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  1. My first thought would be to take plenty of photo's and draw some maps showing where the snags are so you can avoid them when the level returns. A whole day spent doing that would probably pay off long term rather than sat behind the rods all day. That said, snags are fish magnets so fishing close to them could pay off but obviously wrapping up now would give a false reading when the levels increase and the bank retreats, so wrap to a fixed location like a boundary fence if possible. Plumbing should also be easier if it's 12 foot shallower and now is the time before the autumn rains come. Look
  2. Slightly off topic but I gave some kids a night to remember. I was all night barbel fishing right out in the sticks when at 3 in the morning I heard some kids on the far bank coming down from half a mile away singing what could be described as "racist rugby songs". When they got opposite to where I was fishing, I dipped my isotope underwater and let out a piercing werewolf howl! They absolutely crapped their selves and and a few more howls had them running away. Well worth disturbing the swim I was fishing at the time and I dare say tales of the "Beast of Wiltshire" still get told!
  3. Hi Shane. This is generally frowned upon as you could potentially create a "death rig", i.e. if the line breaks above the shot, the fish could be trailing the method feeder and this could cause the fish to snag up and die. Without the shot, the feeder will be free to run off and the fish only has a bit of line to deal with. I've borrowed this image from the ESP website that shows an in-line drop off system. The end of the swivel is plugged into the lead and will drop off with a bit of head shaking. The draw back and that it makes fishing expensive and the environmental impact of dump
  4. Wouldn't it have been better to get a review first and then order it?😀 Luckily found this on the Angling Direct website; 22-Jan-2020 5 Well packaged great product 12-Jan-2020 5 A bit ,bigger than i imagined but very smooth to use 07-Jan-2020 5 Excellent product, so glad I purchased these! Another great item from Sonik! 10-Sep-2019 5 Fantastic reel sturdy and q
  5. Test your Carp fishing knowledge with some of these probing questions. In his book "In pursuit of the Largest", how many times did Terry Hearn admit to abusing the benefits system? Can you name one bait company that hasn't sponsored Jim Shelly? At it's current rate of acquisitions, how long will it take for Angling Direct to have a total monopoly on the UK tackle market? Can you name one product launched by Nash in the last ten years that isn't driven by pure opportunism and greed? In the "Redmire Legends" chapter on Passi
  6. Sunrise over the Islands Fishery near Warminster and the new Harrison Torrix's got christened just before midnight with a 19lb 6oz Common.
  7. If you've only been fishing for 9 months, then perhaps a tuition might not be the best way forward as it would be expensive (£200 for 24 hours?) and it might overload you a bit. Best bet I can suggest is to find a fairly easy local water and catch as many as possible and don't be afraid to experiment. There is so much good free stuff on the 'net that you can have some of the best tutors tell you how they are doing it and why. But take a reality check, it's easy to believe that everyone is hauling them in whereas in reality carp fishing in this crowded island isn't as easy as they make out and
  8. I prefer spods to spombs as you can "lay them down gently" whereas spombs you have to make nose dive to open. I always plug the spod with groundbait dampened with hemp juice or use crumbed boilie.
  9. That's why I favour Combi's, you get the stiffness and resetting properties of the flouro but then have the final half inch that is (relatively) natural. I use wafters normally but presoaked in a flavour and that tends to over weight them so insert a cork plug in them so they are critically balanced. I prefer them to just lift the hook so the point is on the bottom and the gape is vertical.
  10. We get "done" far more often then we think. I've watched barbel in shallow clear water take every grain of sweetcorn - except for one! I've also watched them blow it out with extreme force, the corn ends up further up the river than the 3 foot trace I was using. I was sight fishing so the long trace was purely to keep the end tackle as far away as possible. All you can do is play the percentage game. Ensure your hook is sharp, the rig is good, the line is out of the way and you don't spook them. A friend told me a story of how he watched 2 carp come into a swim and clocked the 22 boilies,
  11. They say it's not a fool who makes a mistake but one who repeats it and so I must be right up there! I bought some X-line several years ago as I was told it was the best one out there. It sinks well (double the density of water) and is near invisible in water (unless you have it coming straight off the bottom and in bright conditions it looks like Darth Vader's light sabre!) I got fed up with the constant coiling of the stuff and it casts like a bag of spanners. I got rid of it and went back to mono (Gardner GT-HD like you which I really rate.) A few years back I bought some Fox Trans Kha
  12. A "Hampstead Heath Moment" seems to be the buzz word for any celeb that has been caught with his trousers down! Unfortunately on Hampstead Heath, it's not likely to be a lady being troubled! I would definitely keep this as a "days only" water.
  13. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Andoer-Orange-Filter-Camera-Camcorder/dp/B01J727A9A/ref=psdc_1330763031_t2_B077VL3DDY Have a look at one of these Highly. It makes night photography a lot simpler. You can still use your on board flash but the extra light does fill in the gaps a bit. For quite a few years I played about with slave flashes. They are small portable flash units that you mount on a bankstick or are placed on the ground and are triggered by the main flash going off. https://www.ebay.co.uk/b/slave-flash/bn_7024918190 Some on here, you only need the sub £20 versions. I had 2 an
  14. Unfortunately most Committees are run by old farts who like to impose their will on us, despite the fact most of them haven't picked up a rod in years! Several years ago I went along to a Committee meeting of my local club with the idea that I wanted to give something back and get involved. I left shaking my head in disbelief. It was all so well scripted the Communist Party would have approved and any suggestions from the floor were rubbished and the 'old boys brigade' on the fringes were quick to establish a return to the status quo. Have a look at some Club's rule books and you'll
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