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  1. Same applies, it'll still be giving off Carbon Monoxide.
  2. Fishing a cabin with an electric heater isn't cricket! Richard Walker will be turning in his grave.
  3. I don't know about generators, I take far too much stuff fishing as it is! Your body is a heat generator and the best bet is to harness that but using clothing that is appropriate. In the winter that means thermal underwater and layering. Bobble hats, scarves and gloves are also pretty essential to trap and retain the heat you generate. One tip that is worth mentioning is buying a thermal shirt that will tuck into the bottoms with plenty of room to keep it there. I've seen far too many "builders bums" in my time but aside from the unpleasant view, the heat you are releasing will cool you down
  4. It varies. I fish a local pond that is narrow at the stream end and fish 2 spots (2 rod limit), one under the trees on the far bank and one on the bottom of the steep drop off a rod length out. The close rod I use the big Spod (not keen on spombs as you have to hit the nose cap quite hard to open them) and underarm and drop the bait with barely a ripple. If I use the big spod on the far bank (only about 6 wraps), it does tend to make too much of a splash so revert to a midi as I can stop it instantly and lay it down almost silently. That said, I have had bites when using the large spod on the
  5. Alcohol spirit is still a hydrocarbon and will give off a percentage of Carbon Monoxide during combustion. Burning anything in a confined area (i.e. sealed up bivvy) is asking for trouble and lets be honest, if it's cold enough to need one, the bivvy will be zipped up. It's like playing Russian Roulette, 5 times out 6 you'll be fine!
  6. Interesting piece as ever from Adam Penning. He is removing a lot of metal to make the hook "hyperdermically sharp". He describes it as his biggest edge and you can't argue with his results.
  7. Probably one of the most complex questions in Carp Fishing! On YouTube I've seen one bloke state that 8kg of boilies even in the winter is his standard offering (that's about £80 to you and me but he is sponsored!) whereas others will go for singles or a PVA bag and fish for one bite at a time. When Carp are really on the munch, you can't feed them enough. I did read a few years back about one bloke who feed 5kg of boilies in an out of bounds area and 8 large Carp came in and cleaned him out in 5 minutes. Although he couldn't fish there, the confidence in his bait was off the scale and on
  8. https://calmproductions.com/through-the-mist-4 Link to the Website, £35 plus postage.
  9. It's finally coming out, just in time for Christmas as well!
  10. I've been using Gardner GT-HD and rate it. I used to use Pro Clear and still would but it seemed to fizzle out for some reason.
  11. I don't have a definitive answer regarding the depth but I think Rob Hughes said that below 30 foot it gets so cold he has to come up pretty quick. Carp will seek out the warmest part of the lake as it is the most comfortable. I would be looking more at the inlet end of a reservoir.
  12. They have just announced a full lock down. Unfortunately traveling to go fishing will be seen as an unnecessary journey! We'll have to go along with it but I'm not convinced that it will work. Predictions of 4,000 a day dying is a scary statistic and the Government had to act and I'm just glad it's a call I didn't have to make. The Spanish flu outbreak of 1918 killed more in the 2nd winter wave than the first and history does have a habit of repeating itself.
  13. Alternatively add some table salt to a the sweetcorn and the PVA won't melt until the lake water dilutes it right down.
  14. After lock down, the banks have been busier than ever as people made up for lost time. Chuck in the "French" brigade who couldn't go so stayed closer to home and those on furlough who have time on their hands and it's obvious why the banks are busier. Until recently Linear was fully occupied most days with only a few swims on Hardwick/Smiths going. https://www.linear-fisheries.co.uk/index.cfm?fuseaction=news.start The fish are being constantly fed and on their guard all the time and it's not too surprising that things are getting harder. The late autumn period should see most "f
  15. A mate of mine caught a big pike on the steps of a large concrete domed reservoir a couple of foot out in about a foot of water. He had a theory that the pike patrolled the margins after dark looking for easy pickings as some anglers discarded any unused deadbaits in the margins. We did a whole night session on a Somerset Drain once and got smashed to pieces by eels, I think we had at least 15 runs each but did catch a pike just after midnight. We would regularly fish a couple of hours into darkness in the winter but it wasn't all that productive but did throw up the better specimens.
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