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  1. But it’s just a trait they carry like a ginger to humans. A mirror to common. How did mirror carp come to be? If you read the articles online (google search) that explain how in the Middle Ages we slowly bred mirrors through selective breeding. That means they must have taken the odd mirror out of the pool to breed it and only it and then have a pure mirror strain they could farm. So my thinking is that the odd two commons can make a mirror I am having this convo on a few other forums and I have got answers from both sides one says you need two mirrors to make a mirror the other says it’s like humans and ginger haired people and others say you have to release a mirror to have a mirror who is correct I have no idea at this point but I am determined to get to the bottom of it
  2. I’m in Vancouver what lagoon are we talking about. I have taken 20 large up to 32” carp on the fly this may. Maybe I can help you out a bit. Or we can share some locations and techniques for the area my brother is also a carp guide in the okanagan. Princeton salmon arm Kelowna all around the interior. Bow fishing and fly fishing. I can definitely point you to some good areas with less bait stealers
  3. I am new to the forum have been fishing for a 20+ years in Canada and have been catching carp for a long time too as well as every other fish we have here in north america. I will add some photos tonight to prove my level of carp nerdiness anyways my goal right now is to catch a mirror and im sure most of you know from the UK carp in North america are the trash fish and no one cares except for a select few hardcore fisherman who see the draw to carp fishing on the fly. in my search for a mirror my question is can two common carp breed and can a mirror be born. I understand they are genetically different while being for the most part the same as in they are both carp. in Canada all carp were introduced at some point along the last 50-200 years depending on the body of water so at this point they are basically a wild invasive fish as they have been reproducing for many generations in most areas. a lot of the water I fish has from what I can see only commons with maybe a couple mirrors here or there, but how did the mirrors get there, did someone have to release a mirror for there to be a mirror or can commons eggs hatch a mirror in a 1:1000 type situation. any info you European carp pros have would be great
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