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  1. I think that you already know the answer. A medium sized Carp or Catfish wouldn't even be able to turn around in a keepnet. If you want to take a photo, keep it in the landing net for the shortest time possible to set up the camera and then put it back. To keep several fish in a keepnet of that size for a grouped shot at the end of a session would be highly frowned upon in the UK. Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh but I think that we take our responsibilities of fish care very seriously and it ensures that our stock survives and is able to flourish, despite some fish getting caught several times a season. There are some knowledgeable and helpful anglers on this Site so feel free to tap into it and expand your understanding of the sport and the standards that we aspire to. Good luck.
  2. I think that you would find this book really helpful; https://haynes.com/en-gb/carp-fishing-manual A bit quirky as it's written a bit like a car manual but contains a lot of advice on tackle, rigs and tactics. Written by the sadly missed Kev Green who was taken too early.
  3. I had a 24 hour session booked last week but after Boris's announcement on lock down and no unnecessary travel, I contacted the owner and he immediately offered an open ended trip when this all dies down. This virus is the most serious crisis the human race has faced since the Spanish Flu outbreak in 1918 where it was estimated 50 million worldwide died. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/1918-pandemic-h1n1.html Everyone is hurting but I think the Government is doing the right thing and we should do everything in our powers to stop the spread, even if that means no fishing or even walking the lakes. My mum and mother-in-law are both in their 80's and we are shielding them as much as possible as I don't rate their chances if they catch it. Be safe, be responsible, think of others.
  4. A book I highly rate is "Rolling in the Deep" by Adam Penning. It's a right doorstop (will come in useful if we're in lock down for 6 months!) The fishing chapters are top quality and you get a grasp of what it takes to be top rod and the chapter on Wraysbury was almost painful to read, let alone endure it. But it's not all fishing. There are plenty of autobiographical bits that intertwine the stories and I felt they added to the book by relating how he managed to spend his spare time fishing and some of the sacrifices he made. Not cheap at £40 (with postage) but I read it 3 times last year and will probably do so again some time, a classic testament that it is worth the money. https://calmproductions.com/rolling-in-the-deep
  5. With the outbreak of Corona Virus and most of us in social isolation or exclusion from fishing, we need something to cheer us up and keep the grey stuff ticking over. "Carpy" is a word often used but hasn't really been defined.......until now! Here is my list of things required to be considered "Carpy" Driving in a car with the registration C4 RPY. The ultimate! Have a beard, the bigger and bushier the better! Those long sessions don't leave time for showers or other types of "man grooming" than non anglers (or poofs as they are sometimes known) seem to think is necessary. Oh, and having an ear piercing so large you can push your finger through it. Drinking out of a cup that should carry a public health warning as it hasn't seen the washing up bowl since last Christmas. Etching words like "bacteria" and "salmonella" on the grime built up on the back of your tea spoon and photographing it and putting it on instagram. A photo of your kettle boiling on the stove in the pitch black on the same Site, it's almost compulsory. Speaking phrases that non anglers have no idea what you are talking about. "Lovely times", "buzzing", "happy days "and other toe curling terms are compulsory if writing in one of the Carp comics. Talk to your non-angling mates about your all consuming hobby in a way that totally bamboozles them. "Yea, I caught Mary at 25 wraps on a popped up tiger on a stiffy" will have most people scratching their heads. We have already established that some anglers regard personal hygiene as optional. Going into work the next day after rolling some bait with Monster Crab flavouring will have you in self isolation in the canteen even before the outbreak of Corona Virus. Drive a car that could be classified as a "shed". Used builder vans or estates that have used nets and slings as well as all that bait, "just in case they're 'aving it" are common in fishing vehicles that no members of the family will dare to venture in. Be in a Zombie like state at work the next day after an overnighter. You think that you're blagging it but the eyes like organ stops and dense utterings to even simple questions show that you should have waited until Friday night. You've (rightly) been banned from cooking hemp in the kitchen as it stinks the house out, so what do you do? Buy a Baby Burco and cook it in the garden and [censored] off the neighbours off as well. You went through the motions as school, doing just enough to scrape a few O levels together so at least you could get a job and pay for your fishing gear. Your knowledge of nutrition needed for fish growth, protein absorption rates and stimulation for cyprinid preoccupation levels show that a degree in Science wasn't beyond you. I must have missed a few, any more takers?
