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  1. Most shop bought sticks come with cord preset at 12 foot, or 4 yards if you prefer. It's easy to convert wraps to yards and you shouldn't need to worry about what length rod you are using.
  2. That is true and I do use plastic corn! I have this imaginary Greta Thunburg sat on my shoulder and she tuts every time I do something questionable! I cycle to work most days (weather permitting) and so I offset any carbon I use to go fishing against that. Anglers are the original conservationist and I do try to think about the impact that what we do has on the environment, hence why I think that polystyrene in fishing is highly questionable.
  3. When you say poly balls, I'm assuming that's as in polystyrene? Probably frowned upon nowadays and I'd stick to cork. Cork dust is probably better as you don't the hard centre compared to using a ball.
  4. My missus is always asking me what I want for Birthdays and Christmas and I never know so she surprised me with a stocking filler. (Well it was after!)
  5. I went to see Motorhead in the early 80's and had tinnitus for 3 days! The Marshall stack was something to behold and I wondered why all the bouncers were walking around with ear plugs in. 'Elf and Safety these days probably wouldn't have it that loud but then your insides would have the full effect of Lemmy's bass vibrating it. That said, the below track is surprisingly reflective and the video really does it justice.
  6. Another classic bit of story telling from the master!
  7. Found this on YouTube. Really good stuff from Carl and Alex and explained in simple layman's terms how to get the best from phones and camera's.
  8. Nightwish is also on my YouTube viewing. Floor Jansen has an amazing voice and leather has never looked so good! (And those thighs.........)
  9. This one's worth a watch. The female lead singer looks like she's just come from an Anne Summers party! Not sure what party the male singers come from but I think a lot of drugs were taken! Metal that can melodic and sexy.
  10. I haven't bought a comic for over 10 years after the scandalous reporting of the Joanna Yates murder in Bristol after they all did a hatchet job on her landlord. He was a tad eccentric but police finally arrested another tenant who fled back to Holland days after the murder. He successfully sued all of them for a shed-load of money but the damage done to his character warranted a large payout. If I ever do browse a paper lying about I find all of them annoying. The politic slant depends on who owns the paper and the news of so-called Celebs is designed to sell to the brain dead. Any TV program with the word Celebrity is to be avoided. They only exist to inflate the ego's of those involved or create a sob story so you feel sorry and vote for them. Unfortunately you can't avoid them as there so many about so when my missus is watching one, I'm normally on You Tube watching something of a fishing nature!
  11. Thanks Father Christmas. Also got it in a Black Friday Sale so £110 instead of the RRP of £140, although it had been £120 on Angling Direct for a while.
  12. It's that time of the year when the family ask what you want for Christmas and you haven't got a clue! Sometimes it's not an obvious fishing item that really delivers, who would have thought that a fancy saucepan by Ridge Monkey would have scooped "Product of the Year" in the Carp comics several years ago. I recently bought a sleeping mat to go on my bedchair and it's been a revelation. For years I was never really comfy and would fidget all night. They also help to retain heat lost from under the bed by trapping that extra bit of warmth that is normally lost. https://www.cotswoldoutdoor.com/p/mountain-equipment-helium-3-8-warm-zone-sleeping-mat-D2424300.html%3Fchannable=00ff736964003230343434325f393886&colour=98&utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=shopping?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Best Sellers £4k High Priority tROAS-BOFU-PLA &cq_plac=&cq_net=g&cq_pos=&cq_med=pla&cq_plt=gp&gclid=CjwKCAjw2bmLBhBREiwAZ6ugo1tI2svykrueGTl9pSAkGFrC3Ea3oc2VYG1JFl9bLe7XMK5ya00rmBoCOR0QAvD_BwE I got one of these that was recommended on another fishing Site and would endorse it. To get the best out of them, leave the air valve open and let it inflate naturally and then just give it a couple of puffs. You don't want it hard as this makes it uncomfortable. At the end of a session, open the valve, roll it up and shut the valve again and it doesn't hinder shutting the bed with the mat left in place. On some extreme camping websites they recommend inflating with a small pump as your breathe contains water vapour that could result in cooling but I think that's a bit hypothetical. As for me, I bought a Mitchell Avospod reel about 7 years ago based on a Carpology review. It's a standing joke that Carpology never give a bad review and this was certainly the case. It sounds like a coffee grinder and the spool goes so far forward it exposes the under carriage and several times recently it's picked up the line and sheared it off. At £35, I shouldn't really complain as did the job for a while. I'm hoping Father Christmas brings me a Shimano XTD spod reel this year.
  13. Sounds like you are using plastic tubing! Most fishing companies sell a brand of tubing that shrinks in hot water or I put mine in front of a boiling kettle for a few seconds and bend it to suit. Alternatively, you can also buy pre-formed tubing known as kickers and they do the same job.
  14. Just got back from a 24 hour blank. It was warm enough during the day but my mat was frozen in the morning. The lake did seem dead, I only saw 2 fish roll in all that time. At 1p.m. the bloke opposite had a run and his mate in the next swim was about to net it when he had a take. My mate who was 100 yards away 'phoned me to tell me he'd just caught one. As far as I could tell, that was it for the whole lake. I did have one aborted pull at 5a.m but that was it. Apparently the previous week they had a match on and only 6 fish were caught out of 17 swims. You can only conclude that there was a (very) short window in which they fed.
  15. As already mentioned, don't use that rig. To stop tangling generally, most people "hit the clip", that is to put the line in the reel clip and overcast so that the rig is projected forward as it hits the water. I also regularly use a PVA stick on the hook to increase it's attraction and also it helps alleviate tangles.
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