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  1. Reached size limit, adding a few more.
  2. Running water has always had a fascination and wiers are the culmination of fascination. Here are some of my favourite shots.
  3. Here is a shot of a flying fish I caught a few years ago. Didn't notice it when I took the photo, only when I put it on the computer.
  4. Most of my late spring to autumn fishing (unless baking hot) revolves around spodding a lot of particle. Hemp used to be quite cheap years ago but the price has gone up a fair bit so I just bulk it out with pigeon conditioner mixes and frozen sweetcorn which is a lot cheaper (and environmentally friendly!) than tinned corn. If you are using pellet as well, don't add it to the spod mix or else it will turn to a mush, add to the spod just before casting. I make up some groundbait to plug the spod (don't get on with spombs) and use the excess liquid from the mix to bind it which increases the attraction. I was fishing a local lake a few years ago and the liquid level in the bucket was a bit high so I tipped the excess into the margins, a few minutes later several carp were charging around searching for the source of the smell. So I would just soak it all for 24 hours and boil for at least 20 minutes and go for it. I went yesterday and my spot was like a boiling couldren as they were definitely on it and had a 19-10 on plastic corn.
  5. The club lake I fish regularly had a barbless only rule but a lot of the fish had pretty gammy mouths. Barbless undoubtably go in easier but during a fight they do tend to twist and turn a bit and cause problems. Barbed hooks, although harder to penetrate do tend to stay in one place. The Committee finally decided to allow barbed (preferably micro barbed) hooks to alleviate the problem. During the barbless rule, I caught plenty of fish (well stocked) and lost very few and never felt handicapped. If using barbed hooks, you can always crush the bard down with a pair of forceps to keep it as small as possible.
  6. The pet store chain Jollyes have a selection of bins that have loads of interesting bits like pigeon conditioner and other seeds, just grab a bucket on the way in and fill it up. Most of the seed type baits swell up two or three times their dry size and so a little goes a long way. I have also bought some large bags of mixed bird seed at B&M at silly cheap prices. I also sometimes visit a local farm feed store and they also have some interesting seeds, pellets, sacks of vitalin and 5 litre containers of mollases at pretty reasonable prices as the "Carp Tax" isn't included!
  7. It might help if you let people know where you are from as you are more likely to get a localised response.
  8. Very little I would have though as fish live in the wet stuff. An intense fire would throw the flames high in the air so it would have minimal impact on Oxygen levels in the lake. If any trees fell into the lake, that could create an instant 'snag' swim and could be worth investigating.
  9. Chris said 'no swivels should be attached to the mainline'. It's a little bit ambiguous but I'm pretty sure that what is implied is that you can't have swivels running on the mainline, I can't believe that they have outlawed swivels as a means of attaching a trace to the mainline.
  10. I assume that it means you can't use a chod rig as the swivel can cut into the main line just above the lead if using mono. Lead core is usually OK but is also banned on a lot of fisheries. A standard lead clip set should is probably the way forward but that would depend on the amount of weed present as rigs can bury themselves.
  11. The answer is to cast past the show and reel the rig into position and drop it over the spot. Even if you are using PVA bags, you should get about 30 seconds before they break down.
  12. If you are using PVA bags, make them as tight as possible and use a syringe to piece the bag to fill the voids and then chuck it out.
  13. Some oils are lighter and more suitable for cold water conditions as the thicker stuff conceals. Things like hemp oil are suitable for cold weather and I use a salmon oil in the summer but don't go overboard. On another note, I use a tin of tuna in my ground bait mix I use to plug my spods to give it a really fishy tang, I use the brine version in the winter and oil in the summer.
  14. mark bryant rig Here is the video that shows the rig. I've used 15lb Korda IQ for years without any mishap but noticed that Mark uses 20lb. The Silicon Tube is 1.5mm and I use some from ESP. It really is a versatile rig and you can also adjust the length of the slip-D at will. Try the IQ again following the tips in the video and you shouldn't have any problems,
  15. I've always been a fan of Combi's and saw the Mark Bryant rig and have been using it as it is so easy to change the hook or use a bait screw/small swivel/ring within seconds. He uses a piece of silicon tube that automatically kicks out when slid over the hook so there is no need to use shrink tube. By doing so, it locks the hook and make it difficult to change things at will.
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