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  1. After reading that quick drag washers speed up the clutches for my shimano 5500 xtd reels i biught a set of the teflon ones off eBay ..at 1st I thought they was great but the more I have used them I find them to be sticky and not smooth at all when I have loosened up the clutch after a cast and and setting my bobbins ..Alamo like they stick if that makes sense ? ..anybody else used these teflon ones and found same ?? I'm thinking of getting the more expensive once which in hindsight I maybe should have done in the first place but I don't want to be shelling out more money if they will only do the same
  2. So I have been humming and haring about what flavoured boilie to get made for winter ..And have decided on a combination of banana nut and spice ..what sort of flavours is every body else using this winter
  3. Cheers for your reply pal much ...I have I have done of the old nash biker style chains and bobbins coming after i purchased some of a lad on shpock but I'm not to keen on the actual bobbins so was looking at maybe changing them ..I will have a play around with then when they land and see if any if my other bibbins will fit
  4. Yeah well obviously I meant other than nash ...but cheers for pointing out the obvious I would never have guessed that
  5. What bobbins will fit in nash chains ..different fitting thread size than solar and matrix ain't they ??
  6. Didn't know sorry ..I'll delete it ..won't let me
  7. Don't suppose any body has nutrabaits cream cajouser flavour, or know where I can get it..as far as im aware it has been discontinued ans it is one of my fave flavours
  8. How much did they charge to replace the battery terminal mate
  9. Any carp lead makers ..bolton or leigh ?
  10. All they do is tell you to fill out a returns form send it in with alalrm and they will get back to you with the cost
  11. Was using the above blue foam aswell mate 😂😂😂
  12. Caught yesterday after casting out with blue... 20lb 8oz ..they can't dislike blue that much can they lol
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