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  1. Hi MJM, We would class the lake as moderate - it's not a runs water but the fish aren't pressured, so not overly difficult to catch when they are feeding. The lake is easy to fish, having no weed or snags to worry about, and as we only allow exclusive bookings, the lake and facilities would be yours for the week meaning you could come and go as you please. The lake lies behind two locked gates and has a perimeter fence so you can rest assured your tackle will be safe. We have a large head of Perch in the lake which are great for keeping you entertained whilst waiting for the Ca
  2. Hi all, we've just sent our first newsletter, if you'd like to receive the next copy, sign up at https://brotherslakefrance.us17.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=6eaaebc2b3911dc5393d39ce7&id=44060cec39 Thanks, Shelley
  3. Thanks chillfactor, have a great week on the bank. You'd be very welcome!
  4. Thanks Admin, we're very excited about opening our gates for the first time!
  5. Brothers Lake lies in the beautiful Limousin countryside in the central west region of France. Famous for its blue and white porcelain, the city of Limoges is just thirty minutes away. The surrounding area has plenty of sights to see and things to do, if you can prise yourself away from the fishing for long enough. Situated in the Haute-Vienne department, the weather is warm for much of the year and can experience long hot summers on a regular basis. Perfect for a week of carp fishing in France! The lake itself lies in a conservation area and relies solely on an off grid supply.
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