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  1. Me again.... I am still looking at the ingredients for boilies and have a couple more questions. There are 2 types of Semolina I have found, a course and a fine one, which would be better? There is no difference in price I just wondered. And while looking in to fishmeal I have seen the variety available and also found one that seemed to contain a decent mixture of them but would I need to add Semolina to it or just flavours? The site says just flavours but it seems like a generic recipe and it also says just add flavours to a 50/50 Semolina/soya flour mix. Obviously I want it to go as far as possible but I wouldn't want to mess with the quality too much. The mix is as follows.... Norsildmel Norse LT94 fishmeal, Provimi 66 fishmeal, Spanish tuna meal, enzyme treated pre-digested fishmeal, purified blood, kelp meal, spirulina, brewers yeast. Thanks
  2. Yeah I think I may end up a bit higher than the £4 the more I look in to it. If the fish like it they will hopefully keep coming back for more. It really does get you thinking, my wife is fed up of hearing about boilie flavour ideas she is looking forward to rolling them with me though so that's great! I am not buying a table yet as I want to make sure I am happy doing them before I pay out too much, ingredients can be used elsewhere but a boilie rolling table has limited uses.
  3. I think I will stick with the shorter drying time and then freeze. The egg dip and base mix sounds good, I may attempt that once I get the hang of boilies.
  4. I was thinking along the natural route too. When you see the prices of the fishing branded ones it seems excessive for pretty much the same product that is probably watered down and who knows what else in it. I will see how I get on with my 1st batch. I think I have them down to about £4/kg but I will see if it works out right when I buy the stuff.
  5. I guess its trial and error then really. I think I will air dry for a little bit and then in the freezer, I have managed to get a freezer for free which will be for bait only so plenty of room! I will be using food extract instead of bait flavouring, hopefully it will go ok its based mainly on budget. I made some about 10 years a go using food flavouring and they work out alright so I think I will try again. Thanks
  6. I am looking at making my own boilies over the next week or so and wondered about air drying them. I am not sure if I missed it on here but do you boil them and then air dry for a few days or do they go in to the freezer once cooled? Thanks
  7. PandA698

    GROUNDBAITS, Method and Spod Mix

    Oh yeah I guess that helps! I did catch for little ones but as that was what I was going for it was a success! I will be using it again later this week/ early next week with a slightly different approach so hopefully I can catch a bit bigger this time.
  8. PandA698


  9. PandA698

    GROUNDBAITS, Method and Spod Mix

    I made ground bait the other day before I went fishing and it worked out to £1.65 for 1.25kg of it. Not sure how that compares to other baits but it seemed cheap to me. It was 1 whole loaf of bread 1 packet of meaty rolls and a sprinkle of gravy granules.. While on the bank I did add chick peas, sweetcorn and maggots but that was my preference.
  10. PandA698

    Where to go tomorrow

    Lol, I won't say Willesley then! There is a place in Overseal called Spring Cottage Fishery that has carp up to 28lb on the Oak pool. I am a beginner so don't go on that one yet. There is Beehive Farm at Rosliston that has up to 20lb, Longton in Ashbourne is supposed to be good as well.
  11. PandA698

    Where to go tomorrow

    Welcome to the forum. Is the Ashby you live in Ashby De La Zouch? Cheers
  12. PandA698

    August catch reports.....

    I can't lie it surprised me how much he liked it. Just need to get him brave enough to hold them now!
  13. PandA698

    August catch reports.....

    My and me son went today for the 1st time and caught 4 little ones. 1 picture didn't turn out great so haven't put that on. Had more bites but I think a lack of experience and confidence meant I missed them. Will start working up to the big ones in the next few months. P.s I am not drunk, just not photogenic lol
  14. PandA698

    Channels to watch on YouTube?

    Watched the 1st 2 episodes of the Fox Challenge and they are really good. I don't find many people funny but I chuckled a lot at Mark. Thanks for the suggestions.
  15. PandA698


    I bet they did! They had an amazing run for such a small club. When you compare them to some of the other clubs in The Championship (at the time) they are tiny. I drive by The Pirelli a lot and always think some away fans must of laughed when they came here.