I can confirm that if you feed them sweetcorn one day, the next you have a yellow speckled nappy! All I would say if that we have a responsibility towards the fish we are trying to catch and should tempt them on food that is attractive and beneficial to them. Deliberately feeding them food items that could cause discomfort of even death should be avoided at all costs.
  10. Try the nose test. If it reeks and look rancid, bin it, if not should be OK.
  11. Never used it but £5 for 1100 metres is pretty good value. I've been using 12lb Gardner GT-HD which is £18 for virtually the same length and really pleased with it. Shimano has always had a pretty good reputation so at that price, you can't go too far wrong.
  12. I personally wouldn't use any flame based device in a bivvy, even if it is ventilated (which would probably let more cold in than the device would generate.) Carbon Monoxide isn't known as the silent killer for nothing. It creeps up on you and you don't really notice anything wrong at first and then you feel a bit groggy and sleepy and if you do fall asleep, it kills you as you sleep. This is because every breathe you take, more Carbon Monoxide is inhaled and it 'clings' onto your blood 400 times stronger than Oxygen and prevents the Oxygen that our bodies need for muscles to work from attaching onto the blood. Why do you think that the classic hosepipe from the exhaust into a car is a popular form of suicide? Catalytic convertors have made this a more long winded affair and it has fallen out of fashion a bit! A far better solution is insulated layers starting with thermal underwear and finishing with a waterproof and breathable outer shell to repel water but allow sweat to pass through. Gloves, hats and scarves as well as hot water bottles are far more effective and safer at keeping cold at bay.
  13. Used amber lenses for driving for many years and they are good in sunny conditions and blocking out the worst of the flare at dawn or dusk but never used them at night as they are effectively blocking out light and out of town, I need all the light I can see. I've just bought a pair of the Fortis Amber glasses but with the 2x diopter. They are quite dark and I don't use them when the light starts to dim but with age, my eyes need all the help they can get for tying hooks or attaching boilies.
  14. Yes, I've seen it and can highly recommend it. Nothing really to do with Batman (only a few short references) but a study of mental illness that examines the clown behind the mask. The Gary Glitter song is really good and really adds to the film but probably shouldn't say that with revelations that came to light!
  15. Tin. Use the spray and you'll lose a lot. I used a rag and really worked in it.
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