  6. If you went into a tackle shop and asked for boilies for beginners, I bet you'd get an odd look! The simple answer is that most boilies these days are 'good', any company selling rubbish wouldn't last very long. Shelf life boilies have come on a long way and can be kept for long periods of time without going off and are a good bet. It's a very subjective topic but the best advice I can give is to choose one and after buying the matching wafter and pop up version and flavouring liquid, stick with it if possible. Most of us with have tackle sheds with different variations of bait that we bought that we can't chuck out, just in case! Bait isn't the be all of carp fishing, location, application of bait, the right rig for the situation and timing are far more important things to get right.
  7. It’s with regret we need to inform you that The Big One Show at Farnborough has been postponed We are incredibly disappointed that we've had to take this action so close to the event opening. However, it became clear that the recent acceleration in Covid19 cases in the UK has led to heightened concerns for all participants and the show would be negatively impacted from all perspectives should we have proceeded. We understand how important the show is both from an industry and community point of view so we are pleased that we are able to postpone to later in the year when we are hopeful that the threat of Covid19 will have significantly receded. Please bear with us while we make all the necessary arrangements to facilitate this move and contact all participants. Found this on the Website. It's starting to get a bit scary now with virtually all sports and large gatherings cancelled.
  8. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/warning-small-children-small-dogs-3938272 Spotted this joke of a piece in the local rag. I've seen a few down as the river is very clear in the summer but not that big.
  9. Set down a few mouse traps in the garage! I've had them in my garage before, normally after I've split some hemp on the ground. I keep all my baits in plastic buckets with seal able lids but if they want it, they'll chew through them. On the traps you can use most food items but I found that chocolate is the most effective.
  10. I have a fairly regular subscription to Carpology. They keep enticed me with crazy offers. Last time I had 10kg of Live System, pop-up's and wafters as well as a 500ml bottle of Amino 365, a book and a 6 month subscription for a lot less than I would have paid otherwise. https://www.carpology.net/shop/subscriptions/carpology-sticky-krill-returns-deal/ I found this on their Site, 10kg of Sticky's Krill which would set you back about £100 alone with the book and 1 litre of Krill liquid, pop-ups and a 6 month subby for £69.99 and normally about a fiver for postage. The way I look at it, I'm getting the magazine for free (and some more). I do enjoy the mag and look forward to reading it every month so as far as I'm concerned, it's win-win.
  11. I'm against dropping leads, if it's not necessary. Obviously if you're fishing a weedy water then it may be wise to err on the side of caution but not as a matter of course.
  12. http://www.korda.co.uk/fishingtackle/baiting-up/mini-skyliner/ I quite often use one of these. This is my weapon of choice for baiting overhanging trees on the far margin. It makes so little splash compared to the larger spods, providing you hit the clip and soften the landing with the rod.
  13. Yonny has pretty well summed it up. If you get a sustained period of high pressure, i.e. sunny and warm with little wind, things can go a bit stale. A strong South-Westerly bringing warm rain can stir things up and so looking at the forecast for the next few days and acting on it can bring dividends. I fished for barbel a lot in the winter for many years and always tried to get out when the water temperature was on an upward ramp as it really did bring the fish on.
  14. I assume you mean anti tangle sleeves? They are used to prevent the trace from tangling on the main line, which happens more often than people think. When a heavy lead sinks, it is very easy for a supple trace to 'spiral' around the main line but when you wind in, it will probably unravel itself and you don't know you've been fishing ineffectively all the time. They also help stiffer rigs to reset if a fish picks up the bait and spits it out by pushing the trace away from the lead. You can reduce the possibility of tangles by always hitting the clip on the cast and feeling it down on a tight line.
  15. I haven't mentioned this to anyone before as they would think I was mad but I heard a splash in the margins and saw a squirrel swim on his back across the river and climbed up a tree on the far bank!
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