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  1. My £25 including P&P rods arrived this morning! I only won them Sunday evening so really impressed with the service. The rods seems great, little heavier than my current rod but at the price I won't moan. Annoyingly I would of got the rod even cheaper had the company not used a Fed-Ex 24 hour service at the cost of £15, I actually won the rods for £10 but still a bargain.
  2. There is Burton Carp Pit which seems to have quite a lot of 20's and a few 30's in there. I know nothing about it myself other than where it is and that its a syndicate. Its not far from The Pirelli stadium in Stretton, Burton on Trent.
  3. PandA698


    I will have a look for them. They sound more like my kind of thing. I think when I think of reading it needs a similar layout to that of a book aged at pre school kids lol Haha, I am hoping this will be the case for me too!
  4. PandA698


    I will have a look about. I said to the wife I am thinking of buying a book to take fishing and said laughed and said "well that's a waste of money, you hate reading" which is true so I can't condone spending loads, I would probably read 2 pages and put it down. I will keep an eye out for books definitely though. Cheers
  5. PandA698


    Thanks for the recommendation. I will keep an eye out for one. I did think about reselling it so that could be alright. I guess even if it costs me £5 to read it then it wouldn't be too bad at all. Thanks
  6. PandA698


    I saw the library thread and it got my thinking that taking a book to read while fishing might not be a bad idea. I am thinking of a fishing/carp but I won't spend a fortune as in all honesty I hate reading. I have never fully read a book in my adult life so it would need to be decent. Any suggestion would be great. No more than £8/10 maximum please. Thanks
  7. Just got what I hope is another bargain. 2x 12ft 3lb T/C Okuma G Force All Black Specimen Rods brand new for £25 delivered. If they are good for a year at that price I am over the moon.
  8. Its from eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-10-15CM-BANK-STICKS-2-15CM-BARS-CARP-FISHING-2-x-STAGE-STANDS-PLATFORM/362383847712?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 The description doesn't state it has stage stands with it but the title and picture do. If it arrives with out them it will be getting sent back as I only bought it as I wanted them too.
  9. Bought this mini rod pod set up. Its only 15cm wide and 10-15cm high. For £12 delivered it will do me as I am happy not even bothering with stands/alarms all the time.
  10. Now that's a plan! Nice bit of profit and you get the book still.
  11. I got one of there landing nets and it seems great for the money. I got it 2nd hand but it looks brand new and with the floats on it seems to work well. The handle seems like good quality and it screws together when not extended which I like as the other one I have always slips out when not extended.
  12. I'd just retract the bid, that way you don't have to pay for items you don't need or want if no one out bids you.
  13. I got it as part of a job lot and it looked carpy so I thought I would keep it haha. Yeah she really enjoyed it, I was really surprised how much she wanted to learn (not that I can teach her much lol)
  14. Well at least we aren't all blanking! Took my daughter today instead on my son, she wasn't fully ready to hold a carp yet but she was a bit more the with bream we caught after this.
  15. Unfortunately I don't have any experience with it but at the price and going of the reviews on the site it seems a good price. If you look on eBay, shpock and Gumtree you can find some bargains too. I guess if you want brand new on a budget it seems great.
  16. It is really nice up there, only a small water buts its nice. Its one of the waters of the club I joined recently. Hopefully I will be there again before the end of August to catch some out of there.
  17. Thanks for the link that looks alright and if you have got 10 years out of them it can't be bad. At the price even a couple of years would be brilliant.
  18. I am always trying to nick a bargain on eBay so am happy to keep an eye out. If I need to wait then I will wait, its the main game in fishing anyway! Thanks I have been looking at Okuma actually so glad you said this! I'd never heard of them before but they do look alright. Thanks
  19. Oh right, I guess going years ago with my brother in law who only has Shimano reels means I just got the name from that. I will have a loo at the ST one's and see if I can find a cheap used one. Cheers
  20. I am looking for a cheap reel, preferably a bait runner, has anyone got any suggestions? When I say cheap I mean under £25 as it won't be used a lot just as a spare reel and I hope to upgrade my gear as I start to catch bigger fish, for now I can't imagine its going to work too hard! Also while on the subject what is the difference between free spool and bait runner? Thanks
  21. The Fox Rapide range holder/opener thing looks brilliant. Thanks for the vid.
  22. Not technically from a bivvy but my wife took this picture today while she was out with me.
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