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  1. So true, I just ordered two different Tabasco from two different Vendors, hoping at least one will be decent. Now what I have done to help the issue is buy different Tabasco flavorings, some good results and some not so good, but I have been able to at least get the taste closer to Tabaco then what it was. Enjoy your day.
  2. I have found getting a good tobacco flavor is difficult. I will try Vampire, I just might try a little tobacco flavor to find out, you just never no, maybe some RY4, sweat, carmel with a smooth tobacco.
  3. Good to know this, Now I will indeed continue to experiment a little, I have quit a few flavors and some sweeteners and cream always on my desk. I have some Boosters that could use a boost, just match up the flavors or add one or two. What I liked was only having to add just two drops to enhance the flavor in the cold water. I will always use my good glugs, but nice to know I can also use what I have to spice things up a little.
  4. That's pretty cool, I have not tried to make any from scratch as you have, but someday I would like to try. I got a order of Booster liquids and sprays on the way and some new pop ups to try. It's in the 30's here in the morning but warming up to low 50's, this gives me about a 4 hour window to fish that I'm comfortable in. It's only a 3 minute drive to the gate to get to my river spot. I'm thankful I have a key and the only one who has permission to fish there.
  5. That is Funny stuff elmoputney. I read up on the indigents and found this. Capella Flavors Concentrates are dewy drops of dreaminess that can be used in the creation of DIY e-liquids. These e cig flavors are so versatile that they can even be used to enhance the tastes of your favorite foods and desserts or as tantalizing additions to designer coffees and teas. The beauty of Capella concentrates is that they can be easily adjusted to the precise strength levels that you choose. Naturally and Artificially Flavored. Propylene Glycol based. Diacetyl Free - Acetoin Free - Acetyl Propiony
  6. Like many Carp anglers, I too like to apply a booster spray or liquid drops to my Hook Baits, Pop ups are my chosen. Good weather here has been running out and I wanted to take advantage of it. Didn't realize I was out of my key booster for my cold water Pop ups. So being a Vapor for many years sitting at my desk, right in front of me sit Flavor Concentrates of many flavors. I have 15ml bottles that are clear and potent. They cost me around $2.50 to $3.00 each. I add about three drops to a 60ml bottle of E-Juice to Boost the flavor. My chosen pop up for the day was Nash Instant Action St
  7. Appreciate your advice buzzbomb, Yes ground bait is allowed, as to a place, working on that. I believe fishing the river for my self in currents just comes more natural for me, I have been casting out lines in them for over 30 years. I enjoy the challenge of the lakes because I am able to use different rigs such as Chod rigs and pva bags. Locating the Carp is a game of stalking and a keen eye. I learned that the hard way and believed I could just cast out anywhere. All in all its a wonderful adventure every time I go out. Until next time. Photo is my River hot spot, very difficult to fish due
  8. Its been a good year, gained a lot of knowledge and have been able to get some new reels and gear. I haven't picked up a catfish rod since my first post of wanting to give up. Carp fishing is a skill in my opinion, I totally agree with the previous post. More than just baiting a hook. I have been fishing a couple of lakes and have found them to be more challenging than fishing the river. Enjoying it and have learned to use chod rigs and PVA bags at the lakes with some good success. Took time to learn and have confidence in my rigs. My advice to any one just getting started is don't become disc
  9. psychodiagnostik I agree with you about training these wild Carp to feed here in the USA on the Rivers. It has taken me some time to learn this and be successful. I buy a 40lb bag of chicken feed that sinks, at Rual King for nine bucks. Mix it with a can of corn with the juice and then add a bottle of Red soda.The mix is just sticky enough to pack it to get it out and it breaks down quickly, I also use Old fashion Oats not cooked at different locations with the chicken feed and red soda. This has been working very well to draw them in. I use a pop up rig 80 percent of the time, Kev Horton’
  10. Finding the right Rod has been a very big Challenge. living in the United States. We just don't have those God Send Carp shops I see on the web in UK. Yes I am truly Jealous. I wanted a set of 9' 2.50lb. Rods. All the 9 footers seemed to have short handles except the new Wychwood - Extricator Plus 9'Rod and I will be owning a set of them soon. When I received my Chub Outkast 9'Rods, I was disappointed, the handles were just to short for my liken. The balance of the rod for my self was not good as well. To far and cost to much to ship back. I really like the action and fit and finish for t
  11. Thank you for starting this thread, I'm not new to fishing, but just started Carp fishing. I live in IN. on the Ohio River. I fish a channel off the River called Pigeon creek. Its loaded with Carp, Cat-fishing at dawn, I would see Monster Carp, I estimate to be around the 30lb range break the water next to a barge all the time. I went out and bought new Carp gear, spent a lot of money only to get Blank, Blank and more Blank. one day fishing down the creek, a school of carp Mocked me, they came up about 3 feet from the bank and stared at me. I packed up and went home. Thanks to the Lads on this
  12. This will be my third post, to introduce myself. Newbie to carp fishing, 40 years of Bass, and Catfishing. Live in the USA. Grew up on the river and I now live next to the river. My practice is to release to preserve the Fish. I have seen many freezers full of fish that were thrown out due to being in there over a year to fill it up again. This just doesn't make since, it's wrong and I catch alot of slack for speaking my mind. The big Blues I use to catch are far and few now. I'm so excited to see how the Carp over there are released to catch another day and preserved. I'm learning Carp fishin
  13. I'm a newbie to carp fishing, I live in the USA on the Ohio River. I walk most of the time to my fishing spots. When I came across CARP.COM Searching for information on how to Carp fish, I was intrigued with all the information and experienced anglers. I made my first post a few months ago and was Shocked by the response I got. Fast to respond with top notch knowledge that was Spot On. I want to thank every one for sharing your divine Carp knowledge, gear, bait and how to on this Forum. I finally have a good set of rods and reels. To day being black Friday, I ordered two Chub
  14. Thank You all for the knowledge and help, I really appreciate it, I feel better and will be going back this weekend, the weather is great, its cooled down some and a nice breeze has been blowing. The water has really cleared up and I'm excited to go Carp fishing. I have always used a round Baitcasting reel and with my new Sonik Tournos 6000 compact big pit carp reel, I have enjoyed fishing with it. Thanks again Minelab
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