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  1. For days only sessions I don't take the bedchair or any cooking stuff, relying on sandwiches and a flask. I've tried slimming my gear down but it just creeps back up again! I've got a large rucksack I keep most of my gear in and the barrow just makes it easier to cart around the rod bag and bait - I do like a lot of spod late summer and into the autumn. If possible I try not to put up the brolly up as that is the biggest hindrance to moving but if the sun is beating down or it's raining, it's difficult not to succumb to the comfort.
  2. For overnighters you can't really do it without a barrow unless the car park is right behind the swim. I used to fish a local days only water and tried to do it without a barrow (about 400 yards from the car park) but the next day my back would be in agony. My mate has bought 2 extra wheels to go on the back supports and a supermarket trolly style push bar instead of the handles and that works well but I haven't succumbed yet.
  3. Easy to say keep them but you know it's wrong. As mentioned, you should tell them and give them the chance to retrieve them. However, if you 'phone call is met with 10 minutes of greensleeves and "your call is important to us", hang up and keep 'em!
  4. Just got back from a grueller! Couldn't get on the 2 lakes on a complex I normally go on as it's fully booked so had to settle for the runs water. By mid morning virtually all the fish in the lake were sunbathing and not remotely interested. I throw some bits of jam sandwich right next to them and they didn't flinch! I think that one fish was caught in 2 days, which shows they weren't having it. I did have one pull just after dark. Started on PVA bags but quickly changed to the dreaded zigs. I did catch a bit of sunburn despite applying lotion so not a total disaster.
  5. You're not the first to forget to unclip but like you say, bye , bye rod if you don't. The steps you mention are pretty sound but I admit that I bypass step 3 and always rewrap. It may be more long winded but it's just a confidence /OCD thing!
  6. Hopefully when football stadiums reopen (I know it's the last day of season today!) and foreign travel opens up again, things will return to a more normal level. I've tried to book venues near me and Fridays and weekends are fully booked for months in advance.
  7. Watch out for the postage. He is quoting £30 which is probably realistic. I got stung a few years ago selling some rods on ebay for a mate and the Post Office charged more than some of the rods sold for!
  8. I think the bivvy Pablo inquires about is the Trakker Tempest, a quick and easy system to put up and good for moving swims. I have a 2 man bivvy but hardly use it these days and they are heavy and take a fair bit of assembling and putting away. I use a brolly with storm sides (Wychwood Solace) but since superseded by the MHR (Maximum Head Room). I used to do a lot of day only sessions (my local water has a night curfew) and the brolly fits in a holdall with no problems. I never bothered taking the groudsheet either to save weight. On overnighters I do take the groundsheet and have a Cyprinus
  9. Many years ago I used to fish a shallow, clear stretch of river for barbel and after a while, they started to treat sweetcorn with suspicion. I switched to chick peas and then used just about any tin of bean or pea I could find and they all caught! Some of them were a bit bland but any flavouring perks them up and don't forgot the old classic of black eye peas simmered in oxtail soup.
  10. Last day of the month and managed a 24-4 from the Islands at Warminster as well as a 12 lb'er. Luckily the fish decided to crash out which made location a bit easier. Decided to leave the spod at home and just went with PVA bags. It was pretty cold overnight and might be looking for a 6 season sleeping bag!
  11. On his website it's advertised at £220 but reduced to £110 so grab yourself a bargain! I've never read it but did hear reviews that's it's well over the heads of most Carp anglers. I buy my bait from a tackle shop and may tweak it a little bit by softening or adding boosters and a bit of a powder. I've found that the more read about bait, the more confused I become (or is it just me?) Bait Barons want you to catch and buy from them again and so I'm happy to let them get on with it. They may make a bit of money but I've spent too long in the kitchen playing about with baits and it's time consum
  12. A carp fishing desert! If it seems too good to be true......
  13. 23 April 2021 General **Swim Availability Update** Below are the number of swims available on each lake as of 6pm Friday The fishery is Full tonight. We have plenty of swims coming available from midday Saturday. Please do not arrive at the fishery 1st thing Saturday expecting a swim, please arrive from 10am onwards. Found this on the Linear website. Most places are rammed and after 2020 and a gradual easing of restrictions, it was bound to happen. I've got a few sessions planned in the next fortnight where you prebook your swim and times of arrival and departure. N
  14. Just got back from a 24 hour session at Willow Bank at Todber Manor. To say it was cold last night was an understatement, my mates carp drenching bucket was frozen solid. Did have a 10lb'er at a quarter past 4 this morning which was more than welcome as I've been a good boy and observed the no traveling rule and so the first fish in 6 months.
  15. Closed season trout fishing on rivers, a contentious pastime as one high profile angler found out a few years back. If you are using a spinner, attach a wire trace or you'll probably lose more pike than hook trout. I think as long as you only take a small bag, rod and a net you'll probably be OK. Take a chair, a two rod set up and a mountain of gear, you'll probably get pulled.
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