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  1. Thank You all for the knowledge and help, I really appreciate it, I feel better and will be going back this weekend, the weather is great, its cooled down some and a nice breeze has been blowing. The water has really cleared up and I'm excited to go Carp fishing. I have always used a round Baitcasting reel and with my new Sonik Tournos 6000 compact big pit carp reel, I have enjoyed fishing with it. Thanks again Minelab
  2. I'm new to the Forum, and Carp fishing, would appreciate some advice. In all my years of Fishing, I have never been mocked or insulted by a fish until today. Using a Nash rod and Sonik reel, I tried a method feeder first and then top fishing with light tackle, bread and dog biscuits cut down, bottom fishing with boiles, all great recommended baits. Off of the Ohio river fishing in a creek about 180 yards down from the mouth of the river under a bridge. When I got to this spot, I was floored by all the carp in schools, hundreds of them, no kidding. When I was sitting on the bank, four feet in front of me, several of the Carp looked right at me with there mouths going, they weren't afraid of me even when I got up and walked around scratching my head, I threw out bait, and they just ignored it, corn, pop ups, bread and even dog food. I didn't catch a single fish in two days of fishing, but the carp just kept insulting me all day. There was big ones and small ones and in between. I gave up and came home and decided to ask for some help. If any one would please throw a tip or two out I would be thankful